Vehicle Insurance

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  • I have done a search but found not much help there.

    I have to renew my insurance for my vehicle. At the moment I have leisure but have been waiting for a good opportunity to inform the insurance world that I live in full time. I think this is it. I just had a chat with my current insurers to say that I am stuck in Brighton, and not at home, due to self-isolating and lockdown measures. I said I liked being in the van full time and consider it a viable option going forward, what would they charge? They cannot cover me, the van is too old.

    If you don't mind sharing this with me, who do you insure with please? It is not a home-build but neither it is mass-produced (like say AutoTrail or Bailey, Burstner etc), it is 9 metres long, over 3.5 tons (under 7.5) and 30 years old.

    And it has to be full time, if I want to stay leisure-only I can stay with my current insurer.

    Thank you.

  • Personally I wouldn't touch Adrian flux with a bargepole. I have no personal experience with them, but a friend was insured with them (modified car) and had nothing but trouble when trying to claim.

    That story about poor service and difficulties as soon as you try to make a claim is repeated across several self build van and modified car groups and internet forums that I am part of.

  • I do an Internet search for live in insurance now and then.

    It seems less and less available.

    I've not bothered speaking to any insurance agents about it. Figuring that it would be asterixed and underlined in web searches.

    Please let me know if you have any luck with it but as far as I can fathom it is decreasingly available and was anyway only available for newer vehicles.

  • good luck, Adrian flux but never claimed. I worry they may increase the premium price for live aboard vehicle owners. Do you have a woodburner fitted? Is it coach built or DIY?

    I was with NFU when my double decker burnt down, no issues when I claimed and when the claims assessor guy came out, nothing was said about the tiny stove dangling in mid air (once upstairs bedroom, or the huge solid fuel cooking range downstairs) The contents cover was extremely generous too. They no longer cover live~ins due to expanded market demand. But it was once lucrative as living and working mobile in the farming/forestry sector was common place.

  • I've done a (admittedly tiny) survey and amazed at how few full timers have the correct insurance!

    Hardly any have, those that say they have are probably closer to being uninsured than covered for every eventuality. Fitting a woodburner, or having a “out of date” fire extinguisher is enough to void some insurance policies. That reminds me. I’ve got to replace my fire extinguisher this year. Another £17
    if you own a large standard fire extinguisher. Often you can get them checked, gassed, filled, tested at your main fire station for the price of a box of tea.

  • NO NO NO, dont go to Flux they will give you a good price to start with and on renewal load it by at least a £100, unless you dont mind arguing at renewal, also claims dept are pants, just pass it off to a 3rd party. Get a copy of Motorhomes monthly or similar or do web search for specialist camper/motorhome insurers

  • NO NO NO, dont go to Flux they will give you a good price to start with and on renewal load it by at least a £100, unless you dont mind arguing at renewal, also claims dept are pants, just pass it off to a 3rd party.

    That’s pretty much what all insurance companies/brokers do. Cheap offer to hook your business and hope your too lazy to shop around at renewal. Insurance policies have been increasing annually over the recent years, in-line with bogus claims they say, and greedy shareholders mi thinks.

  • I am now insured to live-in.

    £700 from Adrian Flux - yes, I know they have a mixed rep but I loved the premium and I am now legal.

    The quote was so low because I have had the vehicle since 2016 with no claims and full NCD, full UK driving licence, no points blah blah blah plus low yearly mileage.

    Woot! Happy Millie!