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  • I need to get into the 21st cent.

    I tried before i bought an old i phone 7 and it lasted about 3 months, tried the bullet proof case everything, the case blocked the signal in a poor area then the screen cracked and it was flat all the time, so angrily i went back to an old nokia, its been the best.

    However i need to get better need to take photos at work, maybe pay for stuff or reiceive payment with my phone, have a cazillion apps to make work easier, google stuff i am maybe stuck with on a job. and buy products on the net.

    I ve looked at a caterpillar phone its nearly bomb proof and many good apps on it like heat camera measuring stuff etc, but i probo cant use pay option on it as the casing stops the wirless pay option working properly.

    I hate tech but i must move on,

    Looks i i need whats app, online banking, paypal, i pay or something, andriod, e bay, and the like. if i get a cat phone, and maybe quick books if i do a job i coud in theory get it in my bank before i get the tools back in the van.

    So basicly need tech advice to get me up and running, be they sodding i pads phones etc, time to move on to the next centuary,

    At moment i am like a very old man using pen and paper waiting for bank statements and buying stuff only with a phone number on the net or going shopping trawling stores and merchants wasting time.

    basicly maybe i should see a tech guru set everything up, i just worry of being hacked an money floating away somewhere.

  • I don't know anything about these caterpillar phones, but unless you are especially clumsy or regularly engage in vigorous activities with your phone then probably a rubber or plastic casing will do in terms of protection? Then wifi wouldn't be a problem.

    In terms of security, as long as you have a good password/fingerprint or similar to access the phone, then payment account details are just as safe as they are on a desktop login.

    Hope that helps.

  • Well in the construction trade, phones dont fare well, tried keeping it in van but then you miss phone calls or have to traipse to van to ring people, when the phone is in your pocket it knackers it, i phones and most phones are utter rubbish what with the dust, fluff, stanley knives in your pocket, screw etc, and as for those useless casings the one i tried dropped the signal by about a bar and where i live it is generally two to three bars so with a casing on phone always cut out mid conversation as it seemed to block the signal. then the final death nail was phone dropped on a tiled floor only to crack the screen.

    These cat phones sound awesome for me, underwater photos so i am guessing drains, puddles not an issue, and massive padding around the phone.

    The origional nokias were brilliant never really had any bother with them if they got wet i used to put them in an airing cupboard and they sprang back to life in a few days.

    Forward to now phones are made not to last otherwise you would never bother buying a new one, they go flat all the time meaning you may as well have them on an extension lead all day. utter madness.

    but they do more and i need to get more out of a phone, i guess its essential to me nowadays.

    id like everything linked up laptop the lot maybe get a tech y person in to sort my life out, tried a mate but god they mess on, spending weeks looking for the best deal and basicly saying you dont need this or that i can do that on a speadsheet or make my own software/programs only to find nothing happens for months.

    I need to get sorted, and get to work no faffing.



    I have been using one of htese for well over ten years now and it has fallen out of trees and from up ladders,it has fallen into lakes, and taken vast amounts of punishment.Am on the second battery after all that time !!

    It is waterproof,shockproof,dustproof and even has a none slip exteriour to stop it sliding of what are normally slippery surfaces.

    It is very no frills and wont give you the internet option,but is fine for the basic calls and texts,so how about to get something like this for when you are on site and an internetty type modern phone to keep in the van and switch the sim from one to the other !!

    Here In france most good building diy and gardening shops often have a few worker type phones for sale and yes I have seen the caterpillar one in a few of those shops. Do uk shops of this kind do this?

    Everyone keeps telling me I should modernise and get a new fangled phone,but I have got a laptop to do all of those other things which is great as I have not got the funds to but a new phone every six months because my latest one is too fragile.

    Hope you find the one that you need and for a good price :-)

  • The new cat phone looks awesome, i went to a 2nd hand phone shop (its about an hour away from me as i live in the sticks) i asked what will take knocks they didnt have one in store but online there was a second hand one in there cambridge store however the lad said it wouldnt work for contactless payments and possibly for contactless payments off customers which is the way i am thinking of going, fed up of cheques going to the bank etc as they shut all the banks down and the nearest one is over half an hour away.

    The cat phone runs on andriod software if that makes any sense to anyone.

