Brighton and Hove CC - some good news

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  • Remember I told you B&HCC had delivered letters to us saying we were not going to be evicted at the moment? Well, they also asked me / us if we needed any help... So I said, yes please, a tank for our toilet waste, a large wheelie bin and a bowser for drinking water. To cut a very, very long story short - we now have a standpipe just over the road for drinking water, a company who collects toilet waste and we found a bin which has been emptied. So even though it took six weeks of negotiations B&HCC came through in the end so thanks to them (and huge thanks to FFT who lobbied endlessly also).

  • Elf &Safety stipulate the water authorities must replace drinking water bowsers every 24 hours, even if it’s still nearly full. So its great you got a standpipe. I have one but now they say it’s illegal without a meter. After dark with yellow jacket on and amber flashing light on vehicle roof should suffice. :D