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  • Small World isn't (too) commercialised, I work there and treasure the opportunity to leave my solitary life for a week and mix with actual people, meet up with friends.

    Boris I agree totally, the Guardian is giving figures on drop in GDP, how inconvenient for the powers that be that we become sick and can't work! BTW, your avatar, every time I see it it reminds me of Phil Lynott (in a good way obvs).

  • I've just got got back from eight days in Venice. The French group of artists, mask-makers and costumiers to which French Whale Fan and I belong take part in Carnevale di Venezia most years. I get to join in sometimes and this week was my third time in six years. We travelled together overnight on Friday 21st on a private hire coach and arrived early on Saturday. The rest of the day went as planned. However, on Sunday afternoon I had a message from my son in England asking if we were affected by the "lockdown". This was the first I had heard of any such thing, so naturally set to work trying to find out more information. The information we found was contradictory and confusing. However, the carnival organisers decided to end the festival on Sunday evening, two days earlier than expected. Although the advice was not to mingle in large crowds we decided we would go out as planned and see what happened. We were all wearing head masks that had been moulded to fit our own heads and which would probably be at least as effective as the pointless paper ones that some people in the city had taken to wearing. Venice was almost deserted. There were plenty of police and military around, but we weren't stopped or challenged. As the week went on most people we saw were not wearing face masks. The best advice seemed to be cover mouth and nose if sneezing or coughing and wash hands often.

    As the week went on more information appeared to emerge including the fact that the nearest place to Venice that was in actual "lockdown" was Vo, over an hour away. I realise this could mean one was potentially an hour from getting a dose of virus, but the chance was actually extremely slim.

    We travelled back to France yesterday, 29th. My main concern was to protect FWF's 91-year-old father who was meeting us in his van in case any of us had become carriers. We had two nurses with us on the trip. One was a member of the group (who was also the group's choreographer) who passed out surgical masks to enable us to protect our loved ones (with all the appropriate warnings and caveats) and the other was the English sister of one of the group's founders who works in a hospital A&E department and who supplied a lot of common-sense amongst a lot of hysteria. She went back to England yesterday. She contacted NHS 111 on returning to the UK and was told that without symptoms, isolation was no longer considered necessary. This news has come too late for me. I cancelled three gigs this coming week or arranged for deps where possible, so I've lost that money. I have also decided to rearrange my travel (five trains home) so that it now falls after a fourteen-day period of self-isolation, so there can be no questions asked about my intentions. I have yet to work out whether I can get my trains in a fortnight's time and have no idea what that will cost me - it won't come cheap. My cynical self suspects that the advice about quarantine has changed because people in my situation would not be able to claim on insurance if it was no longer a requirement.

    Like everything else in the world at the moment, I do what I can to try and help, but the effect of my changes, however much they affect me personally, are less than a drop in the ocean. The best I can hope for is a return to UK, whenever that happens, with a clear conscience on this matter.

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  • Marshlander, it has been recommended here that people coming back to UK go into self quarantine.

    Thanks, wiz1, but this sort of generalisation is mainly what made our attempts to access information difficult while we were in Venice, and caused panic in people back home. The government infectious diseases web page, updated yesterday 1st March, specifically states that self-isolation is only a requirement if returning from one of the lockdown areas (the nearest to Venice is an hour away) or "if returning from the north of Italy (anywhere north of Pisa, Florence and Rimini), ... and have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath (even if your symptoms are mild)".…blic#returning-travellers

    The sort of generalisations you have repeated (and I've no doubt that your heart is in the right place), perhaps using an earlier version of the official advice, inform the reason I decided to isolate myself in France before returning to the UK, upset FWF's father by wearing surgical masks when he came to meet us, turning down his offer to stay overnight before the extra 150km journey home and pull out of three gigs this week, which I certainly didn't like doing - mostly because I hate letting people down, but I can't escape the fact that the money would have been useful. I was surprised, although I suppose I shouldn't have been given the level of media sensation and fact tweaking that I have observed, that normally well-informed and sceptical friends and fellow band members for Friday's gig had taken on the fear of the virus too.

    I didn't much fancy having to explain to everyone I met over and over that, even though I had jumped back into my personal and professional life, I was fully complying with the health advice on the government web page. Doing what I have decided to do leaves no room for doubt. In case anyone is still worried, my self-imposed exile from the UK will actually run to seventeen days, not fourteen. I guess I am lucky in that I had options to do this. I hope people will absorb the actual facts and be kind to returning travellers who do not have my options.

  • Some 60, 000 people are estimated to die each year in the States through 'flu. Mostly older people, or in some way under-nourished people.

    Perhaps this should put all the press hysteria about corona virus into some perspective....?

  • From looking at it, It's got a far higher deathrate than flu, 1 in 10 end up in hospital and it's virulent. It's only just started and I'll lay odds that there are hundreds of undetected cases currently walking around this country.

    As with all governments the true extent is being played down so as not to create panic amongst the tossers in the population but there are hints of measures that are being considered in most of the recent broadcasts.

    It doesn't touch kids much but can kill healthy adults especially the over 50s and peeps with health problems.

    In a week or maybe less, it'll be a case of playing russian roulette each time you step out and pass people as to whether you get it or not.

  • I'm curious why we're worrying about this more than we're worrying about the multitude of other germs and viruses that manifest every year.

    Is there something extra deadly about it that I'm just not quite getting?

    The government are saying that up to a 5th of the UK workforce could be off sick at the peak (2-3 mths for the peak to pass) of the outbreak which will hit up to 80% max of the population.

    Current UK polulation is about 68,000,000. UK workforce is about 29,000,000.

    Worse case scenario there's a shitload of grief ahead for the whole world.

  • I'm 64 (and a half), that puts me into the vulnerable group except I'm not systemically unwell and I am fairly fit.

    I'm still in Brighton, but will probably wander off somewhere soon, I doubt anywhere is safe but I fancy a change of scenery anyway.

    I didn't trust the government before this, but now trust even less and have correspondingly less faith in their ability to cope with the epidemic. As for BoJo saying the NHS can cope - seriously? It's been cut to the bone, people are already being treated in corridors, who did he think he's fooling?

    Media still on about drop in world wide GDP - really? People are dying, I think that's the main concern here.

    I need to put something in place for my dog should I croak.

  • If 1% die that's 500,000 compared to 17,000 UK flu deaths in 2018 unless my maths are fubar.

    Your maths are incomplete. To properly assess, you have to know roughly the number of people who got the flu, before you can compare cases. Even if you got the medically reported cases of 'flu, there are still many each year who get 'flu and don't or can't go to the doctor, so are never reported.

    There will be many who may get the corona virus and hardly know they've got it, because the symptoms are in some cases so mild. So these people will carry on working, and of course spreading it. At least with the 'flu, you know damn well if you've got it, and certainly don't feel like going to work.

  • "While COVID-19 (alias nCoV-2019) constitutes a multi-billion corporate bonanza for Big Pharma, it has also contributed to precipitating humanity into a dangerous and unfolding global process of economic, social and geopolitical destabilization."…aIxZW8lpkh9r3VUu9dUqZEWx4

    Im looking on “a positive” side. This is also a rehearsal for future pandemics. Thankfully the COVID-19 isn’t the worst case scenario the world will have to deal with.

  • I do wonder about all these stats being bandied about. The grimmest of them include China in the figures where by far the largest number of cases have been reported. Taking China's 1.4b population out of the counting one might see that some figures show the infection rate is 0.000073% of the world's population.

    As of yesterday, there were 51 confirmed cases in the UK out of the 13,911 people tested.