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  • The blue type masks that hook over the ears are conventionally used to reduce contaminants from the wearer.

    Those masks are indeed primarily worn by Dr's and nurses to increase protection for the patient.

    The only occasions when PPE is worn to protect patients from medical staff is when those patients have severe auto-immune deficiency, and could be badly or even fatally infected by someone innocently carrying relatively trivial infections which most of us carry, but do not suffer from.

    Yes, old chap, I did point that out. Some posts ago now. Did you miss it?

    You should be well aware that until this coronavirus epidemic, very few medical staff wore masks, unless they were in attendance at an operation, or attending a patient in the category I mentioned above.

    I attended our local hospital early this year, before the coronavirus thing started, and, apart from the categories above, nobody was wearing a mask.

  • So.... it follows that just like Prepper and RT point out the use of these masks reach most effective population protection when used by everyone.

    They are used to improve protection for others not for oneself.

    As losingbaggage points out they are hot and uncomfortable to use.

    Ffp2 would be the minimum recommended if the purpose of the mask was to protect the wearer: health workers in this context.

  • Everyone where?

    One can understand the possible need for them in a crowded bus or train or shop, where the air is being recirculated. But even wearing masks is no protection when you are in such an environment for more than a limited period of time, as many people in the medical profession, and many of those in care homes, have sadly found out.

    Masks can give a false sense of security, and this can be fatal.

  • Masks work ,sorry,

    believe it or not there actually a mask of socialism, there not to protect me the user, there to protect me from everyone else, and vice versa. collectively we should try at least.

    As a society instead of moaning about wearing thing that inconviences us slighty in our lives to something that can kill someone is a small sacrafice to make.

    Its sod odd really.

    In the grand scheme of things.

    Lets look back at the past

    Our anchestors got bombed gassed and often had to where gas masks for hours on end sitting in cramped shelters.

    but oh my god we have to stand 2 meters apart, and what where a flimsy little mask when we get our shopping.

    I do have a slight gripe people do fiddle with them then touch food doors etc, but hey nothings ever 100% perfect.

    and if we also sanitise hands wherever possible it must help.

    Persoally i think masks are great i ve no problem wearing one i notice more and more if i am in conversation with people i notice i produce droplets that fly.

    so to me it must work droplets cant move beyond your mask onto people food etc.

  • Everyone where?

    One can understand the possible need for them in a crowded bus or train or shop, where the air is being recirculated. But even wearing masks is no protection when you are in such an environment for more than a limited period of time, as many people in the medical profession, and many of those in care homes, have sadly found out.

    Masks can give a false sense of security, and this can be fatal.

    Ffp2/n95 mask:-

    Indeed and to the extent that I understand your post... I can only reply with the same advice that I have been spouting for a very long time:-

    An ffp2 mask (which is an enclosed tight fitting duckbill type) is the minimum level required for personal respiratory protection against this virus.

    I have been moaning about it and shouting about it and getting very angry about it. The government do not dispute that an n95/ffp2 mask offers the correct level of protection but has rationed them instead and people have been infected and sometimes died as a result.

    Private companies were ready to repurpose their machinery to produce ppe many, many weeks before the gvmt bothered to act upon its own 'call to industry'.

    Healthcare workers and others whose job requires them to be in close proximity to those who cannot wear the surgical type masks are still not provided with ffp2 masks.

    The Chinese did not have a shortage of ppe including ffp2 masks and for the most part, for cultural reasons I have no explanation for, love wearing masks anyway.

    Infection control principles were known pre-c19. Best practice was known pre-c19. I hope that many individuals with the knowledge and means and strength will prosecute and hopefully persecute the gvmt.

    This debacle and unnecessary death was primarily a central gvmt fail. A failure that ignored basic principles and exposed yet another gvmt as idiotic, pompous, arrogant and self interested murderers who have little interest in life, liberty and justice.

    Nanu, Nanu :(

  • I quite understand that the mask you feature is the best that can be advised by the medical profession, other than perhaps a respiratory filtered air system.

    I also fully agree with your views on the apparent failure of the present government to take action early, the results of which are quite apparent from what has already happened here.

    (I say apparent failure above because I am strongly of the opinion that at least some of their 'medically advised' decisions were nothing of the sort, and were done quite deliberately in an attempt to wipe out as many of the very ill and disabled section of the community as possible under the circumstances; the results of some of their decisions could have been predicted by anyone with common-sense, medical knowledge was not at all necessary to see this).

    So far as the use of masks are concerned, what is being done now in the way of mandatory laws about wearing masks is mostly a showboating exercise by a government that is trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. All through the 'lockdown' period we have had some 15,000 people flying into this country every day, from all over Europe and elsewhere. With absolutely nothing done in the way of tracking these people once they were in. So it should be fairly obvious that in some areas of the country, especially towns and cities with a well-travelled proportion of their population, this virus soon took hold.

