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  • I didn't mean it like that. Didn't mean to bully you.

    You were saying about seeing your darker side and have all but called yourself a cunt whilst beating yourself about this.

    So I'm saying that most people are cunts but many are much, much, much more cuntish than you or I might be so don't beat yourself up so much.

    Hope that makes sense Prepper.

  • Sorry thats ok, was a bit low yest, and words arnt a virus or a bullet they cant kill you,

    Appology accepted.

    I am gonna let you people get back on topic, and detox off the net, talked to dad he s already put me to shame he s dug his old veg garden by hand and is planting up spuds veg the lot, mind you he s not been ill but for nearly 78 he s tough as hell. He grew up doing everything manually its no sweat to him and i bet he s sorted the bees as well.

  • UK police chiefs: coronavirus could bring out worst in humanity

    ll our coronavirus coverage

    Warning after crimes including theft of oxygen canisters and puncturing of ambulance tyres

    Iceland delivery vans were destroyed in arson attacks in Bristol. Photograph: Richard Walker/PA

    Police chiefs have warned the coronavirus pandemic could “bring out the worst in humanity” after a spate of opportunistic crimes hindered efforts to control the crisis.

    The theft of oxygen canisters from a hospital, the puncturing of ambulance tyres and the raiding of food banks by thieves were among the “worrying isolated incidents” in recent days raised by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).

    Although a spokesperson for the organisation said it had yet to notice any patterns in the types of crimes being reported, they warned that some could exploit the chaos amid the coronavirus lockdown.

    “Crises like this bring out some of the best but sadly also the worst in humanity and there will be individuals who seek to exploit the pandemic,” the spokesperson said. “That’s why it’s essential the police have the resources and the powers to crack down on shameless, opportunistic crimes like this.”

    The comments by the NPCC came as National Trading Standards was forced to issue a warning to the public after reports of scams and counterfeit goods related to Covid-19. Quick guide

    UK lockdown: what are the new coronavirus restrictions?


    Among the scams identified are criminals targeting older people at their homes and offering to do their shopping, but taking the money without returning, as well as people selling fake – and potentially dangerous – sanitisers, face masks and swabbing kits on doorsteps and online.

    As public guidance on physical distancing was strengthened over the last few days a series of opportunistic incidents were reported across the country.

    In Bristol, two delivery vans were destroyed in arson attacks outside an Iceland store in Southmead on Monday night. Richard Walker, the food retailer’s managing director, said: “At a time when home delivery is literally a lifeline for some vulnerable people, this is sickening.”


    In a statement, Iceland said the disturbances began at about 9.30pm, with police riot vans called out. “Youths threw missiles at the police as they tried to disperse them,” it said. “Later in the evening the two home delivery vans parked outside our Southmead store were set alight and the fire brigade attended to put out the fire.”

    The retailer warned that the vans would both have to be written off at a time when its delivery fleet was running at full capacity.

    In the early hours on Saturday, three men stole oxygen and nitrous oxide canisters after breaking into a locked unit at a delivery loading area of Withington community hospital, south Manchester.

    On Sunday morning, paramedics arrived at a vehicle preparation centre in Ramsgate, Kent, to find holes had been drilled into the tyres of six ambulances. The vehicles were taken off the road as the county’s ambulance service announced it was under significant pressure during the pandemic. Kent police are investigating the incident, which they described as “highly irresponsible”.

    Later the same day, a West Yorkshire police officer claimed on Twitter that she and her colleagues had been faced with crowds “spitting on the floor and coughing at us”, as well as being pelted with eggs, as they responded to a serious incident.

    Share your story

    Share your stories

    If you have been affected or have any information, we'd like to hear from you. You can get in touch by filling in the form below, anonymously if you wish or contact us via WhatsApp by clicking here or adding the contact +44(0)7867825056. Only the Guardian can see your contributions and one of our journalists may contact you to discuss further.

    The force did not confirm the reports, but said the post had been written by a serving officer.

