Vitamin C megadosing

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  • When I was a kid, every time I got ill my grandparents would dose me up on vitamin C -- 3 grams a day as a way to boost my immune system, and it always seemed to help -- my grandmother worked at a local chemist during WW2, so I guess she knew more than most.

    However, for the last couple of weeks, Facebook has been blocking posts about the use of Vitamin C against coronavirus ... they've been calling it 'fake news', pseudoscience and unproven.

    But, in spite of that, hospitals are picking up on it and starting to use ultra high doses to treat people who are critically ill...


    Doctors throughout New York state are giving their critically ill coronavirus patients massive doses of vitamin C, a tactic said to have helped those hit the hardest in China.

    Dr Andrew Weber, a Long Island based pulmonologist and critical-care specialist with Northwell Health, shared that he has been immediately giving his intensive-care patients 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C.…milligrams-VITAMIN-C.html

    Personally, because I've been ill recently, I've been upping my own dose and currently doing 3000mg a day +