luck and spare parts.

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  • Had a strange vibration at about twenty mph in the Ford Maverick. Ummed and ahred and decided that a U/J had seized. (Split propshaft with C/V joint at front, centre bearing and U/J and another U/J at the rear diff.)

    Sure enough, the centre U/J was solid! Fortunately Yankee engineers usually use clamps to hold one pair of spiders in place so not too hard to split the prop-shaft, although the C/V out of the transfer box was a bit of a struggle.

    What a bastard trying to get the old u/J off the prop!!! I have never, ever had one where the bearing case was rusted solid to the spider. It was so bad that I had to cut the needle roller case off first.

    Now, a real miracle! I looked in my new spares box and there, was a brand new, still in it's box, Land Rover U/J and miracle of miracles it was the right size AND it had a grease nipple! Utterley amazing.

    All ready to put back together and instead of being scrapped it's back on the road in all it's V6 splendour. I love Yankee trucks.:wub::cool:

  • I think it was a Mazda design but as they were owned by FFFford it's very Ford influenced, has a Ford engine and is ex Civil Defence so it is covered with flashing beacons and aerials! It also has a 3 litre V6 which is chipped, it's stupidly, crazy overpowered but I love it and it was only£900 pounds three years ago with only 60,000 well maintained miles on it! Subsequently it has only cost me oils and filters, brake pads and one igniter.