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  • Greetings all you cool cats and kittens,

    Please excuse the programme quote. I'm slowly going insane during lockdown!!

    I'm new around here and a novice in posting in forums in general. Hope I'm doing this right 😅.

    I'm 25 from London. Look to take regular 'trips' out of london in a VW camper out of london whenever possible!

    Nice to meet everyone :D.


  • Hey SunflowerBlossom..

    Welcome to this forum, i'm rather new here, so cant tell you very much about it.

    What I can tell you is they are a friendly funny bunch with wit and intellect in varying proportions.

    I hope you have some fun and look forward to seeing some photos of your camper and your views in the chats.

    Cool beans and stay safe Rob.

    Regards, Trippy.T

  • Hi Rob,:hi:

    Nice to have you join us; as TT says, we are a pretty friendly crowd.

    If you have a VW camper you'll love reading the van life threads, and the van conversions, and which heater is better than others, and best solar power outfits, and all that stuff, including advice on park-ups. Reams of it on here; it goes back years.

    Oh, and there are a few old dogs on here that grumble and growl a bit, but generally about modern life, and how much better it was way back when... (You know the scene: "Fug the 20's, lemme get back to the 60's" sort of stuff). I guess I'm one of them at times, but we are all happy with at least some modern technology, or we wouldn't be on here:D

    The Beatles are good. I have to give myself a blast now and then, old as I am. Brings back great memories of lovely people and often crazy times.

    Enjoy the site, enjoy the people. As RT would say, 'Take a seat around the fire!'


  • Hey everyone. I wasn't expecting such a pleasant welcome 😁.

    I'm not entirely sure what forum etiquette is so I'll just reply to all of you.

    Hey Trippy T,

    The camper is relatively new to me so don't have any pictures adventuring yet! As soon as lockdown eases I'll be sure to upload.

    Morning Keith,

    I envy all you that got to experience the summer of love and beyond! Does are the years I am looking to live, however small!

    👋 Millie


    The sooner the better :) see you around (the forums).

    Not sure I'm engaging correctly in this forum life but I'll sure pick it up as I go on.

    Stay safe all

    As you were, Rob