The Firepit - Pop up Pub staff required

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  • I had two tabs of acid and planned to share them with my partner on a Christmas Eve, she worked as a nurse and since we had no kids, she took the Christmas Eve afternoon shift. I had a bath around 7pm to get ready for when she returned home, when we could then go out to a club for the night. In my wisdom. I dropped one of the tabs and jumped in the bath. Not many minutes later (it seemed) a old mate called to see me with his young 10years old daughter. He came to drop off a card and bottle of whisky. I must have been so far out of it, since he told me later, I was stark naked and tore open the Christmas paper wrapping In front of them. After they left I thought I should take the acid tab I had been saving for the nights clubbing. By the time my partner got in from work. I had taken both tabs. Was completely tripping my head off. On getting to the club, some hours after. I couldn’t enter, due to two very intimidating penguin gangsters standing in the doorway steps (bouncers) they put me instantly on a bad trip and the only thing I could manage was a quiet drink over the road in a Country pub. Yes It ruined Christmas Eve for me and my partner. And confirmed to my best friends daughter, that her dads body wasn’t so unusual after all. :)

  • dont talk to me about sodding clutches, i ve consoled with a lager this evening, the slave cylinder on the transit it knackered, leaking badly,

    So i ve taken it to garage lad says he l have it sorted in no time hopefully,

    Why do we need hydraulic clutches and dual mast flywheels?

    its a great big ugly pickup, it just needs to go forward and backwards and shift things and work it doesnt need a dainty feeling pedal, and flywheel when a great heap of torque and weight is going through it all.

    I remember the bloke who fitted the first clutch (sadly not with us anymore a top mechanic) on it new master and slave cylinders, a crankshaft oil seal all were leaking badly about 10 plus years ago, i thought new in and it should last, years stupid mad design.

  • Yes mate. I remember the non-hydraulic fun we had adjusting the cable clutches on those old 1960's and 1970's vans......And when the holes in the metal cable connectors got elongated, we just made new plates, or welded up the holes and re-drilled them....:D

    But quite agree that modern stuff is vastly over technical and badly designed. All show and shyte; give me utilitarian design every time.

  • Hell a typical pub converstaion about ctutches and gearboxes.

    Those sefl adjusting ones eh some where terrible the later ones were better, we had no probs on the old transit, old kangoo, but the earlier escort van mk3 use to go bang when the adjuster used to fail youd press the pedal then the cable would slip and you would go flying forwards or stall,

  • Oh my god! Not the mk3 escort...

    Had a mk2 van once, fucking loved it. My mate bought a mk3 van & it was fucking awful. One day he was driving it the battery fell through the rotten bulkhead & nearly broke his woman's foot!....😕

  • hiya,been off a while,could do with a laugh..any guiness?....oh and i robbed the woodyard..its in the van if anyones capable of unloading!

    lovely, we will need a fire when this sun goes down. I’ve always wanted to try the “hot poker stout”. Traditionally folk would place the pub poker in the fire. After getting a poured glass of stout, they carefully lower the hot poker end down into the glass of stout. It gives the drink a smokey taste. From what Im told it doesn’t improve Guinness for some reason, so only try on stout.