Share your favourite nomadic vehicle designers/builders

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  • 2002/3 I lived in a double decker bus with no internet access, a wind turbine, generator and a mobile phone. How I wished I had access to information at my fingertips back then. So much space to redesign, so much potential. However I gave the DD my best shot and was very happy with it.
    Over the last 15 years I’ve been privileged to have had internet access and I’ve learnt from more van dwellers/builders what’s out there, what’s new, what’s best, what works for them and the ideas secrets they’ve shared with us. I think most of us have toyed with building, modifying our vehicles from scratch or to function better. I want to do one last vehicle conversation for myself, to take me and whoever family members through my retirement. And I’m still going to need all the help I can get.

    If you have come across a Forward thinking/brilliant vehicle designer or builder and can share a link to their work or builds. Please contribute and add links, websites, YouTube clips.
    Im not looking for a long list of average builds/designs, I’ve seen enough over the years to become saturated overwhelmed.
    Even if it’s a specialty eg Electrical installations, fabrication, craftsmanship, design, computer designing, inventive or just clever, it would be great to see it and maybe a few more on here will take something from it.

    Here’s a guy I followed a few years ago. The old skool approach to problem solving/reduction and attention to detail, is why I like and respect many old timers who learned a trade at the bench and grew old still learning. Adapting skills to meet their needs in a modern world.

    Especially old guys with a love of camo.:)

  • Attention to detail runs through this build. Thankfully her father (a carpenter) showed her the ropes, but she soon took responsibility and she shares her design process. I can learn a lot from this builder. Beautiful effect of using quality materials. Measure twice, cut once mantra. :thumbup: