Zoom - video conferencing between friends - for free!

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  • I and a colleague have been experimenting with Zoom recently.

    This is with the free version of a big US video-conferencing program on desktops. They also do an app version for those with mobile phones.

    We selected this to work with because it has several versions which communicate between different operating systems, whereas most of these type of programs support only Windoze. So if you have a Mac, you download the Mac version, Windoze the Windoze version, Linux the Linux version, etc.

    For example, we were earlier today communicating between Mac and Linux systems, with no problems, once we had gotten used to the interface a little. We have a ways to go before we become proficient, but it's great fun learning, and better than MS Skype, which tracks and uses your information, probably for adverts, if no worse.

    Main reason for putting this up here is that it might be useful for anyone self-isolating to be able to see and chat with their friends and relatives, from the comfort of their own PC or phone, or for colleagues not at the workplace at the moment, to share ideas, etc.

    Lots of info on how it works here; you can also google 'working in Zoom' to get more info from outside the company.

    Some of the freaks :insane:on here could maybe link up and see each other and.... No, no, maybe not such a good idea...!:D

  • It was rather good. About ten of us in the meeting that would normally happen at a local studio. Most of us were regulars, but someone brought in John Coghlan. Never met him before so that was interesting. One friend I hadn't seen for about three years too. The quality was pretty good with nothing cutting out although I guess you wouldn't expect the sound to be amazing. It was, though better than I expected. I like the way the programme put a box around the picture of anyone speaking so you could look at them more or less straight away. Some weird background options too so people don't have to look at your messy surroundings.

  • Nice to hear that, Marshlander. Did John bring the drums?:D

    A good way to stay in touch, ask for and give help as required, and exchange news and views.

    I just hope they don't kill the freeby off, if lots of folk use it and take up too much bandwidth during this time of isolation. We've sort of rationed ourselves to 10 minutes or so at a time, but there was only two of us.

    I'll let you know how our experience goes; I've only joined a meeting so far, too, I haven't hosted one yet. I hope to have a try at that soon:boing:

  • Me and daughter haven't tried zoom, never heard of it before. I have enough trouble

    getting skype opened lol, but we use that almost every day and sometimes all day and evening, she takes me shopping and even to the doctors with her. Most evenings we sit in separate isolation atm but skype for hours as its better than sitting here alone and missing her.

    Zoom sounds good Keith so if any of you lot are in lockdown and missing company give it a go, you have nothing to lose other than boredom! :shrug: