Sale of coal and wet wood for woodburners, to end

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  • Owners of wood burners, stoves and open fires will no longer be able to buy coal or wet wood to burn in them, under a ban to be rolled out from next year.

    Sales of the two most polluting fuels will be phased out in England to help cut air pollution, the government says.

    Bags of logs sold in DIY stores, garden centres and petrol stations often contain wet wood - a type of wood which produces more pollution and smoke.

    The public should move to "cleaner alternatives", the government says.

    Plans for the ban were first announced 18 months ago, but the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has now confirmed it is going ahead.

    The government said wood burning stoves and coal fires are the largest source of PM2.5, small particles of air pollution which find their way into the body's lungs and blood.

  • When are they going to stop fucking us all over & hit the real problem, businesses that just don't give a fuck about the air quality. All they care about is the money & it's time they were held to book too. Wouldn't seem so bad getting fucked over if it applied to everyone else too not just the already struggling man in the street.

  • Easier to hit us, we haven't got loads of money with which to lobby ministers, pay bribes, mount campaigns like big business has.

    Makes me sick, it's all fucking lip service to preventing climate change. I know a black cab driver (the cab is black, not him). Black cabs are evil smoky things, they puff out huge quantities of sooty stinky smoke (I know this, I cycled to work in London for many many years). I was talking to him about diesel cars and he laughed and said black cabs had 10 (TEN) years to change to electric / hybrid, whatever. So I have to pay £100 if I take my truck into the LEZ (not that I want to) but they get TEN YEARS to change. Actually, it's less now, because that conversation was last year.

    Meanwhile, in other news... Boris flies to Mustique for his chrimbo break and David Attenborough and the other attendees fly to Scotland for a conference on, wait for it, climate change.

    You see, if you are rich, famous or connected, your emissions don't affect the environment. It's just us, it's all our fault.

  • I blame the ideal home crew. Those who have a woodburner fitted because it’s trendy. They have the perfect woodpile stacked either at the side of the chimney or outside in full view. It’s homesteading, it’s showing off. its hypocrisy. They might burn it a few nights in winter.

    The demand for woodburner installations has sparked concerns with Climate complainers, who see everyone else to be the offender, but don’t consider their own impact on the environmental, no matter how large or small.

    We (a tiny %) rely on logs to heat our homes, some of us to cook our food. I’m not BBQ’ing every weekend the suns out. I’m not jetting off around the world. I’m simply keeping warm. What are my alternatives? Burn red diesel, or bottled gas? Isn’t there issues with pollution there or is my pollution worse than theirs over the year.

    So now we need to store wood for a couple of years to dry or buy in kill dried logs! That’s fukkarsein cleaver. Use electricity/ gas to dry out logs that I’m going to buy to burn and pay VAT on.

    Fkme. if I have 30 years left. I’m going to need two mature ash trees each year. 60 mature ash trees. Might as well buy a wood and move into it. I wonder if planning regs will exempt me from planning control for residing in my own or any wood, simply because Im harvesting fuel to heat my home and keep me warm and healthy.

  • I have a few folk mention this when it fiorst started getting mentioned last year about wipoing out woodburner use in built up areas, Some folk think it is a direct hit for travellers and alternative livers, no it is not directed solely at us but it will affect us rather greatly. I do use smokless fuel in winte in my multi fuel stove, I havent the time to go harvesting my own wood and in a lot of cases it's about the same price as buying wood in. What I do know is for fact is that the emissions that comes out of my stack is a cleaner output with smokeless than it would be if burning wood, I read some papers where tests had been done on individual chimney emissions and smokeless won the day over other fules including briquettes, peat, air dred wood, Kiln dried wood came a close second the but the energy used to kiln dry wood is tremendous I think this is going to apply to houses in towns and cities more than anywhere else which is where they focus where they test for polliution. I do feel we a sin folk who dont live in houses and are tucked out the way and out of sight.

    But, of these fuels are to be phased out in towns and cities, it's going to hit the merchants so what will happen to the price on other allowable fuels they seel, yep, up it goes.

    Also I do find it a bit laughable them hoitting stves when as has been pointed out Black cabs, Ad lib personal car use, frivolous use of aeroplanes out of city areas is probably causing far worse. If there was an eventual blanket ban how would they police someone using a burner tucked away in a caravan or truck in rural areas, it would be another thing for the natives to grass someone up. I couldnt survive this life without a stove.

    As an aside and yet another thing to overcome thats a fecking chore, a bit of rainy day money saved up for emergencies which I've always seen as a sensible thing living this kind of life I aint the only one who'll have a few or more unaccounted for £20's, it got announced paper £20 notes are going plastic and phasing out paper ones, erm, better get spending, a lot of 80p chocolate bars are going to be paid for with a £20 :pp:D. underground traders thats all cash business, they are twitching and are not accepting customers who rock up with paper £20's for a score now. But all told, it's getting harder and harder. I am told that some high street stores like some coffee shops etc dont accept cash now, I never go into towns if I can help it but this push to cashless society is another nail in the coffin for autonomy as is if they do eventually blanket ban stoves and burners.

  • I’m all in favour of sustainable forestry to help offset C02 emissions. However, not all grown wood/trees is suitable for timber production or paper pulp. Burying wood isn’t economical, nor is letting trees decay on the forest floor as CO2 is slowly released. New cleaner woodburners may be the way forward.

    Most of us reside in smokeless zones, wouldnt these zone’s better suit inclusion of wood instead of banning sales of green wood nationwide.

  • Every positive has a negative. They made open fires unfashionable in every house, then landfills all filled up with household rubbish that had previously been burned. If you think wood fires are bad, take a look at the toxic carcinogenic shit that leaches out of a landfill! So now they're digging out landfills & taking it to incinerators to burn! Fuckin idiots the lot of em. No more idea than the man in the bastard moon.....