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  • Yes, I think he certainly existed, and had a following, that seemed to be substantial enough to upset the Romans, but I'm not sure about the god stuff, the father in heaven stuff... not so much. However Christianity definitely appealed to the Romans as, with a bit of tweaking, a good way to exert control - as it has been used ever since.

  • Once any kind of deceased prophet gets his/her ideas and vision undertaken by the establishment, it is almost inevitable that the establishment will contort his/her views to suit themselves.

    They will even build up a whole mythology that did not exist before, invent miracles and attribute them to the prophet, write laws and rules and attribute them to the prophet, and invent prophecies that the prophet is said to have made. All to obtain an even stronger control of those under their domination, and to add further to their numbers.

  • Just wondering if the uk goes for localised lockdown will people panic move about more maybe work on the black market more, ie you could get sneaked into another county where there was work or more relaxed rules. #

    So say london or birm has a lockdown, would people move to say cornwall to holiday or second homes, or work thus moving en mass the virus to another county.

  • I’m sure some folk would abscond from the restricted area if they have the chance. It’s going to take some serious control measures to blockade not just roads and rail, but our open countryside. Legitimate transport can go through checkpoints but unless personal ID cards are issued, who is to say where folk live.

  • The very same people that were demonising a political advisor (wrong party, tory scum ,not like those labour lockdown breachers cos its different for them) purely as a remoaning act of politicking to delay brexit, (stirred up by the sneering elitist remoaning press ) have been and will be out in force, mass demonstrating over the murder of a black man by a rozzer in the US. These people hypocritically make exceptions for their righteous social justice flag waving as they violently assault the police and deface war memorials with no regard to social distancing or how they may increase the risk of infection and the demands that their actions may put on the NHS.

  • He should've spent more time perfecting escapism techniques and less learning party tricks like turning water into wine.

    Well if the dude is for real, give him credit. Harry Houdini stopped short at being nailed through the hands. Plus that boulder blocking the cave entrance would need Jim Collins driving a JCB to shift it. As for party tricks , he kept many entertained wondering for thousands of years. Growing his hair and beard was a good disguise. He could easily blend in with folk in the 1st world or go for a Roman bath and come out clean shaven with a job in the Roman army.

  • Just thought id bump the thread again, its back number a rising again,

    What a surprise,

    Thank you packed beach goers, demonstrators, ravers, rioters, football fans

    You bunch of selfish idiots.

    Think of the lives of all elderly, at risk but healthy, and just everyones lives you could have saved by being sensible,

    Trouble is this second wave we thought and new was coming might bite harder than we think.

    I m guessing on the quiet we need to get ready for the certain second wave, i personally need to get food stocks up now and supplies,

    We all poured scorn on the chelternam races, what was there 150 000 there, and football matches and pubs.

    Thats small fry to who s been out and not social distancing now.

    i m guessing thousands more, so lets guess.

    demos.... some masked many not.... 200 000 guess,

    riots and partys al over the country...low est 30 000

    liverpool football fans etc..................100 000 low est

    total.....................................................330 000

    so r rate lets say two or three times that figure,

    x2 660 000

    x3 around a million cases

    just saying i recon thanks to total and utter idiots the second wave is going to be bloody horrible.

    Another factor on figures i recon from the top figures were told to keep quiet, i recon because now we know r rate was dropping but that was a bad idea.. because everyone thinks its over its gone away but this virus lurks.

    Now i am not a fan of this shambolic idiot who cant talk clearly but jwe need a leader, with clear instructions, if we are to look forward to total freedom ever again.

    We may joking aside need the military to establish law, curfews etc, as the police will struggle as they have doing so at the moment.

    snap election again get kier starmer in.

  • The messages from our government have been badly presented, confusing and horribly misleading. People need to hear a consistent message and be helped to see the reasons why. Lying has been so normal for so long that I no longer know whom to believe. In the absence of clear guidance, people will make their own decisions. When people in and around government think they don't need to heed the advice the rest of us are expected to follow we naturally question their judgement ... were they wrong? Are we stupid? If it's okay for them it can't be that bad, can it ...?!!!