    Three teenagers were also arrested on Friday after an elderly couple were allegedly coughed at and assaulted in Hertfordshire.

    On Thursday, a food bank in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, was forced to close after thieves raided a storage container for donations including sanitary products and toilet rolls.

    Although the Trussell Trust-led project had already decided to reduce its service because older volunteers were classed as being at higher risk of contracting the virus, the food bank’s manager, Janet Burns, said the incident had “forced our hand” because stockpiling restrictions meant it could not replace the items.

    Just place this post and leave you to decide what police officers have to put up with.

  • Went to supermarket yesterday lunchtime. Security guard was not letting couples go in together,the shelves were well stocked,the staff were all busy wiping down the surfaces,very few people in there and tape set up to control people at the checkout with stop markers to keep others getting too close. Am very impressed with how the french are handling this.

    As for the shit that I am hearing from the uk with people flocking out together and shouldering old folk out of the way etc etc and in general not caring at all ,well I am happy to be over here.

    Hope you are all well and positive xx

  • France temporary detained three lorry deliveries bound for the UK over the weekend. One lorry/consignment was antibiotics. The other two lorries apparently were face masks and hand sanitiser headed for the NHS. After much threatening from UK the consignments were let on their way. Make no wonder shops in France are well stocked.
    I bet shoppers are allowed to leave the store and are then stopped at roadblocks down the road, where the Compagnie Républicaine de la Sécurité confiscate the shoppers produce and return it to the same store outlet in the next province. In hopes of spreading that “feel good factor” and keep the yellow vest busy standing in cues. :D

  • Im fuming. The UK gvmt is still talking shit and hasn't bothered to admit their fecundity.

    It's not fucking complicated to wire immediate goodwill payments to all citizens and sort out the debacle of this 80% pay for some later.

    They have missed an opportunity to win over the nation and are still acting like their victimising, capitalist murder holds some kind of moral highground.

    Fucking cunts!

  • Thank the good lord Allahn for your confidence of your superior braincell count reinforcing your narcissistic arguments bristling with a much deeper intelligence than the ordinary ignorant sheeple could ever manage .You're wasted on here you should be in charge of the police or perhaps a replacement for the highly educated experts the government turns to for advice on important issues.

  • who da fk is going to be happy laying out a shit load of money on “every case” regardless of need, when sure as this virus makes one cough. In 9 months time this Country will be on its arse proper and in need of a gov deep purse to ensure even those still with a chance of work has the means to undertake it and not find the whole Country bankrupt before we get through week 2 of brexit 2021. Sure folk need help now. Everyone at some time or other is only a dismissal away from the dole cue. Fk me, I had 12 months on strike. If I walked 12 miles each way (every week day) I would get £3.50 to feed my family on and pay the rent and bills.

    This is a shit storm and throwing money down the street in hopes those really needing bread or milk are up in time to pick it up and it’s not just collected by those fortunate enough to buy a newer motorised wheelbarrow so they also can get round quicker to pickup any surplus freed up public money. Some of us Won’t see cash handouts for everyone as a viable solution to this present crisis. It may be needed on a case by case basis. But there’s plenty folk not struggling. For some it’s been a holiday from the grind stone and their only wish is the pubs open soon.

  • Sorry i agree with zen on this one, i ve need such a messy bumbling mixed message anouncement, i understand there on the hoof sorting stuff every day, but the facts are clear if we dont move and stay at home we lock down cases of this.

    Bloody key worker aint a builder, or any trade unless extreeme emergancy, ie structural, burst pipe, dangerous electrics, i meen theres nothing that isnt a bloody key worker, even garages can stay open for mots.

    Fot god sake a lock down should be a lock down, why bike shops open jesus and there going for sports direct would they go for him if he sold bikes or inner tubes and tyres to mend bikes.

    Utter mess lots of lies, we know why the big bosses who own these big firms are worried about bankrupcy, the government are getting needled to keep people at work, and of course they dont want to pay out to the self emplyed.

