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  • over the years it’s been quite challenging to make the pages (topics/threads) move along, or generate. When the forum slows down. less interest in logging in results. Members fade or move on. No one comes on here to mess with members heads or make folk uncomfortable about posting/contributing to threads or just being part of a community. Complacency/ low motivation, limited time whatever the reason, it’s understandable in these modern changing times. that forum dynamics morph. We have been in a vanilla phase for sometime. This might appeal to a close but insular membership. It won’t bring in new faces it seems. I accept a responsibility with forum membership to lick wounds and promote group healing, but not licking arse. So a spade can be a few things, depending how the context implies. I prefer to approach issues head on, but realise,calling someone out might require tact, if not to cause offence. This is a skill very few have, inc myself.

    However, I’m reluctant to let this forum slip into the archives of “back when we” but we have several issues “popping up” that aren’t covered in the rule book and really need to be either discussed/verified or let go. The main thing is upsetting members even if unintended, through posting with a freedom (within the confines of the forum rules) and a limited liberty, with not only the forum rules, to a larger extent, those the server censorship cater for.

    We are in danger of devaluing our ancestry if we stray from a freedom to interact collectively. minds to minds, in sharing views and obviously expressing personal opinions. We learn about the metamorphic community struggling to find clarity in this fast moving world. If it was a scientific forum, the community restraints would be so structured/ focused more on the”business end” even though humour and diversity of members would still bring something special for a purpose.

    So how should we proceed, regarding keeping the forum content vibrant and interactive, do we need to even address it? Fade into the background and take only what we want from the forum, do we just tick on, face conflicts, issues on a case by case basis. Should we tiptoe and refrain from posting, unless it’s “appropriate, on topic, considerate.”
    adopt a disclaimer, whereby, Members suck it up or spit it out. That’s been the ignore button. Should we just step away if it’s offensive, disturbing, upsetting personally? There’s no reason to call members C*nts to get a point across, even though in the real world, we say whatever we can get away. We know there are other places on line for lost souls.

    I don’t want to speak for others, but I’m suspecting NRT, Wulfie, others are now getting there fix in other ways/realms. I’ve stepped away for a while as I needed my needs to be met and it was obvious the scope for discussion was leaning to thin ground and or potentially encouraging toxic feedback BREXIT/ political issues etc. I got what I was looking for away from this forum and it was helpful, controlled and focused. This forum has an extremely inclusive remit. One that I find stimulating and narcotic at times. The detox isn’t too bad either.
    I recognise and appreciate the diversity of the forum, and hope in the event of a future uprising, characters on here are the real deal and not some manifestation of my ego. Folk like me will shoot on both directions if frontlines are blurred. In the same breath, Not all wars are worth fighting or dying for.

    Open floor! :peaceman:

  • In a mark of respect i feel i ve over posted and saturated this place with my opinions so i will lurk for a bit let the hard liners have there day on here.

    Please new members and other people have a talk get stuck in i will bow out for a little bit

    I need to get more done in my personal life, and hoping to try and help others as well . but i really like this place.

  • Don't forget, that if too many step away, there will be little activity.

    And if new folk see no activity, with the last post several days/weeks ago, they as sure as hell aren't going to stay either.

    Nobody likes to talk to an empty room....

  • You mean waycist?

    Isn't a waycist someone who criticises the way you comb your hair, or the way you wear the wrong clothes, or the way you pick your nose, or the way you fart at public meetings, etc?

    Waycists are always finding fault with the way other people do things.

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  • I suppose I could try to further minimise my cunt, cuntitude and cuntish writings in response to cuntitude but I doubt that would be of much help.

    I give it out when I see it and take it on the chin when I'm insulted.

    I've been hanging out here long enough to know that everyone who posts here has a cuntish side that they let out now and then....

    Just because we are all lovely, nice people doesn't mean that we won't act, think and speak like cunts when interpreted by others...

    Wulfie was way out of line with me.... But I could see his viewpoint and tried to let it go....

    "retard".... I mean come on.... In this day and age.

    Wulfie has flipped out and is taking a breather because patting key workers on the shoulder doesn't protect them from government and careless citizens.

  • The only reason im still reluctantly a member of this forum is because ive been here a pretty long time and dont want to completely close the door on it for good....i guess out of some very warped sense of there are technical and lifestyle threads i still like reading occasionally.

