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  • Just got local milkmans no, but the woman who gave me no over phone, said he s prob fully booked up,

    I can just eek a week out of the milk, (i froze some)

    Lets pray the lock down slows the virus, it got to peak in about two three weeks time.

    I managed to grab some today always use semi skilled cos it lasts longer than full fat.

    Always have a tub of powdered milk in too for emergencies, as well as a couple of cartons of uht...

  • Milk always seems to be available at the local shop here, so long as you aren't particular what sort it is. (I prefer the filtered sort myself, but they haven't had that recently).

    The queue goes all round the store, with people keeping their social distance, laughing and joking too, some of 'em. Fug being miserable, just get on with it, sort of attitude.....

  • Milk always seems to be available at the local shop here, so long as you aren't particular what sort it is. (I prefer the filtered sort myself, but they haven't had that recently).

    The queue goes all round the store, with people keeping their social distance, laughing and joking too, some of 'em. Fug being miserable, just get on with it, sort of attitude.....

    it doesn’t feel right keeping away from friends and family for days/weeks on end, to stand close enough to piss on a strangers leg while cueing to get a few pints of milk. My drug dealer has a better system for supplying clients. Shout your order out and a 2.5 litre paint tin is lowered from the first floor window on a length of string. Minimal physical contact and hardly a cue in sight. :D

  • I called at my local garage/petrol station today. I needed petrol for the chainsaw. On approaching the forecourt. I read one of several public notices wrote in marker pen on A4 sheet and taped to the petrol pump. “ NO CANS... NO CASH... luckily I carry one of those contactless debit cards and being a familiar face, they served me. It comes to Sumat when the money in our pocket isn’t excepted as payment for essentials.

  • The 'system' has been trying to get us to ditch cash for years.

    I’ve been investing in gold fillings for years too. If the banking system takes a hit. Virus or panic withdrawing, then folk will really be up shit creek. There’s been a campaign to stop savers withdrawing by putting limits on daily withdrawals. I’ll see if the milkman smokes. I gather drug addicts are pinching hospital uniforms and nurses lanyards in a attempt to get inside hospitals were they hope to nic drugs. Apparently the streets are drying up of opiates due to travel restrictions. it never rains, it just turns to slush.

  • A lot of garages where repairs are done are actually closing, because with the wholesaler parts and other agents closed garages can't get the spare parts to do repairs. No more MOTs for six months.

    Sounds like back to the Sixties; so long as she runs, she's good, bro....:reddevil:

  • I think you might be right, Prepper. But I'm not enthusiastic for people running bangers like we used to, just remembering crazy youthful times....:whistle:

    In a properly-organised country the wholesalers would have to stay open for garages to buy parts to do essential repairs. But what we have here is those at the top making it up as they go along.

    Of much more concern would be lorries and other big commercial vehicles. I hope they are not stopping tests for those as well. The idea of a petrol tanker going down a wet town hill with dodgy brakes is horrific, to say the least.

  • I imagine h gvs wil be under a different regime, its ok wholesalers being open but theres prob no parts in there as we rely on a just in time way of delveries but were in different times, a massive brake has been applied on life as we know it, so i imagine the whole world will be in the same position.

  • if it wasn’t for this fkin virus. This would be a great year to just “be”. I’ve got accustomed to the British weather. All our best plans can be rained on, but it’s only a matter of time before the sun comes out. Wonderful sunny warm early mornings. Spring in the UK is just amazing. Waking up to bird chatter, opening up the wagon door to it, scratching our arse and head while squinting through the brightness. Making plans for the lazy day ahead. It’s here, just waiting for the “all clear” the war is over. Even if the ticker tape of our celebrations this year could be the falling Autum leaves. We can still experience the warmth and brightness of our planet going through it’s motions. Consider this ongoing period a state of meditation. Reinforce those foundations, plan the invisible extensions for when planning is approved. Grow slowly, but grow strong. No day will be wasted when we count our blessings. Love and peace from the asylum without bars.

