High tech on/off grid shithouse/ wet room build

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  • Few of you know, I’ve got nerve damage to my lower spine CES and as a consequence, from time to time I loose sensation, numbness in my bladder, bowel, legs and feet. My upper body strength is second to none and thankfully I don’t suffer from the usual symptoms of incontinence unlike years ago, when I couldn’t get up off the floor, stand or walk as far as the nearest toilet. I do have difficulty lowering myself down onto a conventional toilet quite often, depending what state my back is in. Most days it’s manageable. I’ve trained my bladder to retain far more than the average 650ml capacity and often capable of waiting 6hours after getting full bladder signals, (when most folk are cross kneed, tearful eyed and panicking.) Very handy on long bus journeys or cold winter mornings in campervan bed.
    I do have issues with posture (position) and relaxing my body for natural function (piss and shit)

    Anyway, onto topic, I’m the sort of guy who try’s to find solutions rather than fight problems. I’ve looked at the possibility of squatting to shit and available adaptions, modification to equipment,

    Etc. Addressing issues like Balance, confidence, ability to relax, comfort, warmth, room with a view or positive entertainment, all could add to making the experience of going for a shit more pleasant and less stressful.

    I’m considering building a hi tech compost loo/ wet room which will be independent of my wagon. (Possibly on its own chassis/trailer) similar to a tiny house build or just a scaled up version of the old prairie wooden outhouse, from the outside. Inside a different matter. I’m thinking insulation, solar lighting and systems powered solar/generator/main grid. Solid fuel/oil/PLG/solar heated water/environment.

    I’m considering including a shower/bath/jacuzzi/spa, hand basin, a compost loo with electric raise and lower seat.. Incorporating a Closomat Aerolet Tilt lifter to a modern design/conventional compost loo.

    Also including in the build, ventilation, Entertainment equipment. Sound and vision. Computer/Internet facility.

    I’ve found a Aerojet tilt seat for sale very cheap secondhand. This is the basis of my design build for the compost loo

    I've bought the shower unit ten years ago, yet to be installed I bought a jaccuzi bath for 99p and delivered for £10 to strip for components. Most of the materials fixtures, fittings I’ve got, except for the solar stuff.
    what you think? Too much? too far? too late! :D

  • soaking in hot water, hot shower is not only a luxury, it’s marvellous for aches and pains. I’ve only had the tin bath now for over 10 years. Great bit of kit, but emptying a full bath by bucket takes some doing. Looking forward to some modern luxuries in my later years. :)

  • I’ve twice bought electric rise and recline armchairs. Great things for the kids to play on, but no good if you have to nap/sleep on your side. Now the electric rise and recline bed pays dividends. Narrow like wagon furniture and double up as a settee and chaise lounge.

  • i have a rise recline chair, but like you say, can't always get comfy in it. Just been given some different meds by doc, codeine phosphate now but only 1 box he says cos they're addictive! Good, they might actually fucking work then!...😒

  • well I bought the secondhand Cosomat Aerolet electric toilet lift. Paid far more than I had hoped to £200 its less than 5 years old and not had any use for much of that time. It doesn’t come with a toilet. Just the stand alone unit that can be placed around any standard toilet/ compost loo, porta potti, bucket or hole in the floor. These units are over £3000 new and closomat toilets that are designed to match/work with this Aerolet lift are another £3000 also. These are Posh bogs that wash and warm air blow dries your arse......and flush. Is operated with the elbow. I can’t justify the cost of using electricity to dry my butt.

    I’m hoping to power the lift by solar, battery bank and inverter. I like to piss standing up, so the compost loo won’t get used for, although th compost loo will be designed to separate waste, just if my kid or guest wants access to a toilet, then it’s got to be able to accommodate urine too.

    So now I have to research types of compost loos and build one. Does anyone have any experience with compost loo’s or own one? Any suggestions for types? I’ve used a few before in the woods and at festivals. But never had to clean them out or build one.

    Here’s the Aerolet lift I’m using in the build. https://www.independentliving.…closomat-aerolet-lifters/