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  • Got it right or not prepper, I look forward to Normal service again. Especially in the supply chain and service industry. I needed fuel and stopped at the family owned garage in the village. “No cash payment” one. My fuel gauge doesn’t work, so I try to keep abreast of how full my 4 x 4 bus is. Beautiful day, empty forecourt, assistant waiting 5 yards away, gloved up, for me to unlock and stand back.

    I couldn’t open my diesel tank filler cap. Abandoned mission. Eventually returning after spraying with lubricant, I got to queue for 15 minutes, while locals gabbed to staff and awaiting village mates in other queuing vehicles. What an opportunity to save money £1.09 litre on fuel but pain in the ass with bio controls.
    wont be long now and the bug war will be over, till next time. :)

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  • well it all kicked off here, there are 4 of us live here, 3 of us all rubbing along nicely for over a year with one new person moved in about a month ago.

    the guy kicked off big time at me because apparently i smell :shock:

    he then proceeded to pick up the wok from the hob and chuck my stir fry all over the kitchen calling me all sorts.

    i have to wonder how much of this was because a) he has been working all hours (he works in the food production industry) and b) the fact that he gave up alcohol, weed, coke and fags all at the same time.

    he even had the cheek to call me lazy as i have no work due to this thing, and those of you who have known me any length of time know i always work.

    i despair.

  • approaching the 50th day in lockdown. it really started wearing me off also because there is a 100m from home limit so i get to wander out only for the bare essentials. but it could be worse, i could be living in an apartment block...

  • approaching the 50th day in lockdown. it really started wearing me off also because there is a 100m from home limit so i get to wander out only for the bare essentials. but it could be worse, i could be living in an apartment block...

    I really feel for you. I’m surrounded by tractors and folk moving around like there’s no virus. It’s making us that are isolating feel like we are the problem (afflicted)

  • with regard to my housemate it's quite out of character but this is my home, it's my safe place and i don't want the ill feeling between us. my other housemates assure me i don't smell. :(

    it's actually very insulting as i am a clean person, my room is cleaned and tidied and i always bath and wear deodorant etc and burn incense daily so i don't know WTF he's on about.

    i can't wait to get back out to the power station but not until July. you can't get much more isolated than that and i'll be glad to get back to my little caravan in the middle of nowhere.

    rye harvest is looking late and might almost run into maize so i could potentially be out there until november. god knows i need the money! there is a baby on the way which i have to spoil rotten!!!

    just have to wait it out patiently.

  • Oh dear sounds bad, he really has issues, i ve been working with borderline alcies (well customer says they are drinking 50 tins of stella between them a week) who are stopping on a job i am working at.

    One seems happy go lucky the other kind of nick picks everything and knows everything, I careful what i say to him as im sure its gets to customer. Like yesterday he slated a shower screen i did because it has a deflector door, this door is a short door designed to "deflect" water back into cubicle, he says door isnt the right size moans on, customer is happy with it, he moans to me there will be water all over floor.

    Kind of always in a slumbering all knowing person, but I ve worked him out he can be a pain but I ve worked on humour and stand offishness as lets face it i am keeping them at a safe distance from me in other rooms other properties etc.
    with his mate it seems to work, at the moment.

    If your with someone 24/7 its going to be hardcore,

    I know your of a maturer place in life and wise but if you do get to confrontation, try not to get wound up or start swearing,

    I used to swear i really try not to, when you fall out and swear its escalates a row quickly, swear words are like petrol to a flame, on the same tack i found talking clamly winds people up, as i somhow give a vibe iam talking down to an argumetuer,

    So if people are in my face, i walk away now, or admit of i am at fault or if acusation arrises i say iam really sorry i havent honestly seen or used whatever the problem is.

    Seriously do you think he has problems? like mental, or whatever,

    Theres a lass on this job the owners step daughter aint to keen on me, she is hard work, she accused me of knicking her wheelbarrow, then sabotaging her wheelbarrow she uses for her horses, ( a week before her mum and i had tried to fix the wheelbarrow it was mullered) I made light of it calling it barrow gate and dont mention the barrow etc, jeez she had a right go at me, so i keep a safe distance, and talk stricly work, I said i wouldnt cause offence again, then she said i was to soft. ffs.

    So people are people its a shame he s in your personal space.

    whats everyone elses views on the bloke?

  • until recently we all got on well, lending and borrowing etc like housemates do but he just seems to have lost it. i know, a lot of people are right now.

    we share a kitchen but that's all as i have my own en-suite and we've all got a kettle/fridge/toaster in our rooms so realiistically i can go a day without seeing him.

    i am a little worried about him, he's doing a lot of shouting on the pjone lately.

    but i'm not confrontational, i will walk away first.

    and i haven't got his effin pillowcases :eek::shock:[panic]


  • Daft bugger eh.

    Well this place helps.

    Dont know your circumstances, but try and get out for your expersise, just for your sanity, and hopefully you have a window so maybe youcould grow some tomatoes etc its an escape, maybe.

    Sodding virus.

    Hope non of your household get it, and if i did have it personally it does mess a little bit with your head (i think its the totall life or death thing when your a bit ill and the bad drip feed news)

    but having seem to have fought something a bit nasty off i am valueing life, i am trying to grow food but failing again today, i am just going to have another go at digging again. sodding nettles.

  • I ve just planted some tomatoes,french beans, lettice, radish, spring onions the works, there all in plant pots ive probably done it wrong and ive put them under an old window sash in an old stainless sink (usual junk from work! ) till i come up with a plan to craft some sort of glass thing to propergate.

    i know absolutly sod all about growing plants but ive enjoyed today, iwas i looked a bit dissapointed when i read the packets most said up to 12 weeks before grown to eat, i expected magic to happen in say a week or two.

  • nice, i started trying to dig nettles by hand got half way then thought this is mental, the roots and turf were just so bad, so i decided to plant up in pots, i may transplant to some of my old builders buckets that are knackered with splits and holes in them,

    spuds tommorow, there going in knackerd old big builders buckets.

    i really hope stuff grows, i trtied this in 2013 the wettest crappest year,

    and failed, but ive blessed and given one plant a sip of lager. lol

  • i'm haveing a meh day today.

    a bleurgh day.

    a CBA day.

    it's raining.

    it's wednesday.

    i've run out of fags.

    i get paid *tomorrow*.

    i used to hate going food shopping. now it the highlight of the week which i look forward to like a kid going to disneyland. i write and rewrite my list. i google the ingredients for recipes i'll never make. i plan what i'm going to wear in case i see anyone i know (my colleagues, my ex) because no way am i gonna be that person that goes to the supermarket in my onesie and my uggs - for the record i have neither of these things.

    i never did care much for wednesdays.

  • what’s this I overheard about new gov health initiative to ban sale of rolling papers, filters and menthol or tobacco flavourings. (stop skinny cigarettes) ?

    Do you smoke ready rolled or backy abbs?