  • Was sat in the sunshine t'other day in the cemetery thinking exactly the same, the birds & bees & flowers & trees are carrying on doing their thing, sun comes up sun goes down. Apart from us humans, life is just going on as usual. I looked at a big ol' tree near me & thought "what highs & lows has that tree lived through? What changes has it witnessed? But it still stands there, unaffected by this & any previous occurrences....

  • Trump suggested some days ago, “we can sanitise/sterilise some face masks and reuse them.” A week later companies/businesses in some States, were cleaning 40,000 per day, many thousands of the “suitable face masks” will soon be recycled (80,000 masks per day) and getting them back into circulation. Every state will be doing this in weeks. Seems strange these days that we should have to think about recycling. I wonder how many masks will now be recycled in the world?

    Spring 2021 we will enter the city, to pick a “white bike” from one of the public transport bays. Hire a recycled face mask and go about our journey. “progress”

    If we consider the usefulness “creativeness” of folk in the private sector, speed and availability, ingeniousness of reverse engineering or applying their businesses core skills and industrial innovations. We are capable of great things and if we apply it. Think of the future we can 3D print. Technology has come along way, since we last came togetherish and fought something as a world.

    Shame I’ve run out of milk. :D

  • No one got out to say. :D
    UHT milk.... is that the milk of the future? Took the last litre Of UHT out of my stores. Tea now tastes like site tea. ;) how many days until it’s custard on my cereals I wonder. I hobbled over the road to buy half dozen eggs £1.40 from my neighbour. None left by the time I could walk the 50yrds . I’m trying my best to give my knee a rest. It’s just not happy. I’m wearing a knee brace but that makes me abuse my knees rest time. Hope your all coupling. Any of you run out of or running out and wished you had enjoyed shopping more?

    What you run out of then? Here’s mine. Milk and eggs. Wish I had picked up or ordered a 1/2 ton of coal too. I had thought about it, it would be revolutionary to burn coal “while it’s still leagal” but probably the worst time to pollute the local environment. Some of the locals may have agrivate lungs. I’ve got a weeks work of firewood left.

  • Not run out of anything yet, was touch & go for baked beans but managed to grab some t'other day. Managing to get milk OK but the local Asian garage/store has put it up now...

    Had to bite the bullet tonight & put the heating on for an hour, only set to 16deg tho.

    Keeping busy breaking a few pallets down into boards so Jenn & me can make some raised beds & boxes to grow a bit of veg. Apart from my daily walk round the cemetery, not much going on here. Managed a short trip up to check on ma & pa yesterday, so checked the bus too as its parked at the farm.

    Hope you manage to source some eggs buddy, take it easy with the knee....

  • I guess we are fortunate in having a few big stores quite close. A little local one that charges on a par with Waitrose, but for low-quality stuff, alas. (I try to only use this place for emergencies).

    Then we have Aldi only a couple of km away, and Waitrose in a slightly different direction, but same distance. Alongside Waitrose lurks Asda, but I don't do Asda often; their prices are about the same as Sainsburys, but for poorer quality stuff. Owned by Walmart, they generally pay their staff the lowest wages they can get away with (I have a neighbour who works there).

    So what we can't get at one place we get at another, and generally don't run out of much for long.

    Milk and eggs were about the only things we got low on, and curiously, wholemeal flour. Why the human locusts cleared the shelves of wholemeal flour I don't really know; half of them couldn't bake a loaf if they tried.:shrug:

    Been breaking a few pallets myself, Bigbear, the last few days. The O/H wants a garden box to put some of her garden stuff in when she's not using it. Pallets are pretty well ideal for this. I always screw 'em together, so they can be easily dismantled if she ever changes her mind....:whistle::)

  • Apart from my daily walk round the cemetery, not much going on here.

    Jesus is it that bad. lol

    sorry couldnt resist .

    Very low on sudso (washing up liquid)

    just enough milk for a week,

    no eggs,

    no bread,

    used the last ring pull baked beans, and the can opener has finally decided to be knackerd.

    But have a bug bag of porrige, a big bag of tatyees, a few tins of beans some dry hard cheese, that i melt into the jacket tates, so yeah not to bad really,

    I still can eek out for two weeks max, easy.