    I cant speak for Wulfie or anyone else who has drifted away or is unhappy with UKH but for my own part i would have generally gone on to various forums to read and sometimes take part in discussions ive an interest in obviously.

    I dont nor ever have gone on forums for a masochistic dose of mental self abuse and to go away feeling like i just fell face first in a stinking pit of pigshit.

    Falling into a pit of pigshit too often gets really really tiresome and quite frankly thats how logging on to this forum makes me feel... I feel dirty every time i log in and start reading some of the bilge posted here.

    When falling into a pit of pigshit is totally avoidable its best avoided and thats what im media distancing if you like.

    Its not just this forum that pisses me off -to be fair, but predominantly this one im referring to - ive deleted 95% of my social media accounts recently and still deleting accounts, purely because im sick to death of the narcissistic trolls, fake news disseminators, racists,homophobes,evangelical god botherers,conspiracy theorist twatheads, et al and having to read their ignorant rancid bile day in day out....and worse,read the enthusiastic nutjob sycophantic followers who are too fucking thick to actually use a search engine and verify or discredit the shit and nonsense theyre being spoonfed.

    There are whole sections of the internet twaterati who devote their entire sad lives to putting out fictitious garbage purely to wind people up and generate huge followings for themselves.Not to mention the ever increasing legions of pathetic whiners. The internet -and social media especially - is no fun or even worth wasting time on as far as im concerned.

    I used to enjoy coming here and having decent discussions on diverse topics that affect our daily lives and reading what folks were building or doing in life,i used to like the banter and relentless thread hijacks and its sad to see many of our past and best articulate considered, intelligent and funny posters have gone.

    For me its just become a polarised selfish self indulgent place for baiting and deliberate button pushing to provoke reaction and unpleasantness and im really not interested in being part of any of that nonsense,nor do i have the patience for it anymore...maybe thats what being old does to you, things that once would have you fighting in the dirt are no longer worth upsetting your beer for.

    I spent an early professional life dedicated to death and destruction and spent a longer and different professional life trying to make amends for the previous one but still live with the mental and physical repercussions and doing what i can to mitigate the damage. I really do not need or want to come here daily to read someones vitriolic bile because theyve had an awful day at work or got a chip on their shoulder about people different to themselves or of the wrong religion or resentful of their lot in life....or just because they feel like baiting people or get their kicks from it.

    In the present circumstances all the differences we as humans like to argue over or exploit, accentuate and use to create division resentment and hate really become irrelevant.

    You have a simple choice in your short life, you can be positive or be negative,happy or a fucking misery.

    The universe doesnt give a fuck either way,youll be gone forever in the blink of an eye anyway.

    No one is born a cunt,its a skill you acquire in life if youre so minded to be a perpetual cunt. If your life is shit then you have to accept youre mostly to blame for that and its up to you to change it, its no one else responsibility to change your miserable lot in life.

    No endless amount of pent up resentment or fucked up personal ideology or scapegoating will change that fact or change your life. If you absolutely cant change your life change your attitude to it.

    Ive no intention of returning here regularly any time soon because i feel much better for not being here.

    Stay safe people.


  • What’s with this sense of loyalty? I’m still here partially because of it. When I took time out from Classic campers. I had had my fill of those who rub me up. Constant greater than thou personalities and intolerant hippiesfolk. Restrictions aside, the forum had nothing of stimulus “for myself” month on month, year on year. The forum name change threw us to the dogs.
    I had flashbacks to a time back in the real world of realising no matter how much hope, love, time, effort, support and advice I gave/shared with hippy types. It eventually becomes a unrewarding sap on my time and energy.
    In the six months away from the forum, I never “popped back in” or lurked in the shadows (creepy) I had moved on, was free of it all. Mountains of interest, loads more free time to pursue them. Welcomed into a new “alternative group” we joined them for a year of organised practical events/camps. I even made two pairs of handmade leather boots, a pair for me and my youngest daughter.