  • The Cat is just branding I think. I’ve had the Landrover S1 AKA Sonim S1 for 8 years plus, maybe going on ten years. I think they later branded the model JCB, it’s a sales tactic. However. It was guaranteed for three years parts and Labour. I sent it back twice in three years for scratched screen etc, they replaced 1st time with brand new phone. 2nd time the replaced the front panel all free of charge. I’ve bought a replacement battery for it once off ebay. It is indestructible. I even throw it up in the air and let it hit the trailer floor to show off to my little girl. The screen is tiny and old style buttons for txting makes it hard work. It’s got everything it needed at the time 8 + years old now. If it had touch screen and bigger memory. I would be laughing.
    my advice is study reviews online. If it’s insured for twelve months. Do your best to destroy it within policy terms just before warranty expires and look after replacement.

  • Feel your pain Gee, I cannot offer any advice as I am not going to be getting one of those phones you are looking at getting any time soon. Keypad Nokia rules the waves as far as phones go. Unfortunately the last 2 year contract renewal which is up this May thankfully saw me end up with a Dorro flip phone as it was what they had at the time so I took it, had never heard of Dorro but it is ok as it goes but the buttton are getting clunky and the battery life isnt what it was. Got 3 months to next renewal with EE. Am going to go to sim only contract and fuck their phone choice and will go buy a £40 Nokia. Have probably paid a million times more for the Dorro than it's actually worth via the contract. All I can say is good luck.

  • I ve been on sim only for about 4 years now never looked back best thing ever, but i may have to re think if iam going to go all techy and data use. The best signal hands down time and time aain are vodaphone near me, but the ruthless b tards really, i stareted on a £9 pound a month sim only deal bloody great then 6 months in they said they had to rise the deal to 11 quid which they apprently could do, i thought not bad, its been rising it went 16 now 20 and this strange set up where if i use the phone a bit more they ve started hammering me, the ruthless little shites, every other network signal is utter garbage tried em all so ill stick to voda but they just need a bit of a talking to as usual theve been relying on my laziness to check up on them threaten to leave and ask for a pac code and they start offering you sweetners.

  • What pisses me off about these phone companies is when being a long term custoemr on one network, when you go into dialogue for the 2 year contract renewal you are not going to get the deals they advertise on their web site, they are reserved for new customers only, I got told this two years ago when I went through 2 year renewal, snidey feckers. The only way I can lower the monthly bill is go sim only this time, I have two Nokia's in the drawer that came with previous phone contracts so will use those. It will be interesting to see how much lower the monthly bill will be as wont be taking a new phone this time, just to see how much they actually charge for a phone for the two years, I expect I will fright meself for seeing how much the doro flip phone has cost me via monthly contract.

    As an aside, just saw Tesco mobile offering Doro flip with 5 GB data and 5,000 minutes for £14 a month 2 year contract, feck thats cheap, EE could be in for sacking, but Tesco mobile network coverage, mmmmm not sure about that, just googled a network coverage for Tesco Mobile in my area, it runs on 2G for phone cals and texts but says signal coverage is very good.

  • Also today in my workshop, phone goes, land line, so answer, I get asked if it is me, Yes speaking, of which I always reply with if a phoner upper asks if they are speaking to me. Phone company ringing as it's upgrade time, my heart done a little jig of joy as it's now my time to have some fun talking silly bollocks for hours on end and getting them to ring me back 5 times a week to keep them hanging on before I decide, all in the name of shit's and giggles. It was an official 3rd party for EE, I wont renew with them, I will be ringing 150 and doing it direct for a sim only contract this time to make the monthly bill chaper hopefully.

    Anyways the Welsh lady was rabbiting on so I come back with that I am not ready to renew now, need to read through the paperwork and contract plan I had two years ago to refresh, oh she says, I have all the details here she says, she wants to close a deal while while she's on the blower, me thinking no chance love, yes but she goes, Me saying I havent got time at present to go through it all now then I say I will ring when I have reviewed what contract deal I had last time, then she turns round and says well you are paying a bit much, we can do a better deal to get you going, Now at this point my bell was clanging so I say oh hang on, you say I'm paying a bit much now but thats the tariff and deal you set me up with 2 years ago and now you tell me it's a bit much, erm, she goes silent, at this point in time I'm now listening to the burble in the background from other phone company operatives then she sparks up again and says she will ring back another time and then put's the phone down on me. Wiz 1 phone company operative a big phat 0

  • I'm a little pleased to find that I only signed a 12month contract with 3mob for unlimited everything on my phone. Its £20 per month. Coverage where I hang out is good but data bandwidth is shit because so many people have signed up.

    Ofcom needs to do something.... It ain't unlimited if it's jammed up with other users.