Keeping it together when folk around us are loosing it

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  • No offence intended. ?(

    when times get tough, the rough keep rowing challenging, or stressful, often for “hidden/personal reasons” some people can “loose it” in one way or another and often it’s the very people we would think/expect to be calm, cool and collective. Chin-up. In wars, disasters, emergency/panic, stressful situations etc. How individuals manage their own response, is determined by their actions. How we/those around them react/behave towards them/the unfolding circumstance can influence the longterm outcome.

    With any large group the likelihood/frequency/% effected increases.
    In the scenario UKH members had been crewing a Viking longboat for the past month. One member would have jumped ship, one member would have called for mutiny or request port at the nearest Island and one would have locked themselves below deck in a cabin (if there were such a thing) only peering through the cracks in the planks to see who’s doing/saying what. half a dozen would stay pissed and hardly be noticed onboard.

    In general I think the crew would be together, working as as a group, focused on making landfall, looking forward to the rape and pillage of a new found place.

    What careers, schools, academies, groups teach/train folk to handle such situations and is it largely left to (school of life) learning curve to steer folk on and through?

    Can we collectively work together a) to identify any potential casualty/vulnerable member soul on route and b) coach members through delivering support hope.