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  • Its just a thought but are we on the cusp of a differant wat of treating and vaccinating humans and possibly animals if there endangered.

    Are we going to go down a past root of utter cleanliness the smell of disenfectant everywhere scrubbing the front door step every week, or are we going to say sod it and either live or die.

    Will we vaccinate more and need complex antibiotics more, will rocots do unsavory jobs like keep drains clean, and clean streets, toilets, etc.

    Do we need this virus to dare i say it reduce the human footprint on this earth, or will a person on computor high up in power play god to see who lives and who dies.

    Lastly could the human race be genitically modified to have a super tough immune system that would fight off ebola, aids and many other viruses, will that maybe be a must one day for the survival of the human species, or maybe we may evolve in that way.

  • Yes we are overpopulated now, but in the future could we be underpopulated? and facing extinction?

    Maybe the fallout will be a darwinian race of people with tough immune systems while others die, or maybe so many people will die if diseases and viruses mutate that we suddenly reach a point where again if you have money your kids are created from you and your partners dna, but with tougher dna that found to resist and fight off tougher ailments.

    Maybe that cheaper than relying on hospitals to treat you, ie you could live in any condition and everything trying to kill you or make your body ill be it virus, bacteria, cancer, no sign of dying.

    In fact "natural causes would be the only way, sucide, heart attacks, or just worn out.

    Maybe in the future world ie the direct future of say ten years we will be more rational on death accept it for what it is accepting maybe shorter lifepans, and not blaming hospitals for our demise.

  • There would be no logical thought behind creating humans with any kind of immune system that killed off all viruses. Because if you think about it, that means humans would increase in vast numbers without any form of disease to keep down their numbers, so very shortly they would run out of resources, just like they are doing now, even without super immune systems.

    The human race through one cause or another will eventually die out. It may happen slowly, it could happen as a result of a cataclysm, man-made or natural. A comet strike, or sudden extensive volcanic activity, could result in a dead and frozen world within a few years of the event happening. This has happened before, to other species here which came before us, so it is nothing new.

    We are all subject to a chaotic universe. We are just like day insects breeding and basking on a wall in the warm sunshine, unaware of the as yet far-off but approaching freezing night.

  • I am not saying it shouldnt happen but it may happen, its in our nature to survive and thrive, so its either going to be the rich who vaccinate and gm clone there kids with modified immune systems maybe known as mods,

    or maybe as a species we get so few in number we have to evolve as a species be it natural selection or given a push of artificial selection or gm selection.

    So kids born maybe in say ten years time parents may think i want to have a kid with a harcore immune system, and we our generations may die out quickly leaving just the mods left

    Who knows they may have better rules of sustainability, turning there backs on us and our values.

    or they may become a tough hard race/species,

    I mean if we as a species could survive in the cold and wet and mental hot sun would we need homes heating air con,, ,clothes? consumerism, maybe we could live nomadic eating lets say plants to survive all year around, i mean would it not make sense to hibernate when there was no food in the winters

  • I can't speak for everyone but I reckon making a gaurenteed instantaneous and painless way to take one's own life should be included in the mix.

    Surviving and striving in the face of insurmountable and uber shitty odds just isn't everyone's cup of tea.

    And no Gee... Humans are unlikely to die out anytime soon. The species has so far demonstrated dominance of nature and anything mother earth might throw at it.

    It's kinda cool to have the discussion but if robots are going to do all the poor jobs then I've no idea what you would propose all those poorly paid people should do to live an enjoyable life?

    If you were proposing an engineered virus that would cause the statistically and historically privelidged to end the war on health that is capitalism, and suddenly convert to an ecosocialist model of existence, then I might be on board.

    Its war mate. Its evil. Its nasty and it is shitty but there ain't no poor people creating policies and laws that fuck up the rich!

  • I think future generations will look back in envy at the freedom right from i guess really my parents generation to ours had you could live a great life with little consequences. relatively good health, fun laughs, and freedom for many not all in the uk.

    Flip to future generations, you dare not speak to any strangers, you dare not touch anyone for fear of being arrested even if you deemed as a teenager or young adult as a consentual touch, you dare not even breathe the same air now for fear of catching a virus or giving someone a virus.

    Again the mind was wandering maybe future generations may be even harder to each other, maybe even a mod superior gm "race" may look down on older generations and old may be say a 20 or 30 year old in 10 years time as older people like me might be ill our dying out.

    I just hope theres a tiny thread of humanity or goodness to each other but i aint so sure, out of extintion or threat to a comunity or way of life somtimes the survival instinct kicks in.

  • It was not really so free though Gee.... I like where you are coming from but priorities were different. Information awareness was different and, as always, parents were in some ways confined and conflicted by the parenting they recieved.

    Are you gonna have children. I've avoided it as far as I know. And I won't be having any and I don't want any.

    I had a relatively free childhood and I'm still an anxious depressive (so THEY say). I wouldn't wish attempting to survive and thrive on anyone but some people are convinced they have genes that make spawning OK for them.

    Others get unlucky and spawn unintentionally and make the most of it.

    Others spawn because they want unconditional love.

    Others spawn because they have material wealth and can do whatever they fucking well please fuck you very much.

    As long as all these people are spawning because that is human nature then LIFE continues.

    Cant argue with them Gee... Just have to make the choice that suits you and share your opinions of how fucking miserable existence can be. =O

  • from about 25 i always wanted kids, as i got older i wasnt so sure. who knows,

    as childhoods go mine was relatively free cycling everywhere, walking everywhere going and seeing mates a half a mile away with no bother,

    though mum was quite strict on timekeeping and a little paranoid because of adverts about not talking to strangers, as we all where.

    No internet no phones just get home when asked or you got told off or say where you where going.

    as i got older a car brought freedom and i guess more trouble as well, but i look back on mine right back to our parents generation (who helped our freedom) going out going clubbing everyone shaking hands, no real problems in towns or clubs just the occasional fights.

    Flirting with women, chatting to woman getting chatted up by women.

    We had the best times.

    I recon society will become more insular more nationalistic and regional or local but the weird thing is the internet will be still the only open place to be with no checks