    (Once again, one might ask, was this lack of tracking deliberate on the part of the present government?).

    I have read estimates which say that at least 70 to 80% of the people in this country have already been exposed to this virus, and many show no symptoms at all, as the high proportion of asymptomatic people testing positive has already shown. Many people carry a number of corona-type viruses with them all the time, but never get actively infected with them unless they fall ill from some other cause.

    We do not walk about wearing a mask for fear of the 'flu, or the common cold, as they do in some Asian countries. If someone has a cold or flu over there, it is also the custom to wear a mask out of respect for other people.

    It is also psychologically reassuring to wear a mask if you live under an oppressive surveillance camera regime. Some over here fear that the habitual wearing of a mask, without good reason, is part of the psychological conditioning of getting the population to become more submissive by degrees. The jury is still out on this.

  • I was going to make a similar point. I love being the bandit from my childhood games. I have so many delightful designs, but I cannot wear all my bandanas at once. Using some as a face covering is a fantasy come true. They also hide my rosacea-pocked and glowing face from public attention as well as making facial recognition technology that much more awkward to use. Leaving my phone at home and pretty home-made face masks - the way forward :whistle:

  • Just one last point on the side of masks.

    You go to a hospital there is staphylococcus everywhere, this bug is carried in the nose throat and on unclean hands surfaces.

    Your about to get either cut open for surgery, or go in for cancer treatment.

    So in this tack you would think the doc would be a bit of a tit for not wearing a mask, breathing potential superbugs all over you.

    Flip to the current situation, I feel its just a small chance of trying to stop the risk of vulnerable people getting ill from my potentially covid carrying breath/droplets.

    Its not my personal or political rebelliousness to stick it to the man by not wearing a mask

    This bug is bigger than "the man" politics or what background your from.

    I d liken this to saying, i am not wearing a seatbelt, i am not wearing a crash helmet, i m not wearing safety goggles.

    Fair enough thats your choice on the belt and motorbike helmet your breaking the law and if you want to stick it to the man ok, if you way up the risk of accidental death to you thats ok .

    However the mask islike a rear seatbelt situation, again you can weigh up your risks you more than likely wont die, but what if your flung forward into the front you body/head flying about might kill your driver/passenger or you go through the windscreen and kill or injure yourself.

    Ok masks arnt 100% proven but in your sticking it to the man you may help spread or kill someone else,

    Its all stats slow the spread as much as can be, and hopefully help us all keep alive.

    Ok i can see you mask haters point now, and i do see a point of if it messes with you mentally or physically then that risk needs to be accounted for.

    but if we all try lifes better hopefully for the genuine mask fearers who struggle wearing a mask.

  • So if you are only wearing a mask to protect other people, what are you going to do if the government bring out a law which states that everyone must wear a mask anytime they go outside their homes, even in the great outdoors, when walking alone, working alone, or whatever?

    When there is no logical reason for wearing a mask, are you still going to wear one?

  • I went to Ikea the other week, and the queues were like utter madness -- for anyone who knows the layout of the average Ikea, the line for the checkout went all the way back to beyond self-serve furniture aisle 58 (Croydon btw), and as it got nearer the front, zigzagged back and forth a few times to allow more people.

    About a week before that I took a trip to Westfield shopping centre, and that was equally rammed -- probably more so considering the size of the place.

    In Ikea, nearly everyone had a mask on, but this wasn't the same for Westfield -- in both cases I made my exit as quickly as I could.

    I am honestly stumped by a lot of this -- people support a curfew, and yet they seem only too happy to crowd themselves into shopping malls. :/

  • Instead of listening to the propaganda claims of media, government, pollsters, all known regular liars, why not conduct a poll among those around you for a likely truer version of feelings.

    I've done it and it bears no resemblance to the state promoted claims.

  • Just seen this posted on someone's twitter account - The Fat Controller :…tatus/1306177472568922112

    "Trojan Horse for 'sanction based' mass vaccination program?
    Source article from the BMJ:-"

    " > New test types even less accurate than the current PCR test
    > Target to test everyone in the country, once per week
    > Enforcing testing via a sanction based model (punishment)
    > Digital passport to limit Human Rights (freedom of movement)
    > £100 Billion of tax payers' money

    Operation Moonshot is the name of the UK government’s newly proposed covid-19 mass testing scheme. The plan, revealed by The BMJ,1 involves an expansion of testing from the current hundreds of thousands of tests each day to 10 million a day by early 2021. But how does the government propose to do this?

    Operation Moonshot. This is an explanation in the British Medical Journal of the Government's plans for mass testing for covid-19. The source for the BMJ's article is a leaked document. Was it leaked because it makes for very uncomfortable reading? " -…