    Ive talked to someone i know the insurance companies surprise surprise wont pay out if the boss tells the workers to stay at home

  • Prepper Do you need a cash handout “right now” probably not. If the gov gave you a cash handout, I think you said “you would give it away to someone you think needs it more.” So that’s one reason it’s not the best use of public funds.

    Look around you. People are still mixing, even when instructed to do so, example, Tesco NHS shopping hour. You know building site layouts well, building sites under extra controlled measures can provide a working environment where trades don’t cross, where separation of tradesman inc tasks and locations can be planned so separation is maintained at greater or more controlled distances than shopping isles in supermarkets, even to the extent of separate buildings during work procedures. If these “tradesmen” limit contact exposure during “down time” they pose no more and possibly less risk to others, than a shelf stacker or bus drivers. Now we are not talking about sending first and 2nd fix joiners into peoples occupied homes. These are empty shells. A site Forman, building site manager programs works daily now. So by Including further “risk assessments” means these controls are maintainable. There could be other factors which prevent works from happening, like supply chains. Keeping the Country going for “those in need” is just as important, na, just as crucial as giving another £50 per week to “every selfemployed” person not at work, regardless of wether they “need the extra money or not.”
    in a ideal world, folk wouldn’t need to go to work at this time to avoid falling behind with dept/cash flow. Just like many of our pensioners wouldn’t need to choose between eating a meal or heating their cold home every winter. The gov have given guidance based on a day by day, week by week assessment.

    You mentioned mot test Centers, they “need” to stay open to keep vehicles used by those nurses, stay at homers, incase they need to shop, work, get their injured or sick family to A & E. to safeguard folk and other road users and protect drivers from invalid insurance claims in the event. Garages need to stay open to keep people (above) mobile and safe.

    Yes there’s desperate folk from all occupations, all ages, all walks of life. The measures announced and contingencies put in place by the gov goes a long way to mitigating these inevitable situations. It’s not ideal, just like giving every selfemployed person a daily, weekly, monthly a cash boost or hand out isn’t ideal.

    I’m not wanting to get too far into this as there are many dimensions and no straight answers. Let the gov do what they can. We need to get through this and we will. If folk are skint, hopefully they will still have a job to go to and a home to live in, it’s a bonus if they don’t get contaminated with this virus.

  • I get that, in an ideal world people not sick or who have developed imunity could go back to work, but seriously we need total lockdown for at least 3 weeks, the virus can be in your body for a week, then your ill or sheddingit for at least 2 weeks,

    So total lockdown is the only way of containing spread NOW.

    We have to deal with finance as we go, gov set up food banks deliveries of esentials if you have nothing.

    Put pressure on the bill makers ie electric, gas, banks fuel, as comodeties for them are cheaper, so they should pass that on now and if poss give people a break on there bills, council tax if your in debt not have to be paid for at least 6 months

    You could have lock down by number plate recognition, so if in town you go for your stuff on certain days that keeps mass gatherings to shops less, unless your a key worker. or you ring up or e mail your number stating why you need to be out, say a burst pipe, picking goods, medicine up,

    Major steps quick and now, the virus moves quick and so do we.

    but if in doubt sit in your dwelling doing sweet fa and that way your saving lives and the nhs.

    Im from obvs a building background, in that world a lot of lads are a bit short on grey matter, i heard one 2 weeks ago saying what a load of bollocks its bad flu they wont stop me working,

    Some have money in the bank they can get by, others have lived beyond therte means pubs, coke, going out, cars, clothes, vans , 4x4 s on finance,

    and they will be paniking,

    Others through no fault of there own have little money on low wages, and have big families people depending on them.

    Joking aside we need a universal credit scheme for everyone now (not me i ve saved and spent little money for years) who needs it.

    A review, so businesses get a break on finance, mortgages, bills.

    Cos all the government has done is basicly payed money into banks finance, loan sharks accounts with interest.

