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  • I had a advert streamed into my world a few hours ago. I very rarely give youtube adverts the valuable seconds (enough time to generate any income) Don’t get me wrong, a few useful product have been brought to my attention through online advertising, with tempting “offers” attached. But I always research those same products to see how good the offer really is. Otherwise I’m skinter than a bloke who gets regular help from the state and have no buying power.

    This advert today was different. It spoke of the best view for train passenger in Scotland. Beautiful Country Scotland and one I love exploring. It got me thinking of the idea I had years ago, to walk Adrians Wall with a great friend/ best mate, who happened to be going through a bad time himself at the time. Hello

    My friend was ill and subsequently died before any challenging walk could be discussed/planned etc.
    The advert showed a guy sat in the window of the train as it crossed the vast wilderness and rolling hills of Scotland. It would have been perfect. Even I’ll or with disabilities it’s do-able.

    Then It made me realise, my best mate would have been the perfect person to enjoy this adventure/journey. He was someone who over my lifetime I could and did talk to about “everything and anything” even the deep and disturbing stuff we hide/burry deep inside. There was nothing I couldn’t talk to him about, nothing I had done or would do that would jeopardise our friendship, except one thing, “double cross him” I suppose.

    Our history together was interesting. My first encounter was selling him a shotgun. He subsequently visited our flat we were renting, while I built a Bowtop waggon in the garden. I was unfortunately out when he called. But he left a unsigned message on my two large rusted steel driveway gates. Scratched in large letters in the rust, (You have been robbed) pmsl and cringing in fear, I gathered from the neighbour who it was. Our next meeting was a request for me to go assist him with his brothers neighbourhood dispute. We drove together to the target house, where he told me to stop my lorry in the middle of the street, closing the place down. He left me with a baseball bat and instructions to keep the engine running and if needed come and wade in.

    From those days on, theres not much we haven’t done or talked about together, but Im not going to mention any for incriminating reasons obviously.

    We often refer to people in our lives as mates, friends, pals and sometime best friend. I found this guy to be deserving of best friend. I’ve not found such freedom, closeness or trust with another, although some come close. Even with brothers, there are off limits I’ve found.

    We all seem to have a “best friend” They really are very special. So if you read this and what I’ve said resonates. Give your best friend a call today. Don’t put it off. I can’t, it’s too late, he’s dead. But Christ I wish I could. I’ve got so much to say to him. So much to thank him for.

    To best friends.

  • Take solace in the fact that you have known such closeness in your life. Don't think I've ever really had anyone that close, family included as I'm sure most people haven't.

    Remember him fondly, you were lucky to find such a bond.....