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  • I hurt more than usual. I sorry of slipped / slithered over a couple of weeks ago. It was a muddy slope and I just lost traction and landed on my side. I didn't think much of it at the time but now it hurts so bad my regular pain meds won't touch it, have added ibuprofen gel, hot water bottles, Tiger Balm, tried stretching but too painful. Ahhhh, poor me. That's it, I'm not expecting anyone to do anything, I just thought I'd have a moan :D As you were.

  • Thank you BigBear, yes the flowers helped. I have been to Mike Way he practices in various locations around the country (not expensive). I recommend. It's hard to describe him, but if I said non-mainstream, alternative, different that would give a flavour. Going to him was a good experience, and one I intend to repeat in the very near future. Being in pain all the time is awful, the stress chemicals are bad for you, it's tiring, and it's very wearing when you know if you want say a cup of tea, it's going to hurt, make something to eat, it's going to hurt, tidy up, it's going to hurt and so on. Anyway, warmer weather on the way. Also I am reading and learning from Joe Dispenza who IMO stands out from the charlatans. He has videos on Gaia and books too. I won't give you flowers but am sending this Profession, service, welder, welding, work icon because you said you like metalwork.

  • Am so sorry to hear that you are suffering and I hope that it is gone very soon.

    I can not offer much in the way of doctors advice,but as a n ex part time expert in pharmaceuticals I would say that a nice bit of pure mdma is great for taking the mind away from any painful situations for a while. When I was going through serious tooth ache in the nineties,this was the best thing that worked for me !!!!!!!!

    There are side effects however in that you may well end up dancing all night :reddevil:

  • Back in the day we used to get some really good E, proper dance-all-night E. It was brilliant. I find the stuff you get these days not a patch on that old stuff. But perhaps it's because I take Tramadol all the time and it counteracts the Molly?

    Yep back in the day was goooooood, but I can confirm it is still about, yep there is a lot of adulterated false shit about but who you know and trust your sources and test your gear is always key.
    The all nighter psytrance do I was at on Saturday was a banger and one 100% Ferrai pill took me beyond the heavens and back, time to get on the pottasium, magnesium and 5 HTP to combat the after effects. some folk cant do 5 HTP but of you can, its amazing, never ever ever take it before or during being off your chump, always wait 24 hours then do 1 x 5 HTP after the evening meal for 2-3 days running and you dont get the crash as it replenishes your seratonin far quicker than anything else to avoid crash day, avoid the version of 5 HTP that has valerian in it as well, that can bring on some nightmare dreams.

  • Hopefully since this pain didn’t come on “so strong” the moment when you slipped. You could just be suffering from remedial/inflammation pain, and therefore it should be much easier/quicker to recover from.
    As we get older it often takes longer for the body to repair and knowing when to rest and/or exercise injuries is a learning curve.

    Tramadol hydrochloride is a synthetic opioid and can be a very effective painkiller.although in my opinion, a dirty painkiller. In that it can have adverse effects (side effects) on many individuals... (Tramadol nightmares) Hopefully your symptoms will reduce soon and you will be well onto recovery.

    I’ve learnt that pain management is unique to the individual and the injuries/condition. Avoiding peaks and troughs in both medicinal control and physical manipulation can be key to prolonged welbeing.

  • Than you RT, yes, in the early days I had Tramadol nightmares but not now. I am working towards meditation and transcendental inner healing as my aim is to get off painkillers completely. I do seem to get on well with it, and it helps with the agoraphobia and social awkwardness too.

    Those early nightmares were bad. At that time I had a Dobermann called Missy who used to sleep on the bed with me. She would get off the bed and go and sleep on hers when the nightmares were on.

    The pain is reducing somewhat now. I was just surprised at how much it hurt for such an insignificant slip, the ground was sloping so I didn't even fall from full height, maybe I landed on a stone where my hip and thigh hit the ground. Anyway, I am on the mend, thank you.

  • I have had lower back pain for decades , long story but basically construction in the 80's was not all about spinal care. Nowadays getting socks on/off or wiping my own arse present risk in that twisting or bending too quickly or 'the wrong way' can bring on that 'oh fuck it hurts and I cant move' feeling.

    I think my point here is that you dont even need to fall , never mind fall hard if there in an underlying problems.

  • Sorry to hear this Shroom, back pain is so debilitating.

    The discs in my back and other places are disintegrating, some have gone completely. I had a stenosis in my spine too which was pressing on my nerves. I had surgery in 2011 which helped the pain quite a bit. I had a sitting-down-all-day job, the worst thing you can do for your back (apart from lifting heavy stuff obviously) it made it worse.

    Now I just have to be careful where / how I sit and for how long. The cinema is completely out, no, no can't sit in those seats. Most cafes, restaurants are a no. Modern cars with their low-down lie-back seats, no, not at all - will be in bed all the next day.

    Stretching helps, hot water bottles and physio too. Tramadol makes the difference between having a reasonable quality of life and and having to stay home and lie down all the time.

    Luckily my seat in my truck is a sit up straight one and as long as I have regular breaks so I can lie down I can travel so that's brilliant.

    As I say, I am planning to fix me by means of transcendental meditation. It will take some time but eventually will be off painkillers completely.