How is everyone coping?

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  • Hello everyone,

    Its been a very long time since I've been on here. Just wanted to know how everyone is coping in the present situation?

    I'm unable to work at the moment, daughter is off school and my husband is a key worker, we're all feeling a bit strange no other way to describe it. Hope you are all in good health. Would love some ideas on staying sane ! Lol


  • What a nice thread, its rubbish not being able to work, and hope your husband keeps safe and distant to others.

    Personally its been a rollacoaster, when i was poorly pre lockdown i think i went a bit crackers, and had a couple of "low days" one day i thought that was for me it then i got better.

    Its made me re evaluate my life, (maybe people post cancer look at life like this) and ive become driven more mad more stuff i want to now get done, and i want to help others more, its a good feeling. Ive also become more chilled out.

    Been really upbeat trying to sort my garden its a long way off but I am still dreaming, i really cracked on with a bit of it (got a ton of soil dug out and a little shed up) i was working like a madman on my own life instead of a wage slave.

    but i got better work came in and i couldnt let customers down that like me and my work, so all the garden and personal stuff hit the brakes.

    Last night i was in a funk on my own something on telly drama set me off on a low, and being on my own bombed me out.

    i was a bit simular this morning but im managing to park those bad vibes and i am cleaning the transit pickup, its a bit grim but i will have it clean and tidy.

    I love now to get up at 5 go for a walk as dawn is breaking listen to the birds its my fix and ive re wired at present to be a morning person.

    Sod the tv its like a hamster wheel churning out the same crap/blame/and smooge everyday.

    I ve also found i can cook some great things, instead of living on crappy ready meals and pizzas.

    Stay safe, grow plants, open a window, turn off the tv if you can.

  • prepper, it sounds like you're doing the best you can in this situation I take my hat off to you. I've been trying to remain positive but I too have found it increasingly difficult, I have stopped watching tv altogether, trying to stay busy but i have had many low days, struggling to find some sort of routine, and constantly worrying is driving me a bit mad. As of tomorrow I will be trying harder to find my way through this, staying in my pyjamas all day is not helping lol. Fortunately my daughter is wee ray of sunshine however even she has had her low days she's missing her friends and her freedom. Hopefully this thread will turn into a positive one where we can try and lift each other a bit.

    Much love


  • Its ok to have low days, its natural given the circumstances, hopefully thing will get better, and you and your husband will live on and through your kids, whatever they do in life, be it work, vocation, carreer, heck maybe grandkids one day maybe or not.

    Stay strong

  • Down at first, very off-balance due to the govt's lying. The inconsistencies between words and deeds gave me some problems. Gloomy prognoses in the papers didn't help. The scrum in local shops was worrying, especially as you had to go several times to several shops because of hoarding and shortages.

    However, all good now. Enjoying the lockdown, it's been great to have time to chill out, catch up on jobs around the place.

    I can't be moved on from where I am parked up, have learned how to get free water and how to deal with toilet waste - without needing to go on a caravan site.

    I like being on my own. I find with the hour a day exercise and visiting shops, fetching water, disposing of rubbish, I get out a fair bit - also I have the dog to walk.

    Yeah, after a bumpy start, all good now.

  • hi and welcome back. Life hasn’t really changed that much for me. First festival of year came and went. They offered to refund or reschedule. Mother flew in from Spain, but is in week 8 or 9 isolation. Would have been nice to see her with our kids.. Motorhome still waiting MOT. I’ve enjoyed catching up with jobs around the Place/vehicles.. We will all kick ass in party mode when lockdown is finished.

  • Millie and rogue it sounds like you both are taking everything in your stride, I shall try and use this as inspiration to be a bit more positive and try harder to adjust to the new way of life. Thank you prepper I am trying but some days are a bit too much not sure why ?

    I am glad to hear that others are doing their best though, a little bit of positivity goes a long way.


  • I've made it sound like I've taken it in my stride, which isn't true, like I said, at the beginning I had some dark times.

    But, for ages I've been complaining that I never have time and I've got all these jobs to get done... Now I have time.

