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  • When I first got mobile wifi I tried google maps while parked up at the sanctuary , I zoomed in on 'my location' and thought 'ha, its out by about 12 feet' , then I realised that the dongle was on the dash board and I was sat at the back ... , so the maps thing is very accurate but relies on interwap , just having the phone on standby it will still be hooked up or searching for nearest towers and triangulation from that data will get close to your location.

    I aint no expert but I think the only safe way is to have it turned off completely , I know of 'burner phones' but they are susceptable to being found soon as you turn it on and rely on the fact that they are not linked to anyone .

  • Like all technology, the trackability feature is great if used for good reason. Phones are now so cheap that every child seems to have one now. Think about being able to pinpoint where each child is at all times, how safe is that?😉

    Then look at the negative ways the powers that be put that tech to use. Covert surveillance of everyone is not good, unfortunately another good idea hijacked for the "control of the masses".

    Now consider how these devices must cost far more to make than they are being sold for, & you begin to wonder why they are so cheap & accessible.

    I remember when PAYG phones didn't exist, & only the well off could afford mobile com's. Then suddenly we could all have one, no contract, no monthly bills, just grab one & be connected.

    So now we're all connected & all traceable...

    Call me paranoid, but just cos I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't all out to get me!....👍🤔

  • Your not paranoid man it's a reality, this new NHS app will track you everywhere and use the virus as an excuse for the increasing loss of freedom,download it at your peril, most sheeple will say it's a good thing etc but in my view it's control of the masses man.

  • When i went through an Andy Mcnab phase, he always used to buy a throwaway phone not to be detected then the best way not to be tracked was to take the battery out and the sim card.

    So on the tracking it just traces you to the point you do the above.

  • eBay is full of anti phone tracking phone pouches, these block the signal without you turning off or removing battery. Those gps signal jammers drivers use to go off company radar also block phone signal and very affordable.putting a 10metre bubble round your vehicle preventing signals in or out.

  • Thanks dudes,faraday bags/boxes seem to be the way forward?, has anyone here actually use on of these things? And how effective are they at blocking your tracking device (phone)?

    walkers crisp packets (those foil/silver lined) are also supposed to work, though I haven’t tested it. I thought it was just plastic.

    I’ve got a gps blocker, (paid 50p for it at a car boot sale) plug it into the cigarette socket (12volt) it works fine. Mother in law never pestered us once at a festival. Those in next wagon were pissed they couldn’t get online and at motorway roundabouts, all hell breaks loose, in either lane at the side of me. Grown men bashing fook out of dashboard gadgets as the lights change.

    It is however illegal to deliberately mess with “anothers” phone/GPS signal. But perfectly fine to jam your own.

  • the pouches are yes. Just like the shopping bags used to skank shop door sensors.

    This type creates a electric dome//bubble approximately around it scrambling electronic/digital signals.

    you can buy bigger (mains voltage) units that scramble a neighbours wifi/Bluetooth signal, if the keep playing shit tunes loudly and your fed up of going round to ask them to turn the music down. Russia have these that put a 100 Kilometre around it.

  • Boris, if you've got a cocktail shaker handy - one does have, doesn't one? - just check it's dry before you slide your phone inside. Then call it on a mate's phone and see if it rings.

    I have an old flask somewhere I intend trying out, too....:D

  • Anyway as we've now established how to block a mobile phone, how many peeps would consider downloading this NHS tracking app in the pretext of helping to fight the virus?

    At the end of February / beginning March, I probably would have as it then would have been pivotal in halting the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Then I would have considered the invasion of privacy issue a fair trade off against the loss of life that has ensued.

    Now, after the govt have lied, deceived, broken promises, misled, prevaricated, thrown frontline staff to the wolves (while enjoying sitting at home with an extra £10k) and generally acted like a bunch of entitled cunts and now that the horse has well and truly bolted: No, nyet, nein, it ain't happening.

  • sod the app. I’m still using my 10years old “once smart enough to be un breakable” phone.

    1” x 1.5” screen. So I very much doubt information received would be much use. Especially if the app directed me to a position in my environment, where a infected “person” is. [panic]

  • If you dont want tracking do what I do LEAVE IT AT HOME, you can be tracked as soon as phone connects to phone signal it dont need the web, phone companys track your location

  • I leave my phone at home at the moment, as where i am working (on my own) there is no signal, so in theory if the fekers want to track me i never move from my window.

    Just now and again i take it with me if i go to the shops or merchants (where they leave kit outside) and you sometimes have to ring to get them to leave kit outside.

    But I generally take phone with me then as there will obviously be a digital trail of my transactions at the merchants, ie booking stuff out and collecting and going to shop to get supplies.

    Unless i paid cash with no phone in my pcoket or on vehicle or the number plate obscured on the van.

    but yeah movements are less if you leave phone at home.

  • yeah ditto they can take that app and shove it, but what if it's made compulsory, only allowed in banks,shops etc if you have tha app??

    They can't do that, unless they are giving everyone who hasn't got one a free smartphone. Like doing everything on the www, it just isn't possible.

    Quite a large number of the population do not have access to a smartphone, and many of these do not have access to the web. So the roasting the politicians would get from the civil liberties people, here and abroad, would finish that before it got started.

    It's like currency. They would love to do away with cash, but they daren't. Not yet, anyway. Where they can, they have been using the corona virus crisis to try to push people not to use cash, but from what I have observed plenty of people are still using cash, including myself.

    So far as the app is concerned, not many will bother, if South Korea is anything to go by. Less than 20% of those who have smartphones in S. Korea downloaded it, and even less used it. And that is in a very gadget-orientated country. Says it all, really.

  • phone cells can be located using cell data, more phone masts are around you and the more accurate is the location. of course if you have GPS and a data line this works even better. the sure fire way to prevent being tracked short of tying your phone to a stray dog ;) is to remove the battery . or you can put it into a handy damn LEAD BOX i guess.