Big thank-you to the heros of our country.

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  • As it says, one for our NHS folk from the peep who mops the hospital floor, delivers stuff, the docs, the nurses, carers, the army, scientists, the folks who are still working, prepping food, delivering, shop peeps, the volunteers, dustmen and many many more unsung heros who are doing their bit behind the scenes.

    Please just smack a heart on here, (no negative comments, please save those for the other threads), just a positive thread for those who are risking infection to try and get us through this shitstorm. :peaceman:

  • And the 405,000 + that have signed up in answer to a call to help the NHS.

    No force , no draconian enforcemnt measure or cash incentive just people pulling together for the common good.

    It's not all NHS stuff that the volunteers will be covering but yes a whoop, whoop well done peeps is of course in order.

    It's probably not a large enough number to deal with the selfish, miserable expectations of those they will be dealing with without deciding to stay home instead.

    It is though a very positive step in strange times.

    And well done lhdm for making a straightforward post.

    Whoop, whoop!

  • Even if they are out there under duress, they still deserve a big debt of thanks not just for this crisis but for every time any of us has had a road accident, or got hurt at work, or even had too much drink/drugs etc & needed their services. Good on yer, each & every one o' yez!...👍😋

  • Everyone on the front line is doing a marvellous job and none of us know if or when we will we will need their help so I salute them all!

    Please, please everyone follow the rules. They are there for all our benefit!

  • 2000hrs was the time to go out on the doorstep and clap to show appreciation for the NHS. Went out and clapped and nothing heard. FFS I was a couple of minutes early. It came on the TV to do it so went out again and clapped. As I did in the darkness loads of clapping came from up and down the road. Couldn't see who was doing it as well but there were lots out clapping, simply felt hit with a load of good vibes. :peaceman:

  • It was quite moving wasn't it. I almost squeezed out a tear.

    Just need all those clappers that can to conjure up ways to achieve material reward for essential workers.

    I'll pat one on the back at the next possible opportunity and then applaude in their face.:whistle:

    I was genuinely emotionally moved by the nations clap for carers but that just goes to show what a ridiculous sap my emotions make of me.:reddevil:

  • I can't stay quiet Wulfie.

    No need to censor the thread.

    as long as a mix of folk get through thisexperience, that’s positive enough. The good the indifferent and the say it how they see it crew.

    I was moved watching hand clapping and banging on YouTube. Like many a crisis before, it brings out the best in us.

    When you give of yourself, you are truly giving.

  • Discussion is fine -- but please respect the request of the opening post, to use this thread to congratulate and 'big up' our frontline workers.

    If you want to discuss topical issues, please choose appropriate parts of the website -- no topic is off limits; so long as people respect each other.

    Besides, it's good for this website to have lots of different discussions.

    I'm going to *attempt* to fork the above discussion into another thread.

  • the first post asked for positive comments and i am 100% for this so why not just do that i think we should give a big hand to all the people working at this time so why not just do that but as in all walks of life you are going to get them pricks you know put something on positive or shut the fuck up

  • here’s to the soldiers who follow orders through thick and thin. Wether that be combating those who threaten our freedom, those who fill sandbags to save our homes from floods or those called upon to help keep things going when our systems are stretched. To those who can do, will do and do their job in a time of adversity

  • the first post asked for positive comments and i am 100% for this so why not just do that i think we should give a big hand to all the people working at this time so why not just do that but as in all walks of life you are going to get them pricks you know put something on positive or shut the fuck up

    It's OK Convoy.

    You know we all have opinions. You yourself are speaking out.... Its often better to express your emotions and arguments than keep them bottled up.

    I'm the only poster who expressed a degree of thought that deviated from Wulfies intention for the thread so you must be talking to me.

    I did commend Wulfie and would also commend you. There is definitely something very nice and respectful in the intent of the thread and in your post also.

    You can call me a cunt directly.... but I always have an opinion and clearly you have an opinion too.

    Once again I want to emphasise that it is commendable that you want to thank people for their service.... I would though caution that there are always at least two sides to every story.

    My expressed thoughts were not off topic and were applied with reasonable thought, sensitivity and with actual realistic and real-time knowledge of the subject.

    My posts were forked to another thread.

    I invite you to post on that thread so we can have a discussion about why we are both so angry about this thread.

    All the best...

  • i cannot get on the puter when i want i sometimes get on the puter but cant post [long story]as i said it was just for positive it would have been better if i left the [fuck] out and i did not call you a c..t