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  • This has never happened before, yesterday I thought it was Wednesday, this morning I woke up convinced it was Thursday. When I looked at my phone it says next alarm Saturday. That means today is Friday! So which day did I lose? And where did I lose it? Oh dear 😃😃

  • When I lived on my land. I woke up one beautiful sunny morning. Feeling totally refreshed. I fed the horse, got my tractor out, with the intention of having a chilled out day. I put the bong in the tractor bucket and drove into the village. Quiet as the village was I used the PA system I had strapped to my tractor, to call out for scrap metal. “Rag bone, rag bone”. On arriving at a Scottish mate’s house (other side of the village) I decided to stop my tractor, and call in on my mate for a cuppa tea. I lowered the tractor loader arms and bucket, retrieved the glass and bamboo bong from out of the loader bucket. After what seemed like ages my mate opened his front door. Scratching his head and dressed in white vest and pants. He asked me “WTF was up” ? Feeling the great vibe of another summers day, I expected it to be reciprocated. He then explained it was only 8.00am on a Sunday morning. Still we enjoyed the session. :)

    There’s something liberating/freeing about not living by/owning a watch and when weekends merge with weekdays. :thumbup: