What Would You Do?

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  • There s a lot of clever people saying we havent done this or that so

    Your the Pm your plonked in no 10 and you have to take over from today what would you do to sort the current horror we are currently in.

    No political point scoring, just a plan. For how we contain and get through this and thoughts on keeping people financially stable.

    Ps your not allowed to rant blame look back shed blame and said we should have done this or that you have to keep laying out a plan.

    Here s mine

    Continue the lockdown, for at least a month, essential worker only trains and taxis, (black cab the best as they i think have a screen)

    More testing, dont know how but more testing for nhs, care homes, and essential workers, get the pharmas on bord, get chemical and all science labs colleges, to design make build kits.

    PPE, contact, chemical industry, plastic factories of all discriptions, and of the world supply buy buy buy.

    Venitilators- buy from the world, put blu prints of all designs on a sharing platform, let it be copied and made en mass, in the manu sector, car factories, tractor all those sectors basicly manu, have a comander and chief to sort the ventilator production parts chains and servicable parts electronics etc.

    bring in rationing and ration according to size of family you have to stay in one person who is healthy has to look after your area, theres a team set up in each town with supply and any problems police have to intervene or army.

    You are allowed your one walk a day. and if are a key worker your allowed to use a bike to get to work,

    Banks, finance, debt all forced to stop charging to anyone who doesnt have the means, and energy companies have to offer a bill holiday to those needing it.

    So food is delivered to your needs, as and when you need it to all.

    The council when enough ppe is about have to disenfect outside hospitals, schools, public places,

    Army also as well to fill in any gaps where organisation or people are required to do essential jobs.

    Hit amazon and the like with tax a bit harder at the moment he must be raking it in,

    Those that have built an imunity have to be drafted in to do essential work bit like national service, in fact we could from this learn a lot if your anti war or not a fan of army life perhaps a national service devision could be set up it would maybe stop knife and gang culture amoung young people,

    National service 1... Health, logistics,

    Nat serv 2............ young people who have been in trouble in a form of detention, train on emergancy services, ie army style practice, flood victims, disaster, and pandemics,

    Nat serv 3 regualar army, not compulsory but maybe the nat services could be more interlinked.

    so that in future the norm would be to inter link the army,council,emergancy services.

  • Yep with you on that, totally, i am guesing councils will soon be trying to waste money like they do every year so they get the same budget next year.

    To keep on point next bits chit chat and looking back so its in a spoiler tab.

  • Not sure if the law permits, but make it mandatory for selected companies to produce ventilators and PPE as part of the effort.

    Perhaps temporary Electronic tagging for those who are just blatantly and persistently ignoring the lockdown rules.

    A National consistent set of Ration rules, with any adjustments for people with medical conditions, dietary requirements, religious food needs etc.

    Bill Holidays

    Clearer rules to stop landlords evicting people.

    Exercise, but with a maximum distance from home being specified, so folk have a better idea of what is acceptable. Driving like 30 miles or something to walk your dog, or cycling 20 miles away is taking the mick a little bit.

    An outright ban on people profiteering online, with a fine for companies not removing these kinds of sellers.

    Maybe people could grow veg in their gardens (I'm not a gardener so not too sure what works).

    More testing.

  • Well, for a start I'd be a bit clearer on what an "essential service" is -- like, I'm pretty sure my local council didn't need to be cutting the grass at 8am today! :/

    In principle I agree with shut down means just that. Stay at home and haunt your movements, it doesn’t really class as “essentials” it probably keeps a council employee or/contractor at/in work where risk is minimal. Pays his bills. It makes urban areas look “owned” clean. Looks Less apocalyptic in suburban London. Stops dogshit hiding in long grass. Reduces health hazard and let’s face it. We got to go to work at sometime. I’m thinking should we be working in our forests? Same argument can be asked.
    Agriculture is not effected from movement restrictions. A farmers market was held on Saturday and it was throng with punters. High risk for those organic, careful eaters amongst us. “Eat well , pay a premium when you can get it, but who will mingle with all sorts”

    I’ve got a highways/services crew over the hedge from me. Parked up 2 x shipping containers/site storage units and a small digger the arrived 2 x mornings ago. Team of about 6 contractors. 6.45am this morning they had the generator running for the kettle. So it’s early morning most days for me.

    im staying away from people the best I can and it’s not hard. But I don’t live in close proximity to many folk. I’m no closer to the rats than most folk are to people.

