Corona virus blues

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  • The title may sound that this is going to be a funny thread, far from it. On the news of late there's been two families who have committed murder suicide and I can understand it, it could be virus related or fall out from it or maybe just coincidence. A shedload of grief has landed on an unprepared public who have never experienced anything like this ever before and thousands have had their lives turned upside down.

    A lot of folk bottle up stuff and it goes wrong and of late there's a lot of worried people.

    Just a thought that if anyone on here and that includes 'lurkers' who are worried and on the edge of doing something regretable or just need help, speak up. Nobody on here has all the answers, nobody is perfect but if there is a problem that you're worrying over just ask. If it's really bad there's the Samaritans 0330 094 5717 or post on here for advice and someone will hopefully have an answer or if not may be able to point you in the right direction for better advice.

    Nobody is on their own! :peaceman:

  • very up and down here..nothing serious,suppose its just what everyones feeling at the mo,and im lucky enough to have uj by my side...tomorrow will be a challenge,its my youngest 16th birthday,and hes 2 1/2 hours away..but theres worse off than me..if anyone wants a rant in box me,im a good listener..keep well all xx

  • Just a last thought. On an even darker note, domestic violence. People may have their perfect partner or more likely nowadays an imperfect partner. Being locked in with someone will either make your bond stronger or can cause violence. There's no hiding from it, it does happen and with the current situation that has been forced upon us it will occur.

    A lot of folks know someone who we have worries about, the smile that's all sweet can cover a whole world of hurt for girls and guys and at present there's little chance of escape for them.

    If you have suspicions please call the law, it could save a life.