    I don't know if Johnson or any of his mates in government have the intellectual capacity to think things through or the imagination to understand why people aren't listening, or whether there really is some darker plan at work. They brought these pressures on themselves with decades of drip-feeding us poison. However, Prepper, I would urge some caution in what we wish for. Once a government gives itself power to control something there always seems a good reason never to relinquish that power. The evidence seems to be piling up that many of this government's responses in this unprecedented situation have been ideological rather than empirical.

    We've missed a lot of opportunities. Particularly following Cameron's decision to call the referendum on European membership, the people of this country have been set at each other's throats. I don't think I've ever witnessed the like. The wearing of masks for the good of others, not to mention reasons of courtesy, is just one area of life that has been politicised to such an extent I fear you may be right that the immediate future does not look good.

    Look after yourselves, everyone.

  • Just been to a bbq with four french people and avoided kissing and shaking hands and brought my own plate and cutlery as well as keeping at least a metre distance at all times.

    It was was easy to do.

    so seriously you bunch of dickwads,why can you not fucking do this !!!!!!!

  • I ve also personal distanced as much as humanly possible, been to see parents maybe 3 to 5 times now, had distanced meals outside one inside while always maintaining a 2 meter distance.

    Worst people i find in my line of work are some of the older women, they cant but help get close, maybe i am that irrisible one old woman wanted to give me a hug i was woaaa social distancing i need a big stick or a length of plastic pipe to keep them away lol.

    I ll be honest i ve got lax'd in the last few weeks not wearing a mask as much, not disinfecting as much and van needs another mini clean maybe a deep clean again.

    We are getting poor leadership from our pm and we are sort of mentally believing its gone away or retreating back.

    Theres talk of local lockdowns i m a fan of this it locks down area where on the whole people have been idiots, or local hotspots and are more at risk,

    however it would be difficult to enforce, say liverpool had a lock down what would stop scousers heading to manchester to shop, or go to other counties for a walk or to work.

    The only effective way would be a national lockdown again at expense to jobs economy mental well being thanks to idiots not keeping there distance.

  • Let’s face it, Herd immunity was on the cards I the beginning, but the shock to the emergency services was too much at the time. Time which was needed to be bought at all costs. The only way to make sure, raves, parties, social gatherings and general everyday activities (other than basic nessesary/essential jobs) were going to be reduced/altered/prevented/stopped, was by a lockdown.
    How come many of those protesters, ravers, etc haven’t been wiped out by the virus? Maybe because most folk aren't effected by this virus (no more than some suffer from the annual winters colds and flu). Now the genie is out the bottle. It’s doubtful this government would ever get us back under lockdown.

    If there isn’t a huge spike in hospitalisations/deaths reported in July, resulting from recent protests and beach gatherings. We could see the general population dismissing all health risks and deterrents and going back to “old normal” life.

  • It upsets me so much that the pandemic was caused by us abusing and exploiting animals and our once-lovely planet and now to try to get out of the shit scientists are abusing and exploiting more animals to to find a vaccine.

    And after the dust has settled I bloody well bet people go straight back to acting how they did before. I'm at the side of the road here, there are hundreds of cars, one person, one big car, very few bicycles.

    I want a divorce from the human race!

  • trouble with the car thing it was (or im still confused) or still is illegal to have two people in a car or van from different households or maybe you can ware a mask but its still confusing, ( thanks to the idiot in no 10 i ve been confused by his messages for weeks) so people are tending to travel one car or van per person for social distancing.

  • trouble with the car thing it was (or im still confused) or still is illegal to have two people in a car or van from different households or maybe you can ware a mask but its still confusing, ( thanks to the idiot in no 10 i ve been confused by his messages for weeks) so people are tending to travel one car or van per person for social distancing.

    True, but even Bungling Boris hasn't managed to fuck up the message about cycling! Get on yer bike.

  • Just wondering why are some schools not open till September, is it a catastrophic mess with the government, unions, teachers, or the lot,

    surely schools should be open now if they can social distance effectively,

    I think the local secondry is open in town near me ie lolipop ladies working etc.

    but it must be better to educate now or have part time lessons then some online at home,

    I mean the virus is maybe a little less severe in summer than winter so would it make sense to have kids in school now then home for the autumn and winter months?

    Kier starmer had a good point, aparently he sent a letter to boris saying a plan was needed for schools maybe put up prefab blocks use village halls, comuntity centers, he got no reply.

