left behind when it comes to tech?

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  • My older brother spent a (alternative) life sat in fields around fires with guitar in hand. Fathered more babies than Johnson’s. Totally abused the system to his benefit. He’s lived without the draw of modern personal technology. Although through music he’s competent with electric guitars, amps, mixers, pedals etc. He’s relied on mobile/smart phones for communication. Having owned tablets with internet access, he only googled song lyrics and watched porn.

    But now he is stuck. He has no idea how to “work online” how to trust what he is doing and finds limited support on the ground for folk like him, especially during this lockdown. Many companies/services are referring him to the internet/websites, banking etc.

  • Some people will be deemed not suitable for enslavement into the matrix and will be left to prosper or more commonly decline in the homogenising world except for the increasingly more often occasions when they become visible to the system. Then they will attacked in some form.

    Keeping ones head below the parapet is a skill with few if any young apprentices to carry the torch into the future.

  • I ve been a tech luddite for a long time, i ve just in the last few weeks got my internet sh**t together.

    I sometimes find it feking compicated, like i could do to set up ebay, amazon and any other accounts paypal etc, i dont have a smart phone i just use the laptop

    Got the banking set up and sorted but just want to set up accounts in everything else so i can pay with a credit card as i dont trust hackers and scammers.

    Can you help him?

    I mean if he could possibily visit you pass his stuff to you then go from there and you set all his stuff up on his laptop or smart phone he d be sorted.

    Or other option is you must have nerdy mates, i have one who set me quite a lot up last year,

    I still havent a clue how to use quickbooks, i pay etc, i was always frightened id get hacked.

  • I’ve helped him in the past. Last time I got my hands on his internet active tablet. I deleted well over 16 porn site accounts, so doubt he would be happy for me to take another look. :D

    He’s 100s of miles away and under house arrest, after flying back to UK from Thailand weeks ago.
    I can and do sort stuff out remotely for him from time to time. But I’m not the most clued up when it comes to “explaining system operations” over the phone. Close Brothers tend to hold a fk off attitude to each other (in a relaxed, safe way) :reddevil:

    I can however deal with some of his business and I will, if needs be. Sending money to his Asian girlfriend playmate is on the cards. :whistle: for fun I could attach a “dear john” letter with the transfer :D piss myself if he found he has nowhere to kip, next time he’s back in the mountains.