Recent flooding.

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  • Whilst I do feel it for people that are getting flooded out the one thing I cannot get out of my head is the latest floods and the reports form places like Upton on Severn and Ironbridge and it is this, if someone has plenty of dough to splash on a twee exclusive riverside house which is like 5 feet from a major waterway, what do they expect. At any time in any winter there is bound to be enough rain to burst a rivers banks resulting in properties getting flooded out. Over the last 50 years+, building and development along these major waterways has increased exponentially with scant regard to the fact that at any point in the future there will be excessive rainfall, it's happened in the past and will happen again as we are seeing. Granted, it must be distressing to see ones home 8 foot under water but they willingly bought the place. The last thing I would do is build or buy a permanent dwelling right in the firing line of a major waterway. There is a major woe poor me thing going on and these people are firing off at the government demanding help, erm, no one forced these people to buy these places and when these places were built and it seems little regard was paid to potential flooding.

  • Developers should never be allowed to build on flood plains. Lot of it round Selby area, built because "it only floods once every 30 yrs"

    Anyone with any sense should run a mile, but as you say these people want to live in these nice houses by the river. Mortgage companies are also wrong to grant people mortgages to buy these properties, if people werent able to buy them maybe these greedy developers wouldnt build them....

  • This is whats a huge positive about the traveller lifestyle in that when the weather is coming in,we can move to a safer spot.

    I have seen people spend big money on properties on the side of rivers in France,yet if they looked at the signs around them and did a bit of research they would find out that they are on the side of a river that floods.

    The fact that there are quite a few properties for sale and a few ruins on a riverside in a beautiful area where there is good salmon fishing and a lovely river port with beautiful old boats parked up should be plenty to warn people of what happens there.

    Whereas I do feel sorry for anyone who suffers because of the floods in cases like that,I cant help but think " well you chose to live there " !!!!

    Most definately not just the fault of the individual every time though,often money that could of been used for defences has been spelt elsewhere by the politicians and people have been allowed to put down too much cement and concrete that meaning that there is less ground to soak up the water.

    I hope that none of you on here have been affected and all your friends and families are dry and well xx

  • Lets not forget all the boaters and miscellaneous ditch gypsys out there , the Kennet and Avon is in a bad way at the moment , times like these and the 'controlled water level' becomes a thing of fantasy.

    Boats are getting stuck at jaunty angles and many are stranded , I saw a pic of one boat near to a lock with water coming over the gates , and at 3 am Saturday a friend texted me saying something had just landed on her boat , I was expecting tree but culprit was a lump of masonry from nearby bridge.

  • If hindsight was a thing, Worcester, Upton on Severn etc should never have been built where they are. I think it always has been based on something like a one in a hundred year occurence so I suppose town planners and developers thought they were safe, how wrong they are.

    As we know, climate changes naturally over millenia and we are seeing changes now and it is a widely known fact that weather pattern change and the severity is going to be causing weather refugee's including this country. These people whi do live in flood areas and who are now going to be getting this happen 2-3 times a year as it has been happening are not going to be able to carry on living where they are as the insurance companiees are not going to keep paying

    out and not many folk will not be able to afford to keep paying for the aftermath out of their own pocket year in year out and they wont be able to sell these properties now as flood risk is probably high on the potetial house buyers what to avoid list. and yes, people chose to live where they did.

    In the past when I was younger I made a couple of bad choices for a winter park up, especially when I was horse drawn but you learn to know what to avoid but you always have to option to move on which is a massive bonus.

    Whats been doing my head in is those folk woe poor me-ing and geting all het up about what they are seeing as a lack of governemnt help. Yes, ditching and dregding isnt done nowhere near to the degree it used to but with this level of rainfall flooding would still happen. I think the only way to stop these places getting hit every year is major water way diversion, imagine trying to redirect the river Severn, yeah right

  • As a cyclist I spend a lot of time checking the road surface, or non-surface as most are these days, so I notice stuff like drains and what I see is many are completely full up with mud. I know it wouldn't stop the floods but surely it would help as part of tree planting, dredging, levees, reservoirs etc?

    Of course central govt has cut funding to local authorities to the bone, so they just can't afford to do stuff like clearing out drains. And ministers don't care - they don't live on flood plains and even if they did get flooded they could go to their second home. (I'm feeling all anti-politician today, okay, more anti-politician).

  • Problems are still developers build on flood plains and either push water somewhere else or new sites are flooded.

    ditches and dredging doesnt happen as much as it should i mean even on reclaimed land was reliant on ditches, in holland the farmers used to have to clean there ditches or they got fined by the government and there below the sea level, granted there flat so less run off the hills but still there pretty organised.

    slow the flow does work but it holds water back and annoys people upstream.

    hard standings and drives still get put in with little or no planning.


    more soakaways holding tanks dare i say it reservoirs maybe sluce gates on moorlands high up to slow runoff ,

    plant trees on some slopes on poor moorland and fells this also should slow runoff.

    If we need more food land high up needs to be drained as drains are silting up as the low lying lands are just becoming flood plains, run off along the river course and in the towns would flood low lying farmland.

    it simple rivers need to be clean if they silt up the level rises its not rocket science and stop building on flood plains or just build bloody houses on stilts with piliing to bedrock.

    i think have a sytem of sluce gates and dams that can be raised or lowered to suit condtions and get rid of the water at the lower ends to the sea. simple