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  • You should take action if:

    • You have been to mainland China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau and have symptoms of cough or fever or shortness of breath within 2 weeks of returning; or
    • You have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus, even if you feel entirely well.

    If either of the above apply to you:

    • Stay indoors and avoid all possible contact with other people.
    • In England and Wales ring 111 (or your GP if in Northern Ireland)
    • In Scotland, ring your GP during opening hours and 111 (NHS24) out of hours and advise them of your recent travel or contact.
    • In Northern Ireland, please ring the coronavirus 24/7 helpline on 0300 200 7885 and advise them of your recent travel or contact.
    • Follow their advice and do not leave your home until you been given advice by a clinician.
    • Do not use a taxi or public transport if you are advised to go to hospital.
    • Do not visit your GP - they do not have facilities in place to isolate you and prevent transmission of the infection to others.

    Need facts and this could just be bullshit but the report estimates the death rate at


    There currently are eight registered funeral homes in Wuhan. If the account of the funeral home staffer is true, this would mean there are 1,628 deaths per day in the city and 34,200 over the past 21 days.

    which is a lot more than the 1000 claimed deaths. Taking out natural causes puts the death toll at 20,000 +

    They've now sent the army into Hubei.

  • More unsubstantiated info but I can well believe it. A number of papers are picking up on it as well.


    Whistleblower: 1.5 million coronavirus cases in China, 50,000 coronavirus deaths in Wuhan

    He also claims to have inside information that there are 1.5 million confirmed coronavirus cases in China. Wengui is emphatic that these are not merely quarantined or “under observation” but confirmed cases of coronavirus infection:

  • I dare say that in the next few days there will be public adverts on what to do and as long as it's not done by the same fuckbrains who made the coldwar ads on how to make your own fallout shelter out of doors in the home then we may be enlightened.

    Ah, yes, the old Cold War advice:

    "If a Nuclear Attack seems imminent, get under the kitchen table..."

    This is after pasting brown paper on the windows, of course....:reddevil:

  • Comments that I put on Youtube have been removed, nothing contentious but the link that I'd posted on here earlier. Also the cunts are blocking/ removing uploaded videos from newscasters on the cremations.

    Something is seriously not right.

  • It's very unlikely that the mortality rate is faked. The World Health Organisation will have people on the ground closely monitoring the entire situation.

    The W. H. O is populated by idealists and is probably the single institution on this planet that continues to be worthy of respect.

    This is a virus that for many would be symptomatic of a common cold and for some will develop into a flu like illness.

    Why is it that some people would only develop mild symptoms and very few others die?

    The Chinese as a population are recognised to have a diet that is very low in anti oxidants.

    Eat your greens and observe a rainbow diet.

  • Being a flubug that has the usual 'kill-rate' is nothing to be concerned about but flubugs do not warrant hazmat suits or quarantine on the scale they've been carried out nor the building of 2 x 1000 bed hospitals, commandeering of hospitals ect.

    The vid that I'd commented on was a WHO latest and it was full of sarcastic comments by others. That vid disappeared too not long after my comment disappeared.

  • Post by Boris the Bold ().

    This post was deleted by the author themselves ().
  • Boris, I tend more to the view that their appalling record on animal welfare has come back to bite them. It's harsh that this is killing people and sad that the lesson is unlikely to be learned: If animals are systematically badly treated they will develop dis-eases and that will affect us. That said, I doubt Donald Trump is unhappy about China's reduced economic circumstances.

  • If this whole palaver drums into the thick heads of many in the East that pangolins do not have magic medicinal properties and hence leave these weird but wonderful creatures alone then it's all been worth it.

    Problem is its probably upped demand for rhino horn as a cure all.

  • Post by Boris the Bold ().

    This post was deleted by the author themselves ().
  • My heart goes out to anyone who is caught up in this and all the poor people who are catching the normal flu and are worrying themselves if they have caught it.

    Me however, I do not give much of a shit about it. Maybe you will get a message from me saying oops I have caught the virus and should of listened,though maybe not.

