Is anyone at The Drove?

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  • I wouldnt have a clue, havent been on the drove for a long while, probably been 5 years since Ilast stopped there while passing through rather than for a turning point of the sun's transition, got too touristy. I thought it was always closed off now apart from Equinox and Solstice. Is the only way onto the drove round by the new heritage center when they open it up for solstice etc or can you still get onto it at the top end of the short bumpy part of the drove that runs by the stones or can you still drive up form the far end on the army camp end.

  • The Drove is still open at both ends, but EH have taken to closing it at certain times - that is the subject of a thread of its own.

    I just like to park there, I like the vibe, the subtrees, there is lots of good walking for my dog.

    Coaches run continuously back and forth from the visitor centre to the stones, very few people walk. Security guards patrol the stones 24 / 7 - don't want any fucking hippies getting in for free do they (I could go on a rant here but won't).

    Besides the people who want to "do" Stonehenge it is a magical spot and one where it would be quite nice to sit out the virus. But then again I'm in Brighton just now, there's a good van dwelling culture here and I'm getting to know other van people.

  • They'll shut the site soon if corona has it's way. That many people being bussed in and out will be a health hazard.

    Mind it's soothing being parked up and watching the 'tourists'. It's just like counting sheep.

  • My nicest times I've had at the drove in post free festival days is when no one else is there. Cant be doing with all the theatrics that happens there at Solstice these days. Druidic decorated stick shaking isnt my bag and circle chanting while staring at the sky with some kind of false hope that some great event or ethereal being will drop down from above is all a bit too yoghurt weavery for my liking. Everyone has different takes on it. But yes, if one is well stocked, an empty drove will be a good place to sit it out. I dont suppose there is a tap where the old visitor center used to be.