Anyone here never chemically hallucinated before?

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  • I was watching Hunger games DVD tonight and these “cracker jacket” genetically modified wasps/hornets/bees deliver a sting that can kill, or certainly make the person hallucinate.

    it got me thinking, how whenever I watch a film makers attempt at replicating a trip/hallucination. I can relate to the experience. Theres no denying I’ve had my fair share of trips with LSD, mushrooms, datura and by accident mercury.

    Just wondering if those who had no chemical hallucinating experience, could relate to what the film maker is trying to recreate? :insane:

  • Probably not cool to own up to this on a hippy forum, but I haven't ever tried, so I have no chemically-induced hallucinatory experience to call on. Mind you, until three or four years ago I'd never knowingly tasted alcohol either, but I decided I didn't like it anyway and I've never tried smoking.

    In answer to your question, Steve, I have always assumed that any attempt to recreate a psychedelic scene on film is probably as far from the real thing as an auteur gets when trying to make a dream sequence seem like the genuine experience.

  • cheers Derek, I’m going to stick my neck out here and say, of most of those snippets of hallucinations I have seen portrayed in films, they are quite accurate to my memories of tripping. This leads me to conclude, these filmmakers/directors may well have some personal experience.

  • interesting question, steve.

    3 films which totally relate for me are fear and loathing in las vegas, the Doors movie and train spotting.

    the first two i love and have watched multiple times but i've only seen train spotting once and i never ever want to see it again. bad scary shit..

    sorry not much help in actually answering the question!

  • train spotting is pure fiction regards trips/hallucinations. if relating to heroin rush/overdoses. Think more “lights out” anaesthetic, warm shut down, gauche. However the detox “shits, sweats, cramps, Puke, nightmares and death” portrayed the first film is spot on.

  • Funny Enough, I had a nightmare/bad dream in Spain 1998 following a pub crawl and lock in with 4x Spanish guys. We drank far too much absinthe. I dreamt a green unicorn was crawling around hotel room ceiling that hangover morning. I always put that bad trip down to St Patrick’s day or the Irish pub we stopped for a few drinks in.

    But it could have been the dead baby crawling scene in Train Spotting.

  • The grave yard trip scene is plausible. Remember, your environment and those tripping with you can/does have a major influence on the hallucinations and your perception of reality, coloured sounds, the rest is up to your mind and how you feel at the time (of course strength, amount of acid too) even with closed eyes the mind is more than capable of filling in the scenery.

    The desert scene is just another stoned “did you see that” ? Satalite? UFO? Far too sober communication to be hallucinating his tits off.

    Can you remember me posting about the time I found a spaceship in the forest while on mushrooms? The one which turned out to be a white ford escort with two people shagging in it. Now that’s tripping. Once in a lifetime opportunity I told myself. One I wasn’t going to walk away from. I climbed all over it. Trying to get my finger tips between the cracks to prise it open. Steamed up windows that looked metallic on a clear October night. I must have frightened the shit out of those two shaggers. Lucky I wasn’t beat to a pulp for taking dogging a step too far. Tripping s dangerous. :D

  • Well I have sleep paralysis so from time to time, since my late teens and before even smoking a cigarette of drinking any alcohol worth talking of I had my share of spontaneous crazy shit , sometimes even right after waking up and standing on my feet, one day I was out of school and waiting for lunch i had a most brief shut-eye on my bed, a matter of mere minutes. When I woke up there were (= I was hallucinating) black-white cats walking across my bookshelves, I was like o_O and stood up, took a few steps towards them and they just vanished. And these are called hypnopompic hallucinations. Not the weirdest I got but these lasted well beyond waking up and with no previous paralysis.

    15 years later, in my full hippie swing, I decided to try something and since at the time the status of Salvia Divinorum was fully legal (not yet in the list of controlled substances) I just placed an order on the internet for an ounce of organic, untreated, natural Salvia leaves (not the kind that is concentrated and sold in vials, just the bare leaves) and I proceeded according to the shamanic way of using them. One hot summer night there I was, sitting on a sofa at home with my feet in a cold water tub, two friends there just in case and a mouthful of wet leaves in my mouth, that I proceeded to chew for over an hour. After quite some time I started feeling a buzz and the sensation of being attracted sideways, like a powerful vacuum sucking me. Then I noticed that the patterns of the rough white surface of the ceiling started to mix and whirl, while the heavy tablecloth was waving giving the table the appearance of a swimming sea snail of sorts. My friends Martina and Oxana were amused of the account, until I announced Martina that sneering demon heads made of the same substance of the ceiling were protruding from it tending in her direction, just above her. To be honest they were much like some sculptures she'd made not much time ago, nonetheless the account of those rubber necked figures I described kind of unnerved her, spite of the fact that it was all just in my head and it all made some sense of sorts - unlike my spontaneous hallucinations that are completely enigmatic and at times very terrifying. I don't get scared any more by them anyway, knowing the nature of them, and I master the ability of snapping out of them or even aborting the process before it gets a hold. I was also able to see with open eyes in daylight that while in paralysis one can have the clear cut sensation of being able to move a limb, and actually say, raise one arm, the arm in fact rests motionless but your brain is tricked by peripheral nervous feedback into believing that the arm is moving as desired, that your hand is turning on the light on your night stand and obviously the light won't turn on -because you are motionless, that's it. Imagine the terror of having loud auditory hallucinations like demons screaming in complete darkness at night, attempting to flip the light switch on but without getting any light ! Or seeing gaunt black figures in bowler hats dancing eerily in front of your bed while a disembodied hand flutters before your face lol. Now these things make me laugh but in the past they were pretty pant-crapping stuff haha. The auditory hallucinations happen to me when I'm severely worries/stressed out and they occur upon falling asleep: these ones are called hypnagogic hallucinations. I can feel them coming as a low buzz and a tingling sensation, and they can -and should- be shaken off because a piercing high pitched banshee scream in your ears is never a pleasant episode.

    Never experienced any other visualization apart from the spontaneous ones I manufacture myself in my head or those from Salvia. My friend Martina though, during another torrid summer night, being bored out of her skull, asked me if I has some Salvia left to smoke and I gave her the last two spoons of crumbled leaves that she proceeded to smoke in my tobacco pipe with a blowtorch style lighter. I'd tried that to no effect, but that night She stayed motionless for a couple of minutes and when she came back she gave account of having been "elsewhere" in her short, waking pipe dream, a green forest she saw, with a most green tree out of which came a pure white large snake... and that was all. So the lesson is, if you have Salvia leaves that are not powerful 10 or 20x concoctions, crumble them and smoke them with a powerful flame, because otherwise they're not going to have any effect. Oh, by now S.Divinorum has become illegal here, so I'm done with that. Also didn't have any earth shattering revelation from that experience, it was just funny-ish but they didn't provide me with any guidance or bonus wisdom. So today I'm pretty sceptical about the whole "entheogenic, shamanic, psychedelic" trip. I'd like to try at least once in my life some other thing, like mescaline or acid, before I finally kick the bucket.