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  • I think youtube “van life” can show too much of a rose tinted aspect of what can be a very stressfully, strenuous, boring, expensive way to live. For those who subscribe and follow these guys, there is a ray of hope that they get a reality check before embarking. When these guys are showing the world the layout and habits of these bloggers. They sometimes show the negative side of life. Like breakdowns, vehicle breaking’s, the damage caused and the emotional stress from the loss of valuable items.

    Now and then, someone will post about “contingencies” de-cluttering, raising awareness of a need for alternative/emergency accomadation eg. vehicle decamping during garage repairs, I’ll health and “the end of van life” a need to return to bricks and mortar.

    More and more single/retired/divorced females get inspiration from Youtube..... that’s got to be a good thing. Especially if they come with their own gaff on wheels  :D

    I like to watch some, to see/get ideas of the many internal vehicle designs, layouts, gadgets, approaches etc.

  • Just listen to use lot. We sound like those pedigree water rats who want to keep the canal network free from anyone who might “spoil it” for them, with I don’t know ~ less than ideal motives and taking up precious mooring on good stretches of towpaths with access to shops/pubs/services for months on end. Yeh know, those who prefer to save a few quid by claiming constant cruising, when really they travel less than some weekender boaters over the year.
    We can remain a few, (a minority) and get bullied by Authorities. Pushed off the road, river. Excluded from traditionally tolerated convenient places to overnight or temp reside between campsites. They have the powers, our option is Stealth, hide, low profile, we have to play the game.

    YouTube will continue to pump out glorious couples blogging about “we do this and thanks for the bit of coin” (not much different to screwing sugar daddies with illusions of inclusion, tempting dreamers to subscriber.) Or we can hope the well placed parents of have a go liveaboard sons and daughters, campaign, promote state consideration for these offspring, along with development of permissive stopping sites and facilities or simply a changing attitude to folk living in alternative accomadation.

    Arseholes will still take to the road and the “police/ LA”powers are designed to control that element.
    It’s only natural to protect a way of life by dissing the other guys. Gypsies have been using the same technique since convoy days and it appears to produce limited results. So I’m in both camps and camps I’ve not tried before. :whistle: