Happy Beltane (albeit the weirdest one ever)

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  • I’m with you there Bigbear. what the fk has it got to do with her. If she didn’t like it, she should have carried on walking. Running to Mayor, Dan Balsamini, (he sounds local) He should uphold British traditions, short of bear baiting and cock fighting, (being Mayor of all our traditions) no animal was harmed in the making of this dance.

    I often feel like folk in towns look upon me as a shoplifter, but I don’t go round looking into other shoplifters faces to see if they are feeling uncomfortable.

  • Just another load of PC bollocks. We should be proud of our heritage, not stifle it to avoid the wrath of a few piss & moaners, who let's be honest should be told to go & grow up! Fucks sake, nobody was harmed, time for common sense to prevail. Don't get me wrong, if the intention of the dancers was to offend, then action should follow, but I am willing to bet this over sensitive fucking pansy ass whiner doesn't even have a clue about the origins of the blacking up of Morris Men....

  • I guess someone will decide to pester Sardinian Mamuthones as well because of the black masks, and then Pulcinella and so on. PC crybabies are just old time bigots in a new disguise, out to make people miserable with their Holier than you attitude. They are impervious to reasoning, black faces are often remnants of pagan culture rites but to them it is all about Jump Jim Crow BS.

  • ''Who are these fucking arseholes, & why are they allowed to destroy & despoil any or our traditions & ancient rituals? '' At, first I wondered if 'fucking arseholes' referred to the black morris peeps letting ladies have a go and dressing differently thus despoiling 'true' morris or the people showing distain in the linked article ... , well to be honest its a newish thing in that its been around since the 50's but hey , rock n roll was a new thing then much as dance music is now , things evolve.

    For anyone that thinks there is even an inkling of racism involved they could do worse than google 'mummers' , a tradition that obviously influenced the black-morris and was practiced long before we were aware of people with other coloured skin.

    Moving on , Happy Saturday :)

  • At a local village festival here last year the mummers had 'greened-up' instead of blacking-up. Possibly in deference to the politically-correct who may have been wandering about, I suspect, but don't know for sure.

    It went off okay, and not many eyebrows were raised, but I was a bit apprehensive that a Treenmight walk by, and be racially-offended. But the dances went their full course, and thankfully no Treens appeared....:D