    I do not mix with people often and am majoritively out in the middle of nowhere,so am probably have a far less risk factor than most,but after sars and ebola and many other outbreaks of virus's over the years I am still here and still healthy. Not going to worry about it nor am I going to go and kiss random people from china.

    I live in France where people in general go into a bar or any public place and shake hands and kiss everyone whereas I prefer to save these polite hello's to people I know.

    The knock on effect from this is that I get far fewer health problems than most here.

    A bit anti social maybe - but happy and healthy :-)

  • Yep,I've been bgetting the picture things are far far worse in China than the media are letting on. An elderly man from an arera in China where it had broken out died of it in France today, he'd been in France a month apparently so gawd knows how many he's infected.

    I remember the modern remake version of Survivors that came out in recent years, it wasnt hard to see how realisitc it was if a super virulent strain took hold globally and the scenario how it would be like isnt hard to imagine.


    Funny how the UK is the only government suppressing this outbreak and how Scotland has just declared it a 'notifiable disease'.

    Italy won't contain it so it's only time before it goes really rampant in the EU just like it has in South Korea and Iran.

    It's not a case of 'if it comes' but 'it's coming'.

  • try phoning your local GP surgery. The list of options has been changed from “if it’s an emergency, call 999 for repeat prescriptions etc...... to “if you have a cold or symptoms similar to the virus blah blah blah. DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE.... we will send a ambulance to you.”

  • Just thinking about the 'self-isolation' that they suggest if you have flulike symptoms. You lock yourself away for 14 days before emerging with the thought that you're clear.

    It's got to be a right bummer if all you really had was flu and and then catch the real thing............


  • Hoofukinray, the BBC have finally been allowed to broadcast it.

    I upset the local Beeb newsreader yesterday and she said she could only broadcast what London said.

    The genies out of the bottle, just needs the WHO wankers to admit that it's a pandemic. Mind you, they're about as useful as a split condom.

  • Honest type vid interview there that is probably quite reflective of Canadian culture and good to see.

    Taking another angle on this we in the UK live in a work culture that proliferates zero hour contractual obligations (with low statutory sick PAY) and even at the level where employment contracts stipulate fair sick pay no worker is financially encouraged to stay away if experiencing minor cold symptoms....Indeed most that do so will experience a grilling from management and a negative mark on their personal record. That is the UK culture.

  • Okay, I have to ask the important question: Will this affect festivals this year?

    (I hope you get my sense of (very black) humour and realise that I don't find people dying at all funny).

    But also it is a point isn't it? Will sporting fixtures, concerts, festivals etc be cancelled I wonder?

  • Depends how bad it gets, and what the government's view of 'how bad' is, I guess.

    Personally I hope it's going to fizzle out quietly, like a damp squib.

    I see the Beeb (Radio 4), have been asking various 'experts' about it over the last few days, stirring up more anxiety in the thinking classes....:reddevil:

  • Okay, I have to ask the important question: Will this affect festivals this year?

    (I hope you get my sense of (very black) humour and realise that I don't find people dying at all funny).

    But also it is a point isn't it? Will sporting fixtures, concerts, festivals etc be cancelled I wonder?

    Do worry that fixtures might be cancelled.

    UK proxy and poxy governments will do everything in their power to ensure high population numbers whichtranslates into greater competition for jobs and property which translates into profit for themselves and the wealthier.

    Government will do the numbers and look for the best way to achieve gain.... Risking exposure to a virus that might mutate into something more deadly doesn't factor into the saturated property economy that is working so well (sic)

    Flu season is usually over by May. It is likely that this virus that continues to have a very low death rate will go the same way.... Likely but not gaurenteed.

    Most festivals have been rudely capitalised upon by capitalists anyway so you wouldn't miss much except that gut feeling that tells you it's a bit shit.

    Facts demonstrate that the chance/risk of death continues to be low.... The message from the Canadian government indicates that individuals/households should not refrain from actuating preparedness.....

    In its current form this virus is of minor to moderate significance to individuals depending on threat to income and risk of poverty.

    Preparedness is open to individual and economic interpretation and as always mitigation of risk is blah... Blah... Blah..... Etc.... Etc.... Etcetera...

    I've lost the will