Air travel, still available to virus?

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  • On my hour walk to Aldi this morning passed several people, pungent aftershave one and couple of smokers. Nose detected them from fair distance away, moderate wind and I was downwind but still lingering smell having passed them.

    Got me to wondering can virus use smell molecules a la surfboard?

    Couple of hours googling later, mucho time on hands as for most, and am none the wiser

    Can find many references that corona virus is 0.125 microns and I presume that is diameter and that odour molecules are classed as below 0.3 microns. Tobacco smoke particules are listed as a range from 0.01 to 1.0 micron with most in the 0.2 to 0.25 range. Obviously the visibility of the tobacco smoke makes plain it really is there.

    I cannot find anything that says categorically virus cannot travel on these apparently larger things in fact there is a complete dearth on info on such matters.

    If anyone knows otherwise a link would be great. Nothing leading to David Icke/Alex Jones and the like please.

  • Hmm intersting, i am guessing the virus is in theory passed on droplets so in theory there heavier and drop quicker so

    the theory is the virus can only moved by droplets in a cough, sneeze or droplets on surfaces,

    So lets take smoke,

    Assumption is the smoker breathes it out, so ok droplets are heavier smoke billows out moves a long way but droplets sink quicker as heavier than smoke, if droplets "catched a smoke wave" still tricky as surely droplets heavier than smoke, its

    scenario 2 person coughes it hitches a ride on smoke so i m guessing the people have to face the same way ie not opposite each other still tricky as again the weight issues surely

    aftershave now thats got me thinking that i do find tricky, how does scent work is it atoms of perfume, never thought of that, when you smell perfume i guess you inhale a small atomb of perfume, so that one does sound crazily more plausable.

  • Imagine if you will the virus jumping ship from mucus in mouth or nose to swirling smoke in mouth or nose of smoker. It may even be that the velocity of said smoke dislodges virus and tornado like carries it as it exits smoker. I am not aware if virus has to be contained in a potentially heavy droplet or can be its own possibly lightweight entity. Cannot find reference to weight of virus or smoke but as a tangible thing they do have a weight.

    If a 1micron smoke particle can linger in the air then maybe a 0.125 microns virus riding a 0.2/0.25 average tobacco smoke particle can do so fighting gravity for more than twice as long.

    Who knows? I certainly don't and can't help but suspect nobody does.

    If scientists informed government of such scenarios I doubt government would inform public. Smokers would become ultra pariahs facing lynch mobs but that would not be governments reason for silence. Loss of members of the herd of tobacco tax cash cows would be their motive.