What is Great about Britain ?

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  • In no particular order, here are some of the things I miss about Great Britain:

    Purple sprouting broccoli, flower meadows, abundance of water, satire, the ability to express how you are feeling without someone thinking you have something wrong with you, diversity and acceptance of it, GlenCoe, towns and cities that you don't need a car to get around in.

  • Eccentricity, inventiveness, history, a tough inner strength, (the stiff upper lip) underdog player, our lovely women, the different languages, accents, dialects millions of them, cultures, landscape, coasts, even weather at least we arnt on fire even though we get wet a lot of the time, work ethic, play ethic.

    I ve worked for other nationaleties and they just love our humour, they struggle with the dry sense of humour but i guess we are funny.

    and god knows why but this is a favourite of the germans its a weird german tradition they play this film every new year and its a british film that id never heard of till i worked for some germans.

  • The french have got a few half French half british films that they love and insist you watch,and they are hard to appreciate !!

    When in california there were guys on the campsite asking me if I wanted a spot of tea or a spot of coffee as they really believed thats what we all say here , Thanks hollywood.

    Whats great about Britain

    James Bond , the professionals , carry on films , on the buses, love they neighbour,michael caine,and rather than say etc etc which is true I shall finish on last but not by any means least


  • Overall the major thing for me that is great about Great Britain is the fact that I have for all these years and still can, live my life in a manner and style of my choosing by design. I never did fit into the mainstream right from the early days at school as much as they tried and that includes the parenting side of things so because of that and as I was all too aware of it, I took the option to go for another way of living and being. Although the mainstream may well frown upon it and some wrongly think that I / we are drop outs, I have never been forced to end this way of life or chucked in prison for daring to go against the grain. For the most part people who choose to opt out and live in an alternative manner are very successful at it which in turn gives no excuse for the law to become 100% authoritarian against it and we still have personal freedom to live as we have chosen.

  • The natural environment. The South Downs, the Alnwick Moors, the woods in Hertfordshire, Welsh hills, Scottish Highlands. Built environment. Elan Valley dams and Victorian architecture generally (the sewers in Brighton are amazing), castles, henges, Brighton, Slapton, the canals. No deadly spiders, snakes, no hurricanes, tornadoes. And I suppose we are fairly inclusive and live in a comparatively free society.

  • never being more than 70 miles from the coast :)

    being an Island amongst Islands. :boing:

    My apologies Steve as I was going to disagree with that as I had heard it to be a hundred,but never one to take things that I hear to be the absolute truth I googled it and you are bang on.

    Coton in the Elms is a village and parish in the county of derbyshire. At 70 miles (113 km) from the coast, it is the furthest place in the United Kingdom from coastal waters.

    Now I know,thank you :-)

  • 400 Billion solar systems in the Milky Way with 80 Billion Suns, each Sun is orbited by at least one planet in the Milky Way. 80 Billion potential Exoplanets could potential support human life (2nd Genesisus). And I bet there isn’t another Britain amongst them. That’s what’s great about Great Britain. :insane: