Homeless People's Belongings

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  • This makes me so angry - Police and Councils taking rough sleepers' sleeping bags and tents.

    That is called stealing, if I steal someone's property I would rightly expect to be punished yet the authorities steal with impunity.

    I know of at least one man for sure who died in Burton on Trent because his bag had been stolen by police.

    This reported again this morning, in Cardiff, by the Guardian.

  • Common practice in the States, the land of the free.

    And you can get a lot worse than your sleeping bag taken away. Folks living in tent cities can get their tents slashed and wrecked and taken away, their vehicles impounded (if they've got vehicles), and left in their nightclothes with no shelter. Churches in some areas have been stopped from having soup kitchens and food banks....

    Coming soon, to some place near you, if Johnson lets in Trump & Co over here to run the country.

  • This has been going on for a while and is completely against any semblances of decency and respect towards humanity. I can only assume it's their effort to disperse homeless folk. Those on the streets are completely defenceless against this despicable act and what's worse, the council workers who go in and do this, heartless fuckers, how could any one even think it's ok.

  • I have been homeless, a few times, lived in a couple of squats - yes maybe that's why I have empathy. I got out. But it's much easier now to fall into homelessness IMO, harder to rent, you have to have a huge deposit, references, bank account, job. I count myself lucky and happy as anything to live the way I do.

    Two paydays to homelessness

    Interesting that people who live in houses who might look down on van dwellers are potentially two pay cheques away from homelessness themselves.

  • I know several who are that close to being kicked out of their flats and houses. Even one or two who are buying their properties, lost their job, and took on a poorly-paid one.

    Yes, they are working, usually at some awful zero-hour-contract job where they are never sure how much they are going to earn - or not earn - from one week to the next. No sense of security at all, just the prospect of having a few lean weeks - 2 or 3 days work instead of 5 or 6 - to tip them into homelessness.

    I know one family who had to sell up at a great loss to a smiling houses-of-multiple-occupation landlord, and now live in a caravan site for ten months of the year, and the other two months have to sleep at relatives' places. Yes, they both have zero-hour-contract jobs....

  • Yep, and nowadays if you get long term sick, major injury, employers will maybe pay you two weeks sick pay then either not pay or sack you completely.

    Homeless people aren't naughty or lazy or stupid, it only takes an accident or other event that lasts you low for a while. Everyone should realise that when they are being rude about homeless people and looking down on them.