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  • Thanks guys. I'm fed up of being complicated. I was parked near other traveller caravan as it was kind of OK there. Still, I can see vans are much better if doing like this but didn't have funds. It's not the locals and covid as I was the only person getting that attention in 3 towns. That was when I was parked more solitary but not alone. I could convince you this is something else but I don't want the energy here even more so. That's enough.

    Here's an ironic positive note. The M.E. and chemical sensitivity has majorly decreased from 24 hour oxygen and an hour sat with my back to a tree every day. So much so, it'll be gone in 3-4 weeks going on previous healing experience. A psychic once told things would sort out when I go on the road. I kind of held onto it and now the proofs in the pudding. Allergies are so much less. Life's strange.

    Thank you for being big x