    Best wishes to you xx

  • I really think everyone, including businesses and governments will take something positive from this experience. It’s hard for it not to effect us all at some level. I’m sure there’s many a daily commute to be questioned in the future. I know in my time I’ve attended meetings for meeting sake. Who back then questioned the “time” attending these work related meetings or time spent when we were getting paid for it. The higher and or more important the group meeting, the greater the expenses of those meetings. (Salaries/consultant fees/room hire/ Tea/ coffee, biscuits, sandwich, sushi, travel expense etc) If nothing productive comes out of some of these meetings, it’s a gross waste. If an attendee isn’t getting paid for the two hours train journey (each way) why travel when you can contribute from home or base office. Technology has really been put to the test these last few weeks, and surprisingly it worked. Maybe even initiating future changes in the corporate sector. Less company cars on the road, reduced unnecessary journeys, reduced travel time. More seats available on public transport. More time to spend with family or Leisure.

    Changes to personal behaviour, experiences instead of material goods. Reducing wastefulness, eg throw away society. The buying for buying sake. All things “norm” will have come under the spotlight. Changes afoot, changes made locally and nationally. Maybe now we have turned a corner. Time to consider our impact on the systems and the systems on ourselves.

    A new Appreciation of our time and environment, the good, the bad and the silly ugly.

    let’s not forget those otherwise fit, focused, dedicated folk of all ages/backgrounds, who won’t be around to be a part of the future because of this awful outbreak. Joined up thinking won’t help them now, but it might just steer governments, individuals in a more sustainable direction.

    So yes. There’s quite a lot to be positive about and a fare few bad practices/decisions to learn from.

    The planet seems to have come out of it unscathed by this virus, Just us humans who have taken the brunt of it. Next time it might be the other way round and be beyond human control.

  • very true rogue, I'm hoping it does change things for the better, my attitude towards everything is definitely changing, I am cherishing time spent with my daughter as I always felt like we never had enough quality time together. It's been very strange living my days at a slower pace, I'm usually rushing here there and everywhere. Luckily even though I am self employed all of my clients will have me back when this is over, I didn't think I'd ever say that I miss all the people I work for, they are all very kind people, some have even called me weekly to make sure we're ok. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I just need to pull my socks up and get on with it.


  • Being retired, we luckily haven't been so affected as many people. Perhaps the experience of not being able to see or visit friends and colleagues, and some relatives, is most noticed.

    However, unless we are careful, there is a tendency to see every day as a sort of Sunday, getting up late, having brunch instead of lunch, pottering about on this and that, and somehow not really getting anything done.

    One way to avoid this is to make a list of what you will - you hope - be doing the following day, and work to this when you get up in the morning. You can also count your blessings, as there are very many people who are much worse off than ourselves.

    One thing I have noticed is quietness - the quietness of the roads with less traffic, the streets with very few people, even the quietness of the parks, and the quiet way people buy in the stores, mostly keeping to their lists of essentials, and tending to avoid browsing the 'special buys' and the 'men's toys' sections.

    We have found ourselves reading more since the lockdown began, and it is a good time to begin to read the work of someone you have always meant to, but never actually got around to. Or to begin a course of study in a subject that interests you, that you may not have had time for until now. There are many free courses online, and these are easy to follow if you have a desktop or laptop computer; perhaps not so easy on a smartphone.

    We have also got into joining a few meetings online, which is an interesting experience, via Zoom.

    The great thing - at least in our experience - is to give yourselves plenty to do under these present restricting circumstances. Or try to do, there is always time to complete the job tomorrow:)

  • Its been strange to say the least. Upside was oodles of forest walks and free time to play on my truck, down side is I seem to be 5kg heavier. Could be down to a "habit loop" I developed which involved me visiting the cupboard with fruitcake in it about 10 times a day.

    I read some place today that 40M Americans have lost employment.

    Hang in there wonderful people on UKH. Be strong, stay focused and keep positive. There is always something good for us to create or discover from a difficult situation.