  • Get ppe. Distribute it and insist upon its use. Same with hand sanitiser.

    Introduce an immediate goodwill payment to all citizens. Introduce a minimum basic income sufficient to cover rent or mortgage interest and Scrap the 80% furlough thingy. (EDIT: furlough would still be available through business support as already available)

    Enact a change in legislation that taxes essential workers at a higher rate but still compensates well for their risk and exposure on top of the minimum basic income.

    These measures stimulate the free market economy that folk are so concerned about but do offer a small overlap where people might be supported for doing little work.

    Unfortunately Prepper that does make it political but its the best I can come up with on short notice and with the limited discussion and evolution of the thread thus far.

  • I’m liking more and more the idea of a basic minimum wage Some of us (not many) would be better off somehow. I get a piss poor pension to live on. I never thought I would need or use it until National retirement age, to top up state pension. Fk me it’s well below the poverty line, but thankfully I’m a low maintenance guy, (I live in a tent and pay no rent) I’m getting by just, although I still owe the NHS dentist the maximum annual charge. When I can get the appointments to complete treatment. It’s only taken them since last April 2019 With two emergency dental visits and over 5 appointments cancelled since then. Services have been cancelled now for the foreseeable on any dental works that “could” Cause spray contamination. All other dental treatments (if any) will be triaged.

  • You know in a weird way if while this pandemic progressed we had the economy hijacked,

    So i have a few limited savings, but if i was deemed fit for work or immune, and could work safely say on my own two and from work, not in any contact with anyone,

    It would be a mini socialist state for a year perhaps, sort of put the economy in hibernation in a hi atus

    So when i can work safely and risks are lower or i have developed an imunity found out by testing i could work basicly for the state,

    My tax, utility, general bill in hibernation till the pandemic deemed over.

    I work and pay into the state, it takes my money in return , no tax, low bills a ration of food to what i need to live

    So what the customer pays me goes direct into public coffers to finance this mess,

    its pain but worth it, we do this to keep the econmy moving

    Total differant way of thinking

    Everyone chips in

    So if you have a high salary your still on that high salary but it goes into the government and you get your rations. till the pandemic is over.

    More incentive to work from home, be sensible as the more the thing spreads the more commie things get.

  • Proper high quality PPE for all frontline workers. Now.

    Universal Basic Payment for all. £150 for 18 and up, £75 for 5 - 18, £35 under 5s. All per week. (I'm not sure about the bandings, where they should fall).

    Testing (a) to see who has the virus (b) to see who has had the virus - and can go back to work after 14 days by which time they should have developed anti bodies.

    All legislation which impacts privacy or human rights etc to have sunset clauses BUT those clauses end the legislation and a vote has to be taken to extend, rather than now where a vote has to be taken to repeal.

    Stricter enforcement of social distancing and clarity on what is essential or not.

    Use the RAF to get people home - do not pay thousands to airlines.

    Anyone coming into the country from anywhere gets quarantined 14 days.

    Come down hard on media emphasising the age / mortality. I'm sick to death of hearing how old people are a drain on the welfare state, taking hospital beds, won't get saved if there is a choice between them and someone younger and so on. Now we've got young people who think they're immune.

    Boris and Dominic Cummings arrested, charged with corporate manslaughter, conspiracy to murder, reckless endangerment and anything else I can think of. Lock them up. Chuck Michael Gove in too, I haven't forgiven him for the Badgers plus he's annoying.