Last festival on Earth ~ Panama ~ Tribal Gathering Festival

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  • It had to happen. A preplanned Tribal Gathering festival was taking place In Panama. Sited on a remote beach on the edge of the jungle paradise. While festival goers arrived from around the world, the vibe was growing. New arrivals and festival virgins questioning why the world can’t always be like this, beautiful friendly people in paradise.

    Some days into the festival, talk of the virus began to circulate. Then the threat of lockdown, cancelled flights, restricted movements and quarantine, made many of the entertainers leave mid festival. Leaving disbelievers and diehard festival goers to face uncertainty.

    Now the idea of seeing in the “end of the world” at the last festival on Earth. Might just appeal to some of us. Did the good vibe grow. Were the free people happy to be in paradise during lockdown or was the desire to escape back to home, to family, friends and work more important than dance, sex and drugs in paradise?

    Would they still get hold of tobacco, food, medical aid? Would the Embassies charter private jets, helicopters, boats to rescue the remaining festival goers?

    How would it turn out? If you were one of the lucky festival goers with sand between your toes. Would you think all your birthdays had come at once. Happy to remain part of this new family through thick or thin or make for a quick escape at the earliest opportunity?

    We know folk are cool while the goings good, but fickle when things stop going to plan. Would you have faith in the tribes good nature or predict the worse is just a pain away?

    What Nationalities would be the first to complain and demand rescue/help from the civilised world they yearn to escape?
    Taken from VICE news feed.

    Trapped in Paradise: The Festival on Lockdown

    Dozens of people are trapped in a quarantined festival on a beach in Panama. This is now the last festival on earth. Will it be Lord of the Flies or The Beach?

    The Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama was placed under quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 15th. There are still around 40 people trapped on site, in a jungle by a beach that’s no longer paradise.

    On April 21st, the flight ban in the country was extended to May 22nd, meaning the festival-goers will be stranded for at least another month. This is now the last festival on earth.

    Will it be Lord of the Flies, Fyre Festival, or The Beach? Here’s what happens when a tropical music festival goes on lockdown.