    In my opinion Kier is the best thing that has happened to the lab party in years, and borris is the state of the tories its ended up with a lumbering idiotic dinosaur, but i guess he s an expert in greek philosphy.

  • Heck i wish i didnt bring him up but i guess i did.

    He surely cant stop brexit now it s happened is being a legal dude he knows thats done,

    but the choice is simple either kier or borris or whoever fills borrises clown shoes.

    could you suck it up an vote for kier?

    that way maybe (im guessing your a harder left) the working class and moderate to far left would get a voice.

    if this goes off topic i ve tried to find RT s old thread on kier starmer.

  • The teachers union, Some teachers, some parents, some kids, some of the public were against the government opening up all schools a few weeks ago. The government had programmed schools to start reopening and get the children back in school learning. This government decision was twofold. Kids desperately need to catch up and sit exams. Working parents need the kids minding when they return to work. I dread to think what state this a Country would have been in if labour had won the election. Labour can’t agree between themselves when in opposition, so it would have been a bigger shambles if unions pulled all the strings too.

  • dont know i think we would have kids back at school but it would cost. ie unions would go on strike for higher pay to work the school holidays, when most working class people work through august in fact all year,

    I think labour would c ajole them back to school, but rightly so proper social distancing measures.

    Borris has no plan as usual he will try to get teachers back to work in september, my opinion far to late, as kids will get further behind in life exams study stress and then the parents will to have to risk getting finined for not taking there kids to school, demonaising parents, so what if parents live or care for elederly would that be a paper chase to prove this? fekkin fines is that all this bunch of wallys can offer.

    then by september virus back again and lockdown again.

    get kids at school now, get army in pop up tents jeusus i bet prefabs could be up in less than two weeks bigger schools with big playing field football pitches, venues libraries sports halls any big buildings get kids educated we cannot let them down.

  • Prepper, you put too much faith in kids sticking to separation/distance rules, frigging adults are finding that bit hard. Regarding getting teachers back at work/school. Unions were at a point of wanting guarantees from the government for compensation, should a teacher become exposed to the virus and fall ill, die, infect their own family members. Thankfully our government has avoided that minefield, but everyone has a right to protect their own health. If that means not getting too close to loads of kids in a closed environment or teaching online. Remember, school education isn’t everything in life. most kids have access to learning in the home environment and should they feel the urge, they can source plenty of educational material at very little cost, if not free. Our boy is home educated. He started college 2 days per week last year to prep for his exams. He just won a top award for his efforts “outstanding student” receiving ,

    A trophy and £50 prize.

  • You know what i hated secondry school hated some teachers a lot of my peers,

    i can think of nothing better than to have been home schooled online and helping on the farm. I recon id have done better.

    however a lot hated the science teacher i thought he was brilliant, i learnt a lot got a b that interaction was the best,

    but most of the rest of school i hated.

  • I'm a bit taken aback by the anti-union rhetoric that some have shared on here. It seems some have swallowed the kool-aid served up with Daily Express tokens. Although it is many decades since I was a bona fide teacher I was active in one of the teacher unions. By far the biggest workload was in supporting teachers who had come under fire from management for an often trumped-up misdemeanour resulting from a conflict of personality. Fair employment practice came about after years of prolonged campaigning and struggle and a good union rep was worth their weight in gold in seeing that agreed procedures were followed. Too many members of management and school governing bodies were too quick to condemn and would try all sorts of tricks to undermine the agreed procedure. Our union also had a hardship fund and I was grateful for that on one occasion when my employer without notice docked three weeks' wages at a stroke when I had to take time off when one of my kids was born.

    Unions came about for a reason. Employers can easily pick off individuals. In a hierarchical structure workers need informed and recognised representation.

  • The capitalist want the proletarians to believe that there is no such thing as class struggle and thus no need for class conscience but with such strategy they show to believe in the Marxist doctrine more than the working class. They reckon the need to form a political block against the people while at the same time working to atomize the working class into many lonely and powerless individuals trained to believe that any resistance against their power is futile. The reason is that the rich always have an immense fear of the vast masses of poor people that could easily wipe them out of existence with a single shake once they realize their power. "Persuading you he doesn’t exist is the devils best trick"