Give Peace a Chance

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  • Well news just in, 9 people murdered in Germany for being different ,by another radicalised nutter, will peace ever be given a chance?,we are all human, but can we ever live without conflict /hate ?and how would it be instumented?

  • There shall never be peace on earth I am afraid to say,and thats coming from a loved up optimist :-)

    We can do what we can do by setting good examples and letting people see the benefits of a peaceful existence of which there are many,but peace on earth will never be achieved due to so many reasons ranging from power,greed,psychological problems,nastiness,unthoughfulness,lack of respect etc etc the list sadly goes on.

    I find that its best to live in areas where peace already exists or at least is noticeable and radiate out from there.

    Realities are made from our every thought and action so it is important to get rid of the bad ones so that we not only create a great reality for ourselves,but also radiate at a level that will also help others learn.

    Every time you get angry or start swearing is just setting peace back a step or two,so it is important if one wants to make a more peaceful world to chose ones thoughts and reactions very carefully as there will always be knock on effects from this in both positive and negative directions.

    Once one understands serenity and peace it becomes easier to share it with others and through that we can help make a difference.

    In my humble opinion I think that peace on earth starts with oneself so we should concentrate more on making our own lives go in the correct direction and then we can help others do so with much more easily.

    As I said at the start,we will never know peace on earth but I certainly will never stop spreading the love and light vibe and trying to do my bit. :flowerpower:

  • Totally agree with your sentiments, IC, especially that it is possible to be at peace with yourself, and that this, as you say, should perhaps come first. One can then try to spread it to others.

    As to why it is unlikely that there will ever be peace on Earth, that is somewhat interesting.

    And does it only stop at human beings? None among us have ever seen a peaceful animal kingdom in existence here, nor are ever likely to. Whether it be on the ground, in the sea, or in the air, there is constant conflict, one species constantly preying upon another. If we study the facts, we find that even in the plant kingdom, species are constantly struggling against each other for room, for nutrients, for land. Even under the ground, amongst the very roots, there is constant warfare for resources.

    As a matter of personal philosophy, I do not think we come here for a peaceful existence, although many of us are drawn to that. We come here to learn. And the Earth is a hard school, and the lessons are never learnt easily. But perhaps they can be learned more quickly than in a very peaceful environment, and that perhaps is why we come....:reddevil:

  • Peace on Earth, mmm yes good one. Overall there never has been and I honestly feel there never will be. The only way I find peace on earth is to engineer my own personal life to attain that. I need regular daily peace in my life. I feel blessed to be able to have acheived that for the most part. It does mean having withdrawn from the main stream of which the alternative has provided.

    I'm totally with I.C on this one, find your place or places of peace and radiate out from there. I actively avoid places and people where my inner peace gets ruffled or shattered and over time you can learn to keep your inner peace when all around you is mayhem. I always strive to maintain my level of equilibriam and live by example.

    Take this morning, I'v e got to drive out and go do a food shop for the next fortnight, I will be taking the country lane drive to as near as I can get before I join a short stretch of dual carriage way rather than take the shorter journey where I will have to fight for a space to pull out from a busy junction for anyhting up to 15 minutes and then have to drive amongst the crazies who are doing their daily race to work while stressing they are going to be late while slurping their coffee and eating toast and putting make up on at the wheel, yes I do see that. It is a longer drive round and uses a bit more fuel but it's more peaceful.

    And on another sode of things, when you see a new moon, or other things where you find yourself making a wish, I always wish for peace and love on Earth. Putting out intentions to the world involves radiating out your own inner energy, much like the Buddhist monks.

    Here is a nice story to end, last year at Noisily festivla which is about the bestest festival in the UK, Late one night while it was all in full swing I was off my chump in a rather psychedelic state and feel properly connected with earth's and other peoples energioes as you do, I was having a wander around and I had a box of Nag Champa incence sticks and I had one lit and was lettiong it waft about, that was drawing folk die to the lush smell it gives off, as I got to the firthest point away form the psy trance stage there was a few very prettilly lit stalls with people buzzing about an there was a few instalment sculptury things with one that had bench seat around it and there was a girl sat there in her own, crossed legged on the bench looking all peaceful and serene and tree elf like, so I walked up to her and put my hands together and nodded my head in the Buddhist type greeting so as not to invade her space, she looked up but didnt say anything, I knew what my intention was before I got there, nothing more than doing something beautiful for another human being, In silence I pulled out a Nag Champa stick and lit it then gently handed it to her which she took, then her face lit up and I said something along the lines of take this and think on your intentions and your dreams and send them out into the world, she looked at me then all but burst into tears, oh heck what have I done I thought, but, she then gently said to me something along the lines of " you do not know how much this means at this point in my life"
    It was obvious then that the sentiment I just passed on was a very timely for her, How the universe can provide what we may need at any given point however small and afterwards it seemed she needed a blast of human positive energy and love so we shared huge smiles and a huge hug with very little said and I went on my way humming inside like a good un. I do like wafting into someones life if their energy is welcoming even very breifly and sharing moments like this. Human interaction on a higher level like this is sadly lacking and I do try my best to rectify that.

  • Oh man yeah if only we could all carry on the festival vibe after we leave those festy barriers, my first festy was at Nostel priory nr Wakefield in the early 80s and ever since I have tried to live my life with a festival feeling