Arthritis and Food stuff

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  • Recently I’ve come across lots of online statements adverts about eating the wrong type of foods when potentially suffering or possibly susceptible to arthritis.
    The claim is of 5 food types to avoid to reduce inflammation (swelling in joints etc)

    Being adverts, they are usually wanting to sell us the beneficial answers/information, about food types detrimental to people with arthritis and also the food stuff beneficial for arthritis sufferers. So knowing there’s plenty of clever folk on here. Can anyone tell me the foods to consider avoiding and those to try, in hopes of keeping inflammation at bay, now or in the future.
    Last advert was charging £46 for 10minute video. :(

  • As general advice, I'd say for starters stay away from refined modern food if you can, especially too much white bread, cakes and puddings made from white flour, sugar, sweets, factory-produced meals that are mostly sugar and refined fats, etc. then you can go on to studying which fruits and vegetables you might be better to avoid.

    Some of the advertised advice for sale online is no great shakes, just some variations on general keep-fit and medical advice for arthritis suffers. As some people are genetically more prone to arthritis than others, there is only so much they can do in the dietary direction, but it will certainly help.

  • It seems that a Mediterranean diet is often listed as being helpful in cases of arthritis.Several web sites seem to advise this.

    More fish, oils, fresh fruit and veg., salads, nuts, beans, etc.

    (They probably don't advise plentiful wine, which is often a part of the average Mediterranean diet, though !!! ).

    A lot of processed meat and red meat is not generally advised, as these can lead to a build up of acids if a great deal of exercise cannot be taken.

  • Thanks oldkeith. It sounds like healthy eating and “if ever” I do identify a culprit food stuff, to be mindful of what I could be eating. A friend txt me 25 links to dietary/health and nutrition websites yesturday. She knows her stuff from being a professional dancer and model. Just overwhelmed me with information and even my old phone took a data battering.

    Like most issues with food intolerances or reactions. It’s the chemistry of the food I need to be aware of too, I’m really lucky in that I can/ have eaten all sorts and with a stomach constitution of a dustbin. I’m looking forward to giving my love of food/diet all the love/respect it deserves. Even better than enjoying the food and feeling good healthy some prevention could be better than the cure, especially as I get older. My old man used to love pork scratching and ten pints. Pheasant for supper, but sadly died at 57. I’m more service friendly and only eat when I need to and when I can. But the more I take to growing food. It’s sensible to know what type may be more beneficial, than growing food just for the tase of it. :) and putting anymore pain on my plate :D

    I was talking to my mates today’s about drinking/making mead. About how lucky I was to stop drinking and smoking, It’s got to be over 7 years since I stopped hammering the Boose and fags. My mate agreed, if I hadn’t including smoking, I would be complaining about a pickled livery these days and a cough that won’t go away. Just a like mi papa died from, and the 40 years of smoking fags, drinking the barrel dry and 20years at the coal face he did. Still 57 years really can go quickly.

    I don’t want to be taking painkillers or homesteading discomfort un-necessarily.

    I’m hope we can sit around that fire again soon oldkeith. It be good not to type :D

  • Yes, it would be good to talk again, as you say. I phone a few mates who are in this Shed thing we help run, but it's not the same as talking and having a joke and a laugh with a group of you all sat round.

    Glad to hear about the fags and booze. I was lucky with smoking - in some ways - the O/H never did like smoke in the house, so I gradually packed up the pipe about 30-odd years ago. Had to pack up the weed too, except for a quiet smoke with mates now and then:whistle:.

    As for booze, we took to making our home brew at one time, it were proper strong, some of it, and we had to pack that up as we were doing markets at the time, and a bellyful of beer at night ain't good for getting up early in the morning, when you have to be at market 6.30 am....:D

    My old man used to smoke about 20 - 30 fags a day, as a kid I'd hear him coughing his lungs up on the first drag of the day. It used to frighten me. He died of pneumonia at 52.

    It would be interesting to research what herbs, if any, can be used for treating arthritis. Sometimes, years ago - I was brought up in a village - they used to give you herbs instead of taking you to the doctor. I remember we had yarrow for fevers, and some really bitter stuff for intestinal worms; they'd stand there while you drank it, to make sure it went down!