    1 we all sod off home,

    2 we stay there till were told different,

    3, They put pressure on banks and finance cos to give those in need a break,

    4, they prop those companies up on a minimum cost basis

    5 companies then get a break,

    6 all those in need get a living wage just to survive,

    7, food is rationed you go to store pick up a box with your food in depending on how many of you there are.

    8 if it gets really bad food is delivered to drop off points where key people pick up from each household

    That way if there was a hotspot its contained in that area, not people from that hotspot mixing with people from cooler zones.

    Id call it heating and cooling areas

    you get a hotspot, test contain feed, total and utter lockdown

    coolspots, feed no travel sheild.

    Only emergancy work could be done, as a trade there could be a website,

    i enter my reg no state burst pipe, leaky roof and address thats it.

    If your nhs or key workers your reg is exempt but you can only go to and from where you should go.

    If you get pulled up and have a good explaination say i need food or medical supplies your given the nod and your plate is off system for that day

  • prepper what happens if this virus sticks around for a year or two, even if/when we have deployed all of the measures you plotted? What if there’s never a “safe” vaccine found? If the vaccine mutates?

    You say give everyone a living wage? From what I understand if on Monday a building site is closed. (The company go into liquidation, but there’s a chance of a buy out. No guarantees)

    Then those self employed along with the employed from that company go down and sign on) isn’t that what the gov have suggested to those who are selfemployed and have been told by the gov that work is now closed? So isn’t the weekly payments (income support) already paid to those unemployed “a living wage” council tax, rent etc are then covered following access to benefits. I understand it’s not a great deal and claimants often have to contribute a % to Council tax, water rates, rent etc. I get income support isn’t a living wage when folk have a mortgage, up on a car, loans etc when a tradesman is dragging £500 per week before tax, income support is going to be a big blow to theIr finances.

    I hear the gov may be looking at further financial assistance for the selfemployed.

    I’m hoping this lockdown is going to work, at the same time Im thinking herd mentality might be the best way forward For the majority and fittest (only going into quarantine/self iso after contracting this virus) many more would suffer and possibly die, especially the old and vulnerable.

  • Just to try and cheer you up a bit, I take it that you have all seen the Oxford Report?

    A bit more about it here.....

    Very interesting, but we have to note that any government has to prepare for a worst-case scenario, even if half of us have had it already. So far as I know, the report is purely theoretical projection, and has not so far been peer-reviewed. Very many tests are needed to be carried out on public samples before we know the validity of this report.

    Charlie has tested positive now, only mild symptoms at present, so I'm sure we wish him all the best.

  • wish him well,

    if ive had it it certainly has kicked my arse a bit, been dodgy for 3 weeks now, i thought id shuck it off yesterday then started coughing again, and itchy lungs, temp etc, but my imune system is kicking its arse, but i think its had a testing, like if another mutant appeared now i recon id struggle.

    It has with me this overwelmingly felling of being ill then ok like suddenly bang you get an hour or two hours or three of illness.

    the other night i woke at three red hot, i thought bloody heating had broken it was off, then woke up at 6 shivering cold,

    then sore throat comes and go, coughs and itchy lungs come and go, its bloody weird,

    One point thought sod it i am done ill have to call nhs, then next day i was ok again,

    All i know is i must have one hell of an immune system, i recon if id been stressed or run down with work or life it d be a toughy.

    Id advocate, healthy food get your immune system ready, try just try and be upbeat, luckly i was things were going ok and i was in good health before i got a bit badly,

    I am hoping its gone but your never totally sure its like it lurks in your lungs like a little itch , i got a bit cold yesterday after sitting down after chopping thistles in garden, blow me the itchy lungs and cough came back i had to go inside and rest, like an old man.

    Certainly tested that weeze i ve had for years


    Apepitites back and barking at the moon again so i must be getting better.

  • Glad to hear it; sounds like you went through a long period of not knowing if it had gone or not, and that tends to wear you down.

