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  • Dude for your head there is no help at all :pp

    I came across a lot of good information with regards to accupuncture and migraines but was never anywhere near a decent eccupuncturist. I would of certainly of given it a go otherwise as I do believe that it works,and that believing is very much part of the success. Any doubt can cancel out any form of treatment I believe !!

    I watched this tv series on accupuncture years ago and I found it amazing and it made me me believe in it. Hopefully you can get hold of the entire series of programs.

  • I’ve had two courses of acupuncture 2 x 11 treatments with acupuncture in 2007/2008 on the NHS.

    I will admit to having being sceptical about the benefits, however, I was hopeful for any pain relief at the time.

    I had acupuncture to elevate back pain. In a consultation it the NHS acupuncturist, I was asked “what do I Hope for out of this treatment.” I did say “to have reduced back pain and to be able to ride a horse again.” His reply was “ acupuncture on the lower back area has not been very effective with reducing pain”

    In for a penny I had up to 17 needles (at the most, in any one session) placed down and across my back, down my right thigh/leg to my right knee.

    I would drive my lorry 18 miles to the hospital (bare right foot so my toes could hook the throttle. My right hand lifting and lowering (pushing & pulling) my right knee to operate the lorry accelerator. My left hand operated the gear stick and steering wheel. I drove the 18miles each way once a week to have this treatment.

    while there and knowing/seeing these needles dangling out my body. I noticed a increase in heart rate and adrenaline. So for a % of the journey home, I did feel a little lightheaded.

    if I got any benefit, it was short lived and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

    would I try acupuncture again? Yes for another type of injury or say, to stop smoking.

    Would I pay privately for acupuncture? Not sure, certainly not for my back pain and only if consultant expressed potential benefit.

  • I was told the same re acupuncture and back pain/injury so i didnt bother. Its notoriously difficult to target back pain with many pain relief options.

    Ive had it for both my shoulders as ive dislocated and fracture dislocated both sides a number of times and it relieved it short term. However,i was also told id have to continue it on a regular basis to maintain pain relief and i just cant be arsed with the hassle or expense. I found alternatives.

    Ive no idea if it helps migraine (which i get) but the best option is to try it. Not everyone responds to the same therapy in the same way, so give it a go,what can you lose...some money and time maybe.

  • Thanks for the input, I'm a bit financially embarrassed at the moment and with a consultation and 1 treatment its £70 . The needles are inserted into the ear for migraine, she says it has a 95% chance of working?, I'm sceptical!

  • Thats the problem with most alternative ttherapy, it costs money and most of the time its not cheap either it comes at premium prices.

    Until you can muster the fees you could look into alternatives you can research for yourself and try. Acupressure and sinus reflexology are two and diet /food allergy tests but im sure youre probably already aware of the latter.

    Acupressure does work for some issues and can provide some relief from sinus related pain. It works for me even if it doesn't completely get rid of migraine it can reduce the symptoms.

    Its not made up hocus pocus,the body has many nerve pressure points some of which can bring down blood pressure dramatically (so care required- you need to know what you're doing )or relieve pain if massaged correctly ( incapacite people if struck-not recommended) so worth looking into as an optional therapy.

    Theres loads on the spiderweb if you search sinus pressure points, acupressure or sinus reflexology,

    This is one for acupressure that gives some useful background.

  • First time I tried it was for tennis elbow. Sorted that straight away so I opted to continue for 6 treatments as a general health boost. Half way through we decided to tackle my asthma of 8 years. I was on full strength ventolin 4 times a day. Changed my diet (less dairy) and started nose breathing. 3 days after the next treatment, I realised I hadn't reached for my inhaler. How I didn't notice before, I don't know but it was gone.

    Great believer in DIY complimentary therapy. Although I wouldn't say that paid for treatments are over priced, it can be costly, and if you're if you're ill and can't work, your scuppered mostly, acupuncture wise.

    I first found one of these for £2 on a carboot sale. I had a longterm illness at the time and had suffered quite uncomfortable long term "stitch" in my liver. I got home and pulled this thing out and fired it up and it was gone immediately. The relief.. It came back and I treated it again and after a few weeks it had gone. Had numerous successes with this device.

    The originals were £250 all in with the treatment manual. It claims on the site that it would enable anyone to treat as if they were a master acupuncturist. It's not stretching it in my experience. Also, I found it to be a much deeper and more beneficial treatment than needles. The current used is a thousandth of that used in tens machine.

    These are currently available on eBay for £16. I'm guessing they're bankrupt stock or similar.. deal, steal, sale of the century. If you buy 4 you get them for £6 each! So, some would say, for the price of one treatment, you could treat yourself forever. What I love about it is the perfect marriage between western science and eastern healing. What a force!…7c56ba:g:HG8AAOSwqd1Zu75q