EE phone contract renewal, deeeeeels, I win

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  • Upon realising it was phone contract renewal after getting phone calls, I decided to price check them. I was getting phone calls from the various authorised official EE subsiduries rather than EE itself. These firms cold call contract holders to get you to renew with them. EE themselves don't seem to get in touch when it's renewal. So after getting some package prices for the way I wanted to go which was a sim only contract this time, I was getting getting quoted £28 sim only unlimited calls and texts and no data for a key pad phone, I haven't got nor do I want an internet phone so was after a data free contract as would have no use for it.

    With this info, I had every intention of ringing 150 the EE line this time as I admit the last time it was renewed 2 years ago I got caught out a bit as I didn't realise it was a third party operating on behalf of EE and they are more expensive, so I get on the phone to see what EE direct could do, told them my requirements, sim only, no internet data, told them what I had been quoted by theior authorised third parties I asked if there was a fair usage cap on what they call unlimited and no there isn't, guy comes back on phone and tells me sim only, no data, unlimited calls and texts, £7 a month, whoop whoop, happy me indeed. that's better than £28 for the same thing elsewhere. Goes to show how much extra they charge if you take a new phone as part of a contract renewal.

    While I was on the phone I asked wether the EE mini wi fi contract was up for renewal and yes that was due as well, This is for my lap top so renewed that, and got a much better deal, this time I now have a whopping 50 GB per month for £28.