    Sometimes if I get a cold and it leaves me with a bit of a cough, it can be weeks before it goes completely, so annoying to hear colleagues say: "Hoo! Are you alright, you're still got a bit of a cough now and then". But eventually it goes.

    I was talking to a doctor once, and he said: "Do you get a bit of a cough first thing, when you get up and move about?"

    Fearing something dreadful, I said yes, this was sometimes the case.

    "Perfectly normal!" He declared. "Clearing the lungs when you've been lying down all night. So long as it doesn't stay with you throughout the day!"

    Keep us posted on your progress, Prepper.

  • i scored a pack of 18 loo rolls for 2.99, shared with my mate. i already had a load of store cupboard stuff and i blanched fresh veg and put it in the freezer. got sent home from work on Monday. technically i'm self employed but i'm not registered with HMRC so am relying on universal credit.

    so no money until Tuesday, no fags and i can't make my vape work. grrr

  • 9

    i scored a pack of 18 loo rolls for 2.99, shared with my mate. i already had a load of store cupboard stuff and i blanched fresh veg and put it in the freezer. got sent home from work on Monday. technically i'm self employed but i'm not registered with HMRC so am relying on universal credit.

    so no money until Tuesday, no fags and i can't make my vape work. grrr

    Jesus gal. Your going to ride the sharp edge. I can send you a go without fags kit. Nicotine Lozenges, mints, patches? 50 grams of golden olden Virginia but I was saving the tobacco to trade for diesel should this shit run on into breakdown.

  • All interesting stuff.

    However,the statistics, as of today, are:

    In Germany, where few publicly wear masks, we have 48,582 cases and 325 deaths. (0.67%)

    In South Korea, where all wear masks, we have 9,478 cases and 144 deaths. (1.5%)

    The difference is 0.83% more infected deaths in South Korea than in Germany.

    This doesn't disprove anything the good doctor is saying, it indicates he is only saying it from a South Korean perspective.

  • I agree old Kieth, each country/culture, protocol and methods implemented will be unique to future stats. Even down to habitation and everyday environments.

    If a face mask reduces risk, then it’s another tool to reduce exposure, even if it only keeps our fingers “out of our mouth” :)

    It will certainly be interesting looking back on this whole episode in say 18 months.

  • I recon masks would work, if there was more supply than demand, ie every day a new mask or every hour a new mask or a form of sterilising them,

    If you had symptoms but didnt know you breathe out through doplets, and there collected in the mask but there going to accumulate in the mask. and eventually surly be breathed out.

    We maybe should have had a system of cleaning masks with say alcohol or boiling water, but we didnt were new to this and its a very steep learning curve.

    i mean if you were in the nhs and masks are short, could masks be steralised with a spray on alcohol?

    Its nuts i wish the government had brought a lockdown about 2 weeks ago.

    Then gone from there either lifted it in little jolts to try and move the flow economy in little jolts,

    The herd immunity was a bit crazy it was science but to risky,

    I think what did happen was a sharp lockdown was avoided to let the finance get its house in order at the expense of time and lives.

    The mixed messages at the begining where mad, a lot of people not believeing it would take hold like this.

  • I think the main difference is cultural. Wearing a mask in Asian countries tells other people that you are being considerate of their safety, as well as not wanting to get infected yourself.

    Wearing a mask in western countries makes other people wonder if you actually have the virus, so they tend to give you a wide berth.:)

    Certainly anyone already infected who has to go out for some emergency reason should really wear a mask, to try to prevent other people becoming infected. (The mask stops a lot of the larger droplets getting out of the mask, and reduces the force of a sneeze or cough).

    As you say, many other factors are involved. For what it's worth here are more stats:

    UK (few masks) 759 deaths (14,543 cases) = 5.17%

    Italy (lots of masks) 9,136 deaths (86,498 cases) = 10.56%

    China (lots of masks) 3,301 deaths (82,213 cases) = 4.02%

    Age of population plays a big part in the fatality stats.