Domestic heating oil?

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  • If its any use on the farm as kids we ran the grey fergies on heating oil (not parrifin) and a few lanterns during power cuts, weird isnt it i can just remember power cuts, for years at home we had spare candles torches. batteries for the radio and torches, a portable gas stove, a tilly lamp. boxes of matches.

  • heating oil is cleaner burning and brighter flame in lamps. It does run in Diesel engines, but suffers at low temperatures so requires heating/filtering. I’ve just read loads about its use in eberspacher heaters on offroading forums. I wanted to know more about these cheaper Chinese heaters

  • no good if it’s going to make the place too hot for comfort. It’s claimed to be cleaner, see below, but that could be at optimum operating conditions in units specifically designed to burn heating oil.

    Offroad forum members say they mix it with diesel in older eberspacher heaters. d2

    Heating Oil vs Diesel Fuel: Power Difference

    Heating oils used in your homes have a heavier composition compared to diesel fuel. They share almost the same heat-giving properties. Common heating oils can produce 138,500 Btu (British Thermal Unit) per gallon while its diesel counterpart can only produce about 137, 500 Btu.

    Depending on the type of heating oil, it can either have a higher or lower Btu compared to diesel.

    Things to Consider in Winter

    During this time, standard diesel often gets blended with kerosene to counteract gelling as well as wax precipitation issues. In really cold regions, a similar blending can happen with the standard heating oils for home use. That’s why heating oils often get called “Arctic Grade Diesel” since it can function more effectively in that weather.

    Benefits of Heating Oils

    Fuel oil heaters for home use grant several benefits to your home. Its top advantage is its efficiency. It’s derived from the high Btu content found in the substance compared to natural gas, diesel, or even electricity.

    It’s Safe

    Unlike other fuels, heating oils aren’t explosive. It only ignites when you use an advanced system that involves a boiler or an oil burner. This reduces the number of accidents related to carelessness with home heating systems each year.

    It’s Warmer

    The heat from the flames generated by heating oil burns 300 degrees hotter. It helps your home and water get hotter faster. It’s the best choice compared to diesel and natural gas.

    It’s Economical

    The heating costs you get from using heating oils is a lot lower compared to natural gas and electricity. A lot of studies conclude that using heating oils for your needs is 16% more efficient than natural gas options. What this means is that you save more each year, giving more value to the money you spend.

    It’s Efficient

    When you use modern oil heat systems, you’re guaranteed that it performs at 85% efficiency at least. It means that for every euro you spend on heating oils, you enjoy 85 cents worth of heat as well as hot water. Compared to diesel and natural gas, heating oils take the lead when it comes to efficiency.

    It’s Cheaper

    Recent years saw a considerable drop when it comes to the price of heating oil. Again, with the efficiency that comes with it, you save more money when you use it for your central heating system. It causes you to spend less as years go by, allowing you to fork your hard-earned cash to other bills or save them up for emergencies.

    It’s Cleaner

    The heating oil system produces cleaner air compared to other heating systems. When producing heat, it only produces about less than 0.003 of all the particulate emissions in the United Kingdo

  • heating oil is cleaner burning and brighter flame in lamps. It does run in Diesel engines, but suffers at low temperatures so requires heating/filtering. I’ve just read loads about its use in eberspacher heaters on offroading forums. I wanted to know more about these cheaper Chinese heaters

    As I understand it, heating oil has a lower calorific value than diesel, so doesn't burn as hot. Otherwise I recall hearing it is OK in the Chinese heaters but not as good as proper diesel. .....

    I dont know about burning at a lower temp in diesel engines, i personally found the opposite, i ran my fiesta as a lad on heating oil it ran very hot, the only way to run it cooler was to mix 1 litre of cheap engine oil with 24 litres of heating oil in a drum, otherwise i was told it would burn the valves out or warp the head, i used to run the fiesta with heaters flat out and windows down as it did used to get hot, esp at traffic lights.

    We ran the grey fergies as they were petrol parrifin engines, and if you think about it petrol burns hotter than diesel, the grey fergies kind of worked on a clever idea of you got the engine hot then switched over to cheaper tvo (parrifin) as it helped it vapourise and burn better.

    In a cold winter we ran the david brown tractor on a diesel tvo mix as the diesel used to freeze and the heating oil thawed it, i was amazed watching dad do this when i was a kid.

  • Also on the running diesel engine side , i was also told of a mechanic that adding oil to heating oil helped lubricate the pumps, ie diesel is naturally oily and lubricated but tvo isnt and can knacker the injectors, injector pumps etc, i could only really do it with my old fiesta as it had all mechanical pumpation, whereas the cavaleer i had before had electric pumps and a turbo, so tht would have gone bang.

    I know people ran berlingos etc on chip fat, anything they could get there hands on but ended up with totally knackered electric pumps and infectors, as they wernt on the ball.

    If you were on the ball you changedf filters more often and ran forte cleaning products through more often.

    As i practically lived at a mates garage when i lived in a town (still was useless at fixing cars) they used to give me cheap eng oil and filters etc, i used to hang doors, run errands on a night etc.

  • When I was at a previous company we had 2 massive tanks of heating oil to back up the gas supply to our boilers.

    Over a couple of years me and my mate both helped ourselves to a considerable quantity, me for my 2.4 non turbo Hilux, him for his car. Just added two stroke oil to every tankful and it was fine.

    Re the heater, when they reach setpoint they go to low fire mode rather than shut off. This is when you'll get sooting. You are better off getting an undersised one and running it flat out, or when you achieve the temperature you want shut it down.