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  • I spend some time in laybys and some time on formal camp sites.

    I can't go on grass unless it has been dry for ages, otherwise I sink.

    Camping & Caravanning Club Sites are good value if you're a member, although they are a bit sniffy of my vehicle - a 30 year old racetruck - and positively unwelcoming to horsebox / removal lorry etc conversions, however, if you are a member and book online there isn't much they can do about it. Also you will get a better reception in low season because they want the money. You must have windows in the living part of your vehicle.

    Caravan Club is more expensive but seems to be less judgemental.

    To the point: I just found Honeys Green Campsite near Uckfield in Sussex. Few hardstands at the moment, but plans to do more, some statics but an eclectic mix of caravans and motorised vehicles, very relaxed, not too many rules, tenner a night no electric, £2.50 more for hook up. You need to book, they are pretty full of residents - yes, residents, they have residential planning permission. I didn't enquire too much about this as I'm not interested in living exactly here, but there was something about council tax.

    I have no ties to this (or any other) site, just offering information which may or may not be useful.

  • Yes, showers, but they are not fabulous.

    Yes, toilet emptying.

    Don't know about chimneys, I will have a look when it's light tomorrow. You could always ring up, they are very approachable, details on or or you could always text or call 07985 442908 and ask. It does seem very relaxed here, accommodating.

  • Places like that are always valuable to transient folk, But £70 a week, phew. I know that's cheap compared to some. A couple of mates of mine who are permanent on a small caravan site pay £90 a week and thats reduced as my mate does a bit around the place, grass cutting etc. I have never got my head around having to pay amounts like that to exist on a tiny patch on a planet that is part of the solar system. The Human race does not have to pay rent to lease the planet but humans have taken it upon themselves to rinse the fuck out of other humans for their existence. I see rent as the human equivalent of a parking meter on a street for cars.

    I pay a tenner a week for my yard park up which includes 240 hook up, I do a bit around the place when help is needed and as the owners dont live around here, I keep an eye on the place, others rent units but they go home to their bricks and mortar cells so it's just me here full time. I have a hard standing dead end alley bit hidden behind a barn about 80-90 foot long and about 15 feet wide which houses my 20 foot container workshop, 30 foot furniture removals truck I live in and my 20 foot Van. I feel thats plenty enough and a fair deal. when I hear travellers paying £100 a week to park a vehicle I do feel someones slurping the gravy big time. At that level I would rather do a days graft a week in exchange for, thats a much fairer beneficial exchange.

  • Wizard, sounds amazing, you're fortunate. I agree £70 / week is a lot of money, I rarely stay a week though, just a few days at a time to user my equipment that's too much for my inverter. Also, it's amazing, after a period of strip-washing (which is fun, makes me feel like I'm on a big adventure) to just stand under a shower for ages. I do washing, go out and do stuff (I don't like to leave my truck unattended for long periods at the side of the road), speak to other people and so on.

    I had somewhere last year where I did gardening in return for a park up, that was lovely.

  • I have not paid for a park up anwhere in the last eighteen years since I lived on a small campsite in Brittany in a yurt as I was helping on a renovation just down the road and it was nice to get back and shower the dust off. Half the time it was free as I stayed there all winter when the owners had gone to Australia to keep an eye on the place then had the rest of the year rent free :-)

    If I had a van at that time,there were plenty of places to park the night for free !

    Paying to live somewhere, blimey what a bizarre concept :reddevil:

    By not paying 70 a week for the last 18 years I have saved 65520 pounds that I could spend on me;now that makes me smile and am sure will piss some off too. Sorry :-)

  • Ah but this is the rub, by calculating what hasnt been spent @ £70 a week for the last 18 years, have you actually got the 65520, if like me, probably not lol, but then the likes of us dont need to work 60 hours a week to pay a grand a month in renting bricks and mortar, paying council tax, leccy, water etc. This park up is the first long term park up I

    have had in 30 years on the road and the first time I have paid to exist on Earth, been here 5 years. I have done work in exchange for by bartering to be somewhere for a while but not paid physical currency before

    I cant get my head around the charges to exist on Earth. Well, it's not that so much, I suppose, its paying for services and priviledges, it's just that I have flat refused to get caught up in that debilitating trap.

    So far in 5 years, it has cost me £2,400 to park up here which I feel is very fair for the space I occupy. I will average it out base in what folk tell me that they pay in a house, I will say £1,000 a month and that isnt high by modern standards, for 5 years house living that's £60,000. I dont earn nowhere near enough to cough that up in rent, council tax and leccy/water.

  • Like you say being somewhere cheap or free doesn't always lead to saving a pile of money. What it does give you is the freedom to step off the wheel & only graft when it suits you. More free time to enjoy is worth more than money in the bank any day I reckon....

  • Bang on the nail Bigbear. You dont save a pile of physical money, it ends the need to spend most of ones life chasing the stuff to pay for existing in a life that is strangled by bill paying. I own all of my time I'm alive not a boss or a company. In a standard working life for a company or a boss, they must own at least 3/4 of someone's physical time they have while they are alive just to earn money to pay bills, thats what a standard issue life is. People have to do it and am not knocking it but it isnt for me, I've never been a standard issue human bean.

  • Like you say being somewhere cheap or free doesn't always lead to saving a pile of money. What it does give you is the freedom to step off the wheel & only graft when it suits you. More free time to enjoy is worth more than money in the bank any day I reckon....

    That is exactly where I am coming from BB. Living for the day is far more interesting and fun than looking far into the future by having loads in the bank. Many people die with lots in the bank and they certainly do not get to take it with them.

    I have had just over 6 thousand pounds in the bank on three occassions in my life and when I get to that amount its always time to go out and play for most of the year :-)

    With an average of 10 to 12 weeks work a year,half of that goes on living well and travel over my work period then the other half pays for the time off. Its a healthy balence I think.

    I have got the skills where I could be putting in long years and pulling in 50 + a year,but am happy to say that society never did get that lie across to me and I know full well that there are happier places to be than financial richness.

    I am a spiritual Millionaire :D

    Anyhow,this has got bog all to do with camping on campsites,so as you were :-)

  • IMGP0045.JPGIMGP0046.JPGThere is a lovely little campsite on the side of a river in the tranquil little village of Asquins ( pronouced Akan ) where I am chilling out today before going to visit a friend in the nearby village of Vezelay. Both are in the departement of l'yonne in Bourgogne ( Burgundy ).

    If the villagers are a good example of the locals then I am sure that the owners of the campsite will be pretty cool too.IMGP0045.JPGIMGP0046.JPG

    It is closed at the mo as its the winter season,but I stopped off to take a pic of these lovely holiday homes on the site.