    When I got the heads up UKH was back online. I fell “willingly” back in. Onething after another has made me question my motives for being here again, “Loyalty” interests, shared sense of purpose, friendships. Half of me wishes it was a self help group. Not open to the public, hidden from the world, where we can be truly open about who we are, what we do, how we do it. Our remoteness and isolation makes it difficult to create such a realm in the actual world. There’s a few “new to me” faces I would really like to chat to by the fire and many I’ve already met, whom I will always find time for.

  • what im having trouble with is its not the "community" it used to be..some old faces are still here,but its lost its spark,life,fun..maybe all the funsters drifted and its just the moany old sods left?i still like it,its familiar,is the best word i can think of for the loyalty some state..maybe it is the old connections that attract,the people we ve got to know on here and in real pop in,comment,ask,join in..rarely abuse,but if its needed why not,lol..but never without reason..maybe drift off but its still familiar and on the whole,friendly x

  • I remember a couple of years ago, when I was trying to work out why people weren't posting -- someone responded to a thread with "I don't come on here much as the topics have stopped being interesting".

    Fair comment I guess, but it's up to everyone to make this forum work -- I have no idea why she couldn't post something that did actually interest her.

  • I've been here, I've been reading but not really posting much. Had some stuff going on, nothing serious, but most of what I've read recently has been coronavirus.

    As someone who has to go to work through it I've got the attitude, maybe wrongly, that what will be will be rather than worrying about the risk (whatever that is, I don't believe all the MSM hype) so I haven't really engaged with those threads as I felt that to publish those views would detract from or maybe be seen to be making light of people's genuine concerns. Recently that seems to have descended into argument and as NomadicRT stated in his post (a lot of which I agree with) I don't need negativity like that in my life.

    I'm not dissing anyone who wants to post whatever view, I'll read them all and even though I might not agree with them I've never had to resort to the block button on here.

    There are some interesting people on here, Lika mentions above getting called on his/her first night - I've seen contraversial posts but I've also seen some very interesting posts from that author (I hope you don't mind me using you as an example, just illustrating that blocking someone for a couple of posts you might not like means you miss out on a lot more)

    I also agree with Rogue Traders point about grammar police. Who gives a fuck if it's not spelt correctly, I have a friend who cannot even read or write but has a wealth of experience, and if you question him in his field of knowledge or ask for advice you will get the benefit of 50 years of working in his trade as a top quality craftsman.

    I've had the privilege of meeting a few members from here at various locations, all of them I have been pleased to meet, all have interesting stories to tell even if I don't agree with all their views. There's none of them that I wouldn't be happy to chat to again, or to feed them if they rocked up to my van.

    Great thread Rogue Trader...

  • I sometimes think that some folk on here - and elsewhere, of course - take it all too seriously, and perhaps take themselves too seriously.

    People have their own ideas and opinions, and we all differ in some ways, even if we may agree in others.

    It's a bit like at work: you met lots of people who you couldn't agree with on politics, religions, social ideas, crime and punishment, you name it. But you never really took them seriously, did you? At least, I didn't.

    People who were too far up their own ass-holes were more often the butt of jokes and banter than people who had different opinions.

    It's much the same at our now-temporarily-closed club; just because you feel Bill is a bigoted right-wing bar steward doesn't mean you don't give him a hand in helping with some project he's doing. And you know damn well that even though he might think you're a lefty-leaning type, that doesn't affect how he will go out of his way to help you when you need it.

    The camaraderie of the whole should overcome any personal views and opinions of individuals.

    So we're here for the forum first and foremost, not for ourselves. Trying to make it interesting, sometimes controversial, sometimes funny. It's only like a game; as Steve says, a chat around the fire. Nothing to get hung about.

  • Awww are you all missing me? Hehe well I stopped posting because I basically lived in the Erogenous zone and I don’t think you really want to hear about how amazing jays sex life is :whistle:

    Honestly though I feel like No one gives a fuck about my opinion so I don’t bother (in real life too not just social media) and I don’t feel like I’ve enough going on in my life to share.

  • Awww are you all missing me? Hehe well I stopped posting because I basically lived in the Erogenous zone and I don’t think you really want to hear about how amazing jays sex life is :whistle:

    Honestly though I feel like No one gives a fuck about my opinion so I don’t bother (in real life too not just social media) and I don’t feel like I’ve enough going on in my life to share.

    Then tell us about Jays accidents love life :D your always missed. But you make up for it once a year. Stay safe lass. Your a gem.