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  • I'm surprised naughts been said but I'm just waiting for shit and fan to unite. Chinese New Year and loads of Chinese from all over the world are going home for a knees up as they do for a couple of weeks every year and the coronavirus bogie is spreading there and popping up across the world, latest being USA.

    Too little too late IMHO, just waiting for it to come here and the NHS response.

  • Theres way too many people on this planet and nature has a way of thinning things out without wars. Black death and the latest, Spanish flu which went right around the world taking out some 50,000,000. At some point one of these bugs which I suspect is of a man-made origin will really do some damage to populations.

  • Yes been watching it a while when it got flagged up on AP end of December as SARS and few hundred were affected and had crossed the species barrier..,then two deaths then 9 then 17 over 500 known infections and patient in the US.

    Yuhan is an international hub so really depends on where it managed to spread in the last few days rather than what theyre doing now to prevent it spreading.

  • The medias are just today stating to kick off on it but it's apathy by governments which will let such a virus spread this one may only kill a few hundred (it could be a few thousand, China will lie anyway) but it could also turn biblical..................


    Governments will put 'not losing money' ahead of their nations wellfare and taking actions against any outbreak will always be too little too late. Our antibiotics, one of the greatest medical discoveries have near enough had their day so a few cashstrapped labs are our only line of defence if it does happen.

  • The biggest concern is that it's infectous 1-14 days before symptoms show and there's no cure. The Chinese nearly always lie so maybe treble that figure and thoughts are to consider stocking up in case shit and fan do really connect.

    Soon 2,000,000 + chinese will be returning to their international homes with the chance of being contagious and the WHO has yet to declare it a pandemic or whatever they class it as. If China is panicking to build 2 x 1000 bed hospitals and shutting down entire cities at the high-point of their calendar then that to me says pandemic and

  • Steaming along. 80 dead 3000 cases in China

    3 confirmed cases in France

    But its all under control.:/

    I shall certainly not be stoppiNg for a chinese takeway any time soon !!

    Must be best part of ten years since I ate chinese,so a little longer should not be too hard !

  • Just amazes me how many folk believe the figures! If they are saying 80 dead you can bet your bottom dollar it's many, many more than that. You don't close whole cities down if it's a minor infection.

    I think that the fact President Xi has publicly expressed concern about a domestic situation-something Chinese Government never does- suggests the situation is already well out of control.

    Reports that the virus is spreading faster than the symptoms being detectable is also a concern.

    The epidemiology experts were already saying in the early phase that if the known infection figures were x then expect the real infection rate to be 4 to 5 times worse.

    A highly mobile population and air travel pretty much guarantees infections will spread faster than they can be detected.

  • Wuhan similar population to London, 3000 confirmed cases,5000 suspected (conservative estimate),you can imagine what havoc that would cause here with an NHS already on its knees.

    But dont cause panic amongst the peasants.....

    it barely makes it to the front page of BBC news (propaganda unit) now

  • This really isn't much of a thing..... Based on bbc figures less than 10% of symptomatic cases receive critical care support and the death rate so far is less than 3% of all detected/symptomatic cases. Those dying are identified as being otherwise particularly unwell and therefore vulnerable to death by this virus.

    By contrast sars was found to have an apx 12% death rate amongst symptomatic cases.

    That said... If many cases do require hospitalisation in the UK I'd be tempted to stay away from my nursing work.... There are plenty of places beds and trolleys can be put but not enough nurses and doctors. Serving army medics could be utilised I guess but the numbers aren't good.... Id take a break rather than break my back.

  • The problem with the corona virusis its ability to mutate rapidly which it has done already which makes it more ddangerousso far its mainly killed elderly and vulnerable people but that may not remain the case.Its a virus that crossed the species barrier and if recent reports are anything to be believed its now affecting and being spread through dogs too.

    Compared to the annual death rate from common flu strains we are subject to annually its probably no 'big deal' but its ability to mutate,its not properly understood and theres no current proven vaccine its potentially a threat as much as avian flu. If it wasnt they would not be quaranting entire cities.Unlike with flu and health staff get flu vaccine,theres no protection for those who manage outbreaks.

    The last Chinese Corona virus killed 800 of the thousands affected. It makes sense to err on the side of caution. Its too late to get worried about what to do once its spread.

    I can remember well the apprehension amongst everyone,especially us in the frontline healthcare sphere when HIV started taking effect.

  • Aye. Front line nhs workers are discouraged from routinely wearing masks because of the stress and anxiety it causes patients (there are also statisti sticks that demonstrate what a massive waste of money routine masking can be).

    A coughing patient suspected of having some kind of flu can be masked against but it is only encouraged if they are actively expectorating.

  • The civil contingencies act (last comprehensively updated under Labour) reviewed the UK government response to every potential threat,the use of military and situations demanding marshall law.

    This country does not have the spare capacity to treat 1% of the population on top of its usual emergency admissions,if it came to that. Confinement and quarantine of affected areas is the only realistic option.

    The W.H.O are already considering preparing to declare an international emergency because its estimated from mapping the outbreak theres already 44k infections and cases popping up all over the globe.New Infections rate peaking in April with 150k a day in China alone. Thats a pretty impressive problem if predictions are correct.

    The virus has also been found in 33 samples of wild animals in the epicenter of the epidemic.

    Reports from Hong Kong are very different to the official Chinese line too.

  • Well from what I've from various news sources, corona virus has been present among dogs for a longwhile, they eat dogs = cross species viral outbreak. aids was said to be cross species viral outbreak. There has been vids doing the rounds showing the viewer around Wuhan market, well fuck me I'm amazed worse hasnt happened, it's a filthy shit hole with no care whatsoever for cleanliness and food hygeine around meat processing and selling. I very much doubt it will reach the wilds of Essex but it cant be very nice for folk living in areas of outbreaks.

    On a global scale, I do think it could be very likely that a biblical size epidemic is all very possible at any time, after all the plague still pop it's head up. According to google, the bacteria that causes the plague Yersinia Pestis is still alove and well and is evident among animals and transmitted by flea bites.

  • Yes, but they have to have been in quarantine for 10 days to see if they show any symptoms... actually you all have to have been in quarantine and I am going to wear an encounter suit Kosh01

    just like this one! Oh, but with a straw so I can drink.

    That is one groovy suit :-)

  • It's the Vorlon encounter suit from Babylon 5.

    I see the Guardian reports British Airways have suspended all flights to and from mainland China.

    While I am of course sorry that people are dying (sooner than they would otherwise have) I wonder; is this nature / the planet thinning us out?