Pretty park up piccies please positive people

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  • I have always got loads of photo's to share from the lovely places that I park up when travelling around and I am sure that some of you do to. How about sharing your recent park up shots with us on this thread.

    Here are some from this weekends park up on the side of lac de st agnan in Burgundy. It has been one of my favourite stopovers in this region for many years and have never been challenged once in all the maybe one hundred times that I have stopped here.

    I-we look forward to seeing the nice places you park up or camp in.

    Love and light


  • Last nights and tonights park up on the side of lac de settons in the department of the nievre in Bourgogne ( Burgundy ). Many places to park near this lake including an official free aire de camping with loo's in season and a few campsites too. I have got a couple of favourite wild camping spots on the side of the lake which are much nicer. Its about a ten hour walk around it and in the summer there are a couple of bars open as well to break down the walk :-)


  • OOPS again. I know what I did wrong this time so hopefully that will be the last time you get both full sized piccies and the smaller ones. Sorry lovely people xxxx

  • A few from the van and close to the van from the last couple of weeks down in Languedoc


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    anything is possible,that my friends is a mathematical certainty ;-)

  • Not one of my most beautiful parkups outside a country garage for the last few days though I loved the look of the flying dragon on the back of the lovely red and shiny breakdown truck. I think they made a sweet couple :-)

    The universal joint exploded two of the four bearings off when I nipped to Albi on monday and I stopped when the shaking became a clunking and just stopped in time before the prop was about to fall out of the gearbox mounting !!

    I had a feeling that a breakdown was imminent so I called into see my mechanic to order a universal joint before driving slowly and carefully to Albi where I had to pick up materials for work,so acting on that feeling I asked my mechanic-friend if he had a contact in the business who could do a 3.5ton pick up and was not extortionate. He photo copied the card for me and I was armed and ready. I was a little over 40 miles away when it happened so it still was about 230 quid for the ride,then about 60 for the part and the fix. could of been worse,but at least I got to park up outside a quiet country garage for a few days with leccy and water and good company from the garage owner who also loves vanning it and rugby.

    All in all it was a nice park up and a nice few day holiday with lovely walks looking for mushrooms and collecting wood :-)



    The lesson that I try to share here is that every thorn has its rose :-)

  • Its funny really when you click on the 2nd picture,how small the ldv looks when next to the lovely Iveco !! Lovely truck though,anyone any idea on what that must of cost ? A pretty penny no doubt !!