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  • I still use a brick of a phone that is waterproof,dustproof,slip proof and shock proof and did not need to fill in any forms when buying it so can happily carry on knowing that I am not being tracked or followed or targetted from various businesses.

    There does appear to be a lot of paranoia on here and if you are that tripped out with fear then maybe its best that you just keep clear of technology completely as they could be listening to you through your radio,watching you through your tv or plotting against you from your toaster !!!!

    As long as you are not planning terrorist actions or on the run then there is little to worry about !!

  • What every country in the world Paul?, come on man, wake up and smell the coffee.

    That's because, if you hadn't noticed, there's a global pandemic the like of which hasn't been witnessed for over 100 years, and governments everywhere are winging it because they weren't prepared.

    The UK, because our World Bank interest rates are low, can afford to throw money at this indiscriminately, but that isn't the case in every part of the world.

  • Oh just in case someone missed it... ;) the official Italian government "Immuni" contact tracing app, is (unofficially) dead. It was largely predictable by the way, government driven IT here usually ends up in a big wet fart and "immuni" followed suit:

    1) way too few actually installed it

    2) the app so far only returned 500 [five hundred] hazardous contacts, jack shit nothing.

    and this is because the government and local authorities failed to do their part, planting a potentially vulnerable piece of software in the pocket of citizens and then didn't bother to keep the infrastructure working, de facto turning the app in a heap of junk dead in the water.

    so once again the axiom of Italian hell proved true, no matter how devilish the intentions of the rulers may be, everything gets ultimately mired in quicksand.

    How Mousse O' Leeeney once said, "governing the Italians isn't impossible. It's pointless."