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  • [panic] In the past when I have been given a different prescription drug, sometimes, I've experienced a very mild panic attack and straight away stopped taking said drug. Recently I've been trying to help someone experiencing, to me, real bad panics and its hard work trying to calm them down and peel them from the ceiling! Last night I was up until they fell asleep at 3a.m. after almost 12 hours of phone calls and skyping.

    Have any of you had drug related 'panic attacks' related to either prescribed, or illegal, drugs and how did they affect you?

  • Not drug related but sometimes if I get anxious I occupy my mind with subtracting in sevens (but any number will do as long as it makes your brain work). So I start at 100, 93, 86, 70, 72... etc in my head. (I saw this on The Mentalist and it works - it's harder to panic if you're doing mental arithmetic). Any mental arithmetic will do, times tables, long division, long multiplication - as long as it is taxing.

    Lavender Oil is good and calming, exercise is good, stroking a dog (or cat, but sometimes they scratch you) is good.

    With prescription drugs sometimes in my experience (I am not a doctor) you just have to tough it out until the side effects subside. You have to decide whether or not it's worth it.

    Sorry about your friend I hope s/he is okay now and well done you for hanging in there.

  • A relative of ours used to get panic attacks sometimes while taking prescribed drugs for a heart condition (Angina). It was months before the two were related and the drugs changed. The new batch made him feel more tired, or so he reckoned, but the panic attacks stopped.

  • It's not really clear from your post what drugs might be affecting your friend.

    Sounds like you have the info and experience to deal with the situation.

    People are individually sensitive to all sorts of drugs both prescribed and illicit.

    Most Illicit drug users usually get the hang of what they can and can't handle through experimentation imo. Though everyone trangresses now and then.

    Your friend did fall asleep which is a huge plus which I can't underline enough but 12 hrs of heightened anxiety is risky.

    I've had a bit of a breakdown or two and many anxious states in the more distant past. If your friend becomes suicidal then some immediate state intervention will be available. Other than that its a matter of trying the GP and doing some online research. Your friend would have to be open about their interpretation of reality though to get help.

    Sometimes panic attacks have a more physical manifestion rather than mental. So if your friend feels like they are having a heart attack then immediate medical attention and reassurance could be sought.

    Not much help but I didn't really understand the question.

  • Panic attacks, have seen folk go through a few and have experienced a bit of it but that was self inflicted for going a bit beyond having fun but not dangerously so. As Zendaze says, most folk know their limits. Anyway, strong weed can do that to me which is why I dont smoke weed, solid is fine. With weed, it's a similar thing to panic attack and you can go into a panic attack from the feeling of too much in one go, the best thing I find that works best for me when it has happened is an old fashioned remedy for panic attack, a reasonable sized paper bag, make a funnel of the opening in your fist and clamp that over your mouth, and do the breath in breath out puffing the bag up on blow out and breathing the same air in for as long as it takes, but sit down and have your head between the knees. Also a good quality CBD oil is great for slowing a panic attack down, again, not everyone is reactive to it but generally it will calm someone down but the good thing is with CBD there is no side effects. Avoiding what triggers panic attacks is a big help, which is why I dont smoke weed, well I do a bit but, it has to be over 6 to 12 months old from being cut, thats when weed should be smoked, smoking it fresh after a couple of weeks drying isnt good for you. If your freind is smoking fresh commercial weed without maturing it for several months, this will certainly bring on mild to severe panic attacks especially if there is underlying issues in their life.

    Also, this is a personal thing as a party elder on the scene with much interest in party stuff, a very good remedy to have in the medical kit incase someone has gone overboard or hits panic is ketamine, if someone is panicking, a bump of ketamine will completely stop it for them in less than 2 minutes, even if someone hasnt done drugs and it is a general panic attack, a bump of ketamine will end it striaght off and relax them straight off. In America, they now have panic attack clinics where folk can go for treatment to have a dose of ketmaine for these and seizures for shock etc, science around the world is doing a lot of work with ketamine for treating shock from a traumas as well as panic attacks. It really does work. If someone goes into a bad trip after doing acid,
    ketamine will bring calm them right down out of it. it's better than hugging or restraining someone for 6 - 12 hours while it wears off.

  • I remember a local gig once when a mate had some acid and spent the WHOLE gig in the toilets, I know they say never drop it on your own unless you're used to it but that was a bit ridiculous!

    Another mate was at the bike show we used to put on when he overdid something and thought the HA there were after him. He was taken home but kept phoning us at the show because he was certain HA were outside his house ready to break in and get him.

    Drug use was rife around town in the early 90's when an awful lot of 'mates' got into the real hard scene going on so when my daughter was born in '96 I left the city to reclaim a much more peaceful, healthy, village life

    I've been around a lot of this type of 'panics' in the past. Even once when something was put into a 13 year olds drink without them knowing and I just had to hold them for hours until the effect wore off - I could seriously 'smack' people who drop stuff into drinks of people on a night out who only want a drink with mates and nothing else!

    Certain Valium/diazepam type drugs given to me on script have never agreed with me, either as a very young teen after major surgery or more recently in my dotage!

    The panic attack the other night was unrelated to drug use.

  • Psychiatric medicine in the UK avoids the use of benzodiazepines wherever possible and will instead try promethazine hcl. Gps are not generally up to speed on this.

    It is not licensed to be prescribed in the UK for anxiety and agitation. It is an over the counter antihistamine that is available for allergies, motion sickness and short term treatment of insomnia.

    Phenergan (promethazine hcl) has been around for many years and has the anecdotal record of being used to sedate children/toddlers when parents reach the end of their tether.

    Ketamine sounds much more effective but unless your friend is being treated by a paramedic or an anaethatist it's probably quite difficult to aquire.

  • A panic attack is a panic attack. Benzo's and Valium will help loads and as you say though doesnt suit everyone, but what has been clinically found,

    Ketamine is the one for trauma shocks and panic attacks. It is one of the best calmers around and it's nowhere near as harmful in medical doses as Benzo's etc and it isnt addictive like valium, folk who do valium regularly, it takes a very long time to wean off them.

    Anyways, back to what I mentioned about the paper bag job, that is really effective, to add, put some calming music on, like meditational music, low light levels, candles rather than bright leccy lights, head held low and breath in and out in deep breaths will really settle it after a bit, if they do that for minutes on end it will help if they havent acess to anyhting chemically to settle them, also having someone there helps as well, if someone is on their own with a panic attack going on, that doesnt help as the mind can run riot makng it worse. good on you sitting up till thye were more settled.

  • Oh yes that powerful hydro weed full of chemicals will send me into a bout of fear and panic like you Wiz, organic weed and nice hash has the opposite effect. It's quite hard to stop the fear once it starts and controlled breathing helps but mostly you just have to ride it out.

  • Oh yes that powerful hydro weed full of chemicals will send me into a bout of fear and panic like you Wiz, organic weed and nice hash has the opposite effect. It's quite hard to stop the fear once it starts and controlled breathing helps but mostly you just have to ride it out.

    A lot of the inital panic fear feeling in the hydro weed is down to it being too fresh when folk smoke it. As it goes, if you stash some in an airtight bag and in a container and seal it up and store it in a dark cool place for anything over 6 months then you will find the terpine compounds and the many other compunds mellow and change to what will become what it should be. I got a bit like that which has been stashed for over 8 months, and now with a littkle sprinkle, I get that old skool happy giggly head high which is what I look for. when done like this it mellows like a decent mature cheddar, but folk dont do that, they go and score and smoke it too fresh and after a couple weeks of the initial dry and when it is like that it is still not propely dry. good hash should be stashed for a few months after being made as well as there is compound changes go on that make for a much better smoke into what it should be, fresh made solid can bring on a panicky thing as well. Let it mellow for a good while and you will have a different thing, it